The Magna Carta Team Base Camp is open!

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The Magna Carta Team Base Camp is where everyone can monitor the Magna Carta Project's progress.


We maintain a list of trails that we have created from Gateway Ancestors to Magna Carta Surety Barons. We also have lists of what is currently underway and what we still have left to accomplish.

Our first goal is to have one trail from each Gateway to a Magna Carta Surety Baron.

There are over 200 Gateways and each trail has more than a dozen generations. This means we will be working on improving more than a few thousand profiles!

That is our Mt. Everest!

Here is our Base Camp:

We are calling for more Team-mates! We have great momentum - with 20 Gateway's trails currently underway. We can still use more strong genealogists!!

Genealogists involved with the US Southern Colonies, Puritan Great Migration, Euroaristo, and Mayflower projects are great candidates for the Magna Carta project. Our efforts already overlap.

Check out Base Camp. Then "Answer the Call!" and help us build trails! 

asked in The Tree House by PM Eyestone G2G6 Mach 3 (33.3k points)
I love the enthusiasm, PM! :)
Opposite the name of Joseph Bolles, (GA) it lists the Surety Barons as "Usual suspects plus Bohun-7". What does that phrase mean?

Also under Gen. James Cudworth it says that there are research issues. Are those documented or listed anywhere so one might assist in researching the issues?


I wrote that, so I'd better answer.  Usual suspects = John de Lacy, Saher de Quincy, Richard & Gilbert de Clare, Roger & Hugh le Bigod.

Their descendants intermarried early and dozens of gateways are descended from all 6 as a bunch.  Eg any trail that connects a gateway to most of the FitzAlans, Nevilles, Cliffords or Wentworths will score all 6 by branches that are already badged, or almost.

That's not a complete list of Bolles's barons, it's just the ones reached by the review line.  The others will need work on other lines.

For Cudworth there's a message from April on my profile, dated May 9th 2015.
Thank you Horace. I appreciate your getting back and I must say, you are consistent and that front:)!

I now understand who this Inside Gang of Barons are!

And thank you for what is going on with what happens to be my #1 Ancestor (have had a close relationship with him as a favorite since I was 13:)! I see that he is the capable hands of the new Elite Squad of Wikitree. Things that seems funny is though he is is in the protected mode, there is a lot of mis-information on there.

Thanks, again. On again in search of un-blocked ancestors.

Great project!  Someone in my line is descended from one of the barons, so now I just need to make sure that my connection to that gateway ancestor is solid.

Suggestion: On some of the completed trails, the trail is shown on the gateway ancestor's profile.  That is really nice, and I suggest that it be part of the standard profile.
If only it were that simple.  But many of the Gateways are descended from 10 or more sureties, by dozens or hundreds of lines.  Complete listings get very unwieldy, and with lots of duplication.

Books like Weis and Richardson use cross-references to avoid duplication, but then the simplicity is lost and it becomes near-impossible to chase all the links.

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Great job Peter............I'd like to take on Sir  Wm Pole (Poole)
answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Doug - Great! Thanks for the feedback. I hope you're back on your feet and feeling good!
Would you like to put your name on Jane Greene-2538's (his wife)  as well?
I'm beginning to feel better...I'll take both of them.
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First let me say great work on what you all have done so far.  Very impressive with good information.  I might be interested in helping, but I'm not sure exactly what I'd be doing.  For example the Base Camp has  and 

connects to Fleete - 3 profiles 243

If I took this on, would I be trying to link her ancestry to Fleete, who seems to be linked to someone else.  I apologize if this was explained somewhere and I missed it.  Thanks John

answered by John Bentley G2G6 Mach 2 (21.3k points)

Yes, the trails converge from 200+ gateways to 17 barons.  Some of the details may be visible here

20-22 are specific to Dorothy Scott, 19 is also an ancestor of Henry Fleete, 18 is also an ancestor of half a dozen other gateways.  Looks like we've got a Puritan gatecrasher as well.

I think I'm still confused.  If I take Dorothea Scott Gotherson am I trying to link her to a specific Surety Baron?  If yes then, which one?  I found Dorothy in the book you sent me, but not seeing a connection to a specific baron.  Also what is a Puritan gatecrasher?  I'm still new to much of this. But it all seems very interesting.

Thanks, John

The gatecrasher is Richard Scott of RI.  He seems to have got attached to this family but I don't think he belongs in it.

Dorothy is descended from at least a dozen surety barons, many by more than one line.  All the lines are partly done, ie if you trace a line you'll come to profiles that already have project badges.

You'd need to talk to the leaders about project work.  We're waiting for news about the new pre-1500 badge.
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I enjoy working on the Magna Carta. It is among my favorites on WikiTree.  I'm currently working on the Rodney families. Thank you to the researchers and contributors at Magna Carta  for all your hard work.
answered by James Stratman G2G6 Mach 5 (59k points)
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I posted a line for Grace (Chetwode) Bulkeley (Chetwood-1) on the Base Camp page.  How do I proceed now?
answered by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (312k points)
Thanks for the private help.

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