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Here's the situation, sometime ago (I forget how long exactly) I had received a message from someone¹ with information on a common ancestor.

I checked the validity of what was written with the information I have been collating in my own tree (not on WikiTree). While I was doing this, I was checking WikiTree for any matching profile and then added the missing links for the few unconnected profiles along the way.

I think after a couple of hours, I'd found a profile of a user account¹ with the surname tags who would indicate to be match for the individual who contacted me. I have messaged this person seeking to confirm the information but have had no reply.

What I'm debating is sending a message to ask that a member of the admin team connect the identified profile to the profiles which would be the parents of this person. (Marked as uncertain as I'm only 99% sure of the match)


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Is the profile open for editing?  Have you found the parents both on Wikitree?  Do you have a reliable source for the parents?

If yes, you can Edit the Profile, select the Add Mother or Add Father, enter the wikitree ID at the top, 'scroll' to the bottom to see the the other parent is listed with a checkmark.  If so, select the Save and that should add both parents to the profile.  Then, add a source to the profiles.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (501k points)
Sorry, a little confused here. How would a user account be open for editing? (Sentence 3)

Yes, I think I've got the parents correct if I'm comparing the surname tags. But without a response, nothing is certain. (Which is why I included "with the parents marked as uncertain")
I thought you were in contact with the PM of a profile of one of your ancestors.

You mentioned adding parents to a profile, so I don't know what profile are talking about or how it would relate to the member's profile or your ancestors. Did you check the contributions of the Member's profile to see if they have been active on wikitree in a while? If you want to add parents to a member's tree, I doubt that would be done by anyone other than the member.  If they are living, they could already be added but we can't see them, just like you can't see a spouse that is entered for a member, if they are living and marked private.

Okay... I'll try and simplify this further

  1. Originally the person in question had messaged me. This person was not logged in. 
  2. I thought we were supposed to exercise caution when discussing living people. Exactly what I'm trying to do.
  3. Yes, I checked the contributions of the profile I have assumed to be the match to the information I have been collating. Profile would be considered to be dormant.
  4. The identified profile is unlinked hence the "Unconnected & unlinked users..." in the title of this thread. 
  5. Wikitreers often list a number of surname tags (usually associated with their direct pedigree), which is how I suspect I know which profiles would need to be linked to create the connection for this particular user to our global tree. 
  6. The admin team I'm fairly certain would be able to make the necessary 'edit', I'm very aware of the restrictions with WT's privacy settings.

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