Is there an easy way to find non-profile pages?

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I just learned of the existence of the Founding Fathers page.


Awesome. Since being on Wikitree (a few months now), I've only really seen Profile pages and G2G discussion pages. Well, and Category pages.

How does one find these other pages? I guess they're "Space" pages from looking at the URL. Is there a list of them somewhere?
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (824k points)

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Hi Jillaine,

In a word: No.

There is no easy way to find anything but person and surname pages.

Everything else depends on human beings linking them in navigable ways.

There is an index of free-space profiles at and a category list at but they're useless.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
Well that first is at least something... is it automatically generated?

I took a peek at some of them on the first A page. Clearly looks like some spam? And things not at all related to WikiTree?
I could have sworn that somewhere I saw a search option that uses Google to search the entire WikiTree, but now I can't find it. Wouldn't that work to try to find non-profile pages?
You're right, a lot of those are spammy and/or total junk. Which is why we don't work on that index to make them easier to find. And it's why we don't work to make sure they're all indexed by Google. Though, you're right that Google is your best bet. I should have mentioned that. You can always go to Google and do a search with "" included in the search terms, e.g.
That Google search also exists on the Person Search page, at the bottom.
Hi - I just posted an answer at ... not sure if "see also" or reposting is better. Here 'tis, for what it's worth:

I just had moderate luck with an advanced Google search:
ships site: ... returned 12,000+ hits, but first couple of pages were enlightening.

Or, you can click the "Search" link at the bottom of a WikiTree page (which I just realized was there), go to section 4 - "search for anything", and type in, say, "ships" - does close to the same thing (searches just WikiTree, but it returned 11,900 hits).

Cheers, Liz
Thanks for posting the link, Liz.
There is also now a search for free space pages:

and for categories:

These are both linked to on the person search page.

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