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Abby innocently sent out a note patting Kitty Smith (one of the DNA Project Leaders) on the back for a job well done.

One look, one click of the link and I was gone, gone.  While I was there I found that my fathers Haplo-Group had changed (did you know that Haplo-Groups change?), that another person here on WikiTree has my Surname in her family (now I have to figure out how he connects to us) AND I saw all the great work that Kitty has done...pant, pant.

What was I doing three hours ago when I saw Abby's email?!


Thanks for the kudos, Mags.  I am still working on the FTDNA website.  Your link to the Results page didn't work, so I fixed it. 

WikiTree Family Tree DNA Project

WikiTree profile: Kitty Smith
asked in The Tree House by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
edited by Kitty Smith
LOL, those darn shiny objects...

I'm so excited! I'm going to be ordering my test later today!!  I've already found a correction in my family tree using some DNA results that I found on another site pertaining to my paternal grandmother's surname.  

Sadly, I think that correction might cause me to lose some of my newly found cousins here on Wikitree -- including my husband!! haha!! (Well, I won't really lose him, but he probably won't show up as my 15th cousin 2x removed anymore)

Just be glad you aren't Richard III or the current Royal Family.  DNA testing on Richard III show's that Iohn of Gaunt might not actually be the son of Edward III!  Now that is a mess of lost cousins ain't it!

Liz Shiflett  posted this in the Greets group this morning:  Article another here:  Article
(my newly found Gaulden cousin)

That's so funny -- that's the 3rd time in about a 1/2 hour that I've seen reference to those articles. I just helped a new member who signed up last night, and he has DNA test results that were nearly an exact match to Richard III's.(or something like that -- I'm still a little DNA clueless)

I need to look and find the article about Richard's DNA not being a match to Edward III - these two didn't refer to it.  I am related to Katherine Swynford, so I missed that bullet, but just by a hair!  LOL

Here it is.

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Everything to do with DNA seems to do that to me too!  Very easy to get interested in other connections and half the day is gone!!
answered by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (116k points)
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The idea of Y chromosome haplogroups changing is pretty confusing.  The R1b haplogroup is the most common in Europe.  R1b1 and R1b2 both descend from R1b but R1b1a only descends from R1b1.  Haplogroup labels (like R1b1a1a2b often get relabeled as new mutations (SNPs ) near the root of the haplogroup tree are found and so those labels changed.  People who were R1b1 may for a period of time have been labeled R1b2.

Because of the many changes, a new naming system was adopted.  Some males in the major "I" haplogroup became I-Z59 (The letter "I" followed by the name of the most recently occurring SNP that male is known to have on his Y).  He (and all his direct male line descendants) will ALWAYS belong to the I-Z59 haplogroup.  That will never change.  However as more of his Y chromsome is explored (with tests such as "Big Y")  it will be determined that some SNPs have happened more recently.  Say 20 generations ago, or even 9 generations ago.  Y haplogroups have their own ancestral tree and descendant chart.  The sons of some men living today have a SNP on their Y chromosome that their father does not.  One of those SNPs might be called "F238" So the father is I-Z59 and the son is I-F238,  But the son will  also always belong to the I-Z59 haplogroup.

For now continue to use haploTYPES (e.g. the 37 STR markers reported in a Y-DNA37 test).  They are still much easier to use for ancestry within the last 2,000 years.
answered by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (457k points)

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