Is it possible to find info on this event?

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Hello everyone,

I have just visited my grandfather, and he told me that his father served in the Royal Netherlands Army, in the Dutch East Indies, or Indonesia.

Supposedly, he lived there for around 10 years, in Bandung, and also supposedly got married, to a lady named Serena!

I am not sure if the spelling is right for Serena, or if it really happened, or if they were officially married.

Is it possible to find out anything about this event?
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You can search (part of) the Dutch Indies Civil records on

On 1 November 1916 in Bandoeng, Hendrikus Johannes Fransen married Marie Samitin, een inlandse Christenvrouw.

Don't know if it's your Hendrikus Johannes Fransen, but it fits the time frame.

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Thank you so much!

I believe it is the same person, you are right, it does fit!

Thanks again,

Also maybe interesting the "stamboekregistratie" detailing some of his military career in the KNIL army:
And more details :

Confirms marriage data, also saying she was born in Tjimahi, about 1893.
Thank you so much!

My grandfather will be so interested to hear this!

I have been slowly translating it, but there is one word I cannot seem to understand, which I can't seem to attach.

It, to me, looks like it says something like 'Toigelceud'. but the context is to do with decoration, the rest of the sentence mentions compensation for being hit by a bomb.
It says "toegelegd": in en door den dienst toegelegd, een voortdurend pensioen...

What you read as "Toigelceud" should be "Toegekend" I think, in the sentence (translated)

"14 January 1915 awarded the bronze medal with f12 (twelve guilders) gratification"

Happy to help out with other interpretation issues when needed!

Other bits and pieces:

Thanks heaps for that.

I am honestly not trying to be a bother, but the writing is very close together, and there are a couple that I can't quite read, like one the looks like 'tbfauling' and could be related to giving an order?
There is a phrase which appears to say 'vooddureud beusoien' and something that says 's joans'?????

 I don't yet speak Dutch, I am so confused!?
which one is the one with the phrase you are referring to?
Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean.

Do you mean which document has those words?
Thanks a lot!
I am really sorry to ask, but I am having trouble translating the jail record, do you think you could help me out there?

the jail register:

name Hendrikus Johannes Franssen

occupation/ military funciton: Tambour

date and place of birth: Gorinchem  12 aug 1890

military corps: 4th company, 1st ........, 2nd regiment infantry

first day in this prison: 6 apr 1909

date final conviction: court-martial 27 march, final judgement 6 april 1909

description of the crime: destruction and damage

sentence: 6 weeks

dates of handover/transfer/delivery: 23rd march - 4th may 1909
Thank you very much for that Eef!

It all makes sense, except for 'Tambour', what does that mean?
someone who played the drums . the soldiers marched on the rythm
That is so interesting, thank you very much!

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