Looking for people working in Netherlands, Overijssel (Delden, Borne, Hengelo and area)

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Hi en hoi,

I'm looking for other people working on ancestors hailing from Overijssel, specifically from (Ambt) DeldenBorne (Zenderen)Hengelo (Woolde), and also (Ambt) AlmeloHaaksbergenLosser and Lonneker).

To collaborate and perhaps even share the proverbial workload, if interested, and, perhaps to move some (or all) of the work to WikiSpaces (much of what I've been doing has been on FamilySearch because they have great coverage of Dutch records).

I am nominally bilingual Dutch-English (certainly good enough to read 95% of 18th century Dutch without problems) though English is my stronger language in terms of being able to compose written prose.

The reason I'm reaching out is that I'm finding that there is a lot of "cross pollination" (say I as a biologist using a reproduction pun) in families from the area. My work undoubtedly touches upon hundreds, if not thousands of people with ancestors from that part of Overijssel.

I have re-constructed quite a few individuals coming from different and seemingly unrelated directions (e.g. the ancestor of a spouse, or the descendant of a cousin). This is what has prompted me to reach out here. I figure my recently developed expertise could be of assistance to others in this part of the Netherlands and vice versa.

I've also developed a fair bit of skill at teasing out details in Dutch records from Delden-Borne-Hengelo (I particularly like the huwelijksbijlagen (marriage supplements) and the doopboeken (baptismal records)).

Background: My journey into genealogy started nearly a century ago when my Ontario-born and 75% British (and 25% Pennsylvania Dutch) grandfather starting working on his (and my) ancestors when his own children were born in the late 1920's and early 1930's.

In recent years I've discovered my own interest in genealogy and have somewhat expanded on his work, in no small part thanks to the work of others, and have also independently managed to build my maternal (all Dutch) ancestors going back to at least my 4th great grandparents with a fair bit of reliability (the trail runs dry 1 or 2 generations into the 1700's and there are only a few connections I am not entirely confident in).

Anyway, if you are interested in connecting about those parts of Overijssel, let's chat.

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you posted your question twice.
I didn't think I posted it twice but I did edit it. Perhaps it showed up twice in your feed?
Always great to have more Biologists aboard!

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I'm born in Borne and grew up in Haaksbergen but my parents are not from that part of the country so I have not researched families in Twente (that's what the eastern part of Overijssel is called). I moved back to the part of the country my parents came from and met my husband there.

Both my brothers married local women so  when I start to do their part of the tree we will  probably cross eachothers paths. Their family names are Wielens, Lankheet and te Vaarwerk
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Wat leuk. I was born in Tanzania maar ik heb wel een paar jaar in Delden gewoond. En mijn oma en opa lived in Borne--of course we often visited. I know the area well (though, of my aunts stayed in the area).

On my opa's side we're from the west--a lot from Bodegraven and Utrecht.

As for Wielens, Lankheet and te Vaarwerk--these are not yet names I have come across yet. I see a lot of (te/ten/niets) Duis, ten Hove, Dreteler, Laarhuis, Lammerink.

And, for some reason there were a lot of Friesians who show up.
With Friesians do you mean people from Friesland or people named De Vries?

De surnames with variations of de/te/ten or not before it point to farmhouses where the family lived originally.
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I am not specifically working on that part of the Netherlands, but all work is welcome.

First of all some advertisement for Dutch sources: we have great open data available on sites like WieWasWie and OpenArch, which FamilySearch has imported, usually without providing full citations. And someone made a citation tool for those two websites (expanding it to others).

The Huwelijkse Bijlagen are however a good reason to look elsewhere, they are a lot of fun to sift through.

WikiTree is all about cross-polination and crossovers, so you are at the right place. You could consider to start a one place study, and becoming a member of the Dutch Roots aka Netherlands Project. There are quite a few of us (several dozens active) so it shouldn't be hard to find some co-workers.

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Ahahaha Michel!

Thank you for your help and info. I m sure Eric will like it and find some co-workers.

I wonder if it is easier to find co-workers on a LNAB?
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Hi Eric!

Welcome at WT! I just hope you will like it here as much as I do.

Eric I've sent you a private message. I hope you do not mind. If you click ANSWER you will be directed to my private email address. Feel very free. laugh

I do not think we have one specialized at the DRP (Dutch Roots Project) in the areas you mentioned. But all active members here are very able and always happy to help/assist/collaborate at any. They all are able to source profiles all over the country and they probably worked on profiles in the named areas frequently before.If you ask/post you might even get too much help laugh!

Interesting is your branch of the van Leeuwens. As at my village in the west of The Netherlands, that family name is very common here and goes far back in time. I even have sent - about two years ago - a pedigree book of the van Leeuwens of our village to the USA.

Wondering if we are not a far niece and nephew :D

Night now.

Happy Treeing Eric!


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