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37 Answers

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This is a 1920 photo of my father Clare Lovelace Jr with his dog and his mother on their back porch steps. This must have been a beloved photo, as it is obviously more worn than my other photos.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (534k points)
Thank you Leandra for your great comment. This is the only photo I have that is scratched. I do have a bunch that are faded, and I am interested in the new technology to restore photos.

Here ya go Alexis!  Nice pic of mom and grandma.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Scott, I can not believe you could do that!     All the scratches are gone!       I am so excited!!     Thank you Scott,  You are Amazing!!
You are worth it Alexis!  I love her really is a cool pic!
Wow, what a great result, all scratches gone. I need to check that software out.
Actually, depending on what computer you have, I use a mac, there should already be a photo software on your computer.  All one needs to do is use the 'repair tool' or the 'clone tool' and anyone can repair old scratched photos!  By the way Maggie did you get my email?
Hi Scott,

Yes I did and thank you for your instructions, its exactly how I teach people to use accounting software so I could see exactly where to go and what to do.
Very cool!  I have been on WikiTree for several years and for some reason I experienced the same thing you did.  Trial and error worked for me...and you!  Enjoy your weekend!
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This is a photo of my maternal grandmother, Ella Cutright Martin.  She is on the left. The photo is not dated and the name of the other girl is not noted.  I have to say that Grandma had a very weird looking dog. 

by Karen Stewart G2G6 Mach 4 (46.6k points)
The dog is adorable. I love seeing old photos of people with their pets.
What a magnificent photo Karen, of your maternal Grandmother

I love the dog gorgeous

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for sharing this photo. I love the way the girls are dressed and the dog looks as if he might be ready to protect them if necessary. And they are all in a lovely setting.
Ahh he just a long-haird, fluffy, wire-haired whatever wanting to be with them in the pic!  I love him!  Thanks for sharing!
+13 votes

The photo was taken around 1950.

It shows my maternal grandmother, Herta Martha Auguste Grabow, with her light brown longhaired dachshund, As long as I have known her, she has always owned a longhaired dachshund.
As a child I always thought it was always the same dog, but of course there were new ones from time to time, because the old ones had died.
But she was never seen without her beloved dog.

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
Thank you Dieter for sharing your wonderful photo of your grandmother and her beautiful dog. When my daughter first got married, I told her that just because they had a fenced yard—they were to busy to get a dog. The next time I came to their house—they had the cutest long haired dachshund puppy, Ginger. She lived a long life, and I would always laugh and say Ginger was my first grandchild.
Dieter what a cute photo of your grandmother and her dog, the dog are gorgeous

So are your grandmother,

Thank you Dieter for sharing this wonderful photo
I love doxies!  One time I had a whole litter of little doxies and the mother had died from an embolism after birth.  I kept two and named them Oscar Meyer and Frank Furter.  I brought their mother with me back from Japan.  She can be seen on last weeks 'masculine' challenge. Once a doxie owner always a doxie owner! Thanks for sharing this great photo of your grammy with her pup!
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This photo was probably taken sometime in the 40s. It shows my grandmother Johanna van den Broek with a tame crow they raised from very young. They rereleased it into the wild, but for a very long time every morning my father went to school (just at the end of the road) the crow followed him to there. 

by Joke van Veenendaal G2G6 Mach 3 (39.8k points)
Joke,  The tame crow reminded me of my cat that would follow me to the end of a shortcut path to the harbour wharf and several hours, after fishing, would appear behind me out of the woods.
Joke!  Your grandmother loved animals.  That's a good thing!  Thanks for sharing with us.
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My grandfather, Harold "Hal" Knott Rammel (189201930), was the Editor of the Escanaba Michigan newspaper in the 1920s ... he loved animals ... when the circus came to town he took a few photos of monkeys and elephants in the open fields ... several photos were published in the newspaper.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (119k points)

Bill,  The monkey, dressed like that, makes me think that he would have made a very interesting childhood friend. laugh

Who doesn't love the circus?  But I am afraid those days are gone forever.  Once again Bill....Nice Photo!  Thanks for sharing it with us.
+17 votes

This is my GG grandfather and GG grandmother, Vincent Henry and Margaret Pirtle Cooksey(abt 1898). Love all the dogs in the photo.

by Deborah Campbell G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)
edited by Deborah Campbell
Those look like hunting dogs, happy well feed dogs for sure. It is a great look into their life.
Deborah wow what a wonderful photo with all the wonderful dogs thank you for sharing
Thank you Deborah for sharing the perfect photo for animals. Think I can count 12 dogs. I have had an interest in the Cooksey family, and I have done profiles up to your 4th great grandfather Shadrack Cooksey’s brother, Ledstone Smallwood Cooksey who was in the Revolutionary War.
Yeah Stacie I agree..looks like he took them hunting!  Why else have so many?  Thanks for posting this great pic, getting all the dogs to stay still for the photo is remarkable!
+15 votes

My Grandma, Amy Larner, with her cat Smut, taken 1939 in her garden in Norwich England.

by Christine Frost G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
Christine what a magnificent photo of your grandmother and her cute cat

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
Beautiful photo, what a treasure to have.
Amy loved her cat...but then again who doesn't love their cat?  They are so independent and curious!  Love the photo and thanks for posting!
+14 votes

This is my great aunt Dola Ruth Huffman/Stroder, (Huffman-2836) 1919-2015. I love this photo of her. She was a fun and  sweet lady who liked to have fun.

by Stacie Briggs G2G6 Mach 2 (28.6k points)
Stacie,  Dola looks completely at ease.....upon a second look, the Zebra appears to be kicking up quite a display.
Terrific photo of your great grand aunt...quite a rider on a zebra no less!  I have two zebras a couple of blocks away from my home.  I always look at them when I go by..they are so out of place here in the high desert of Arizona.  Thanks for posting!
+14 votes

Best friends......Leo, the cat, and Fluffy, the dog.  When Fluffy arrived, in 2012, she was just a ball of fluff and could fit in a large coffee cup.  Leo adopted her and as they grew up he would lay on the carpet with her putting him in a headlock.  Another longhaired white cat, Angel, completed the trio and when the various grandchildren arrived to visit we got a quick hello as they ran past to find the animals.     

by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (197k points)
They're up to something.....

angel....I see what you mean......Chris.

If you ever see a cat and a dog like this, they are totally conspiring against the hoomin. =)
It's great to watch animals play together, cats, dogs, cats and dogs, dogs and cats....I have two cattle dogs and they are my best friends...but more than that they are their own best friends of love each other most of all!  Thanks for sharing Fluffy and Leo!
+13 votes

This photo of Andrew, Rocky, and William Arthur Shaules was taken in about 1924 in the Encanto neighborhood of San Diego, California, USA.

I don't know if the donkey was a pet or a work animal, but everyone appears to be having a good time -- especially little Andy who was about one year old at the time. The home in the background was built by William, and it appears to be cleaning day with the mattress hanging over the railing.

by Robin Shaules G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Robin Shaules

Bareback......that deserves a big smile from Andy.....and, the donkey looks so contented. smiley

Thank you Robin for sharing such a delightful photo. My husband just asked me why I had such a big smile; I told him that I was looking at an adorable photo of children riding a donkey.
Thank you, Alexis, for your comment. It is a happy photo and your comment made me smile as well.
What a cute donkey Robin, the children look like they are having a wonderful time

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
Thank you, Susan, my friend! I thought you would like the donkey.
I absolutely adore the donkey my sweet friend
My bet is on this photo for best of the week Robin!  It looks 'gold miney', western or something that makes it great!  I think it is William the prospector who makes it authentic.  Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, Scott! William had been a prospector, but these days he was busy developing land in San Diego. And as you can see in the background it hadn't been developed much at the time of this photo, but you should see it today.
+12 votes

Thomas at the zoo. (Wichita Kansas)

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (144k points)

Joyce,  They look so contented to be together. smiley

What a wonderful photo, Joyce! Is Thomas sharing his ice cream cone? Thank you for posting this.
Robin, I had to think about that.I think there was a vending machine that sold animal food for children to give to the deer.
What a wonderful cute photo of Thomas feeding the gorgeous animals

Thank you Joyce for sharing this wonderful photo
Well Joyce, Thomas is certainly trying to do a good job feeding and the fawn is lickin it pretty good!  Thanks for sharing, he is a cutie!
+11 votes

See that poodle? Her name was Cammie. Shem for some reason, only liked my grandfather, Marco, and no one else.  Poodles are a bit pretentious aren't they?  But, you know what? That's to be expected!

I often wonder if my grandfather would have liked the britannys I grew up with. My aunt Linda breeds dogs and so we had a couple when I was young. There's even a photo of me with a britanny named Gunner. I don't think it counts for this but it is a cool pic. That doggo was very protective of me. =D All doggos are good. Sigh....Even that poodle.

And yeah, I'm sure he'd have liked my dogs. Even though one was completely crazy....

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (521k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Thank you Chris for sharing this wonderful photo

With the cute poodle
No problem. =) Like I said. That dog didn't like anyone except my grandfather.
We want Gunner...we want Gunner!  Come on show us you and Gunner...just kidding.  Poodles are very loyal and they should all be named 'Shadow'.  My best friend had two standard pudels and they loved to go to the river with us!  Thanks for posting Chris!
No problem, Scott. =D
+17 votes

My father, Richard E. Gaenzle, age 10 years old at Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ with “Pete” from the Little Rascals (Our Gang) tv show. 

by Jennifer Gaenzle G2G1 (1.1k points)
That's an awesome photo!  Thanks for sharing.
What an awesome photo to have of your dad with this famous dog, beautiful.
Such a cool photo Jennifer especially when it is your father in the shot with a famous pooch!  In the race for the win I think!  Thanks for sharing!
Thank you! We’ve treasured it all these years. In fact, because this photo stuck in my mind as a kid, I watched every Little Rascals rerun I could find through the years.
+12 votes

It seems that every picture in the family album has animals, many without people just pictures of the cows and chickens.

My grandparents George Scranton and his second wife Ottilia had a farm just west of Syracuse, New York, raising cows and chickens. This photo was likely taken in the late 1930s.


George and his first wife had several children. This photo is from about 1914 in Iowa.


by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
I love these photos Kay!  Who would have thought that the cow's name was Daisy?  And the horses are just beautiful and I wish it was in color.  Thanks for sharing!
+5 votes

My father William Howlett with his pet crow Sam.

by Leonard Howlett G2G2 (2.1k points)

Here are some instructions on how to post a picture. Click this link. I hope to see a picture of a pet crow. Crows are very intelligent.

Thank you, I think it has worked finally. Cheers
+13 votes

Here is a photo of my father with his pet crow Sam taken in the mid 1970’s and also having a beer.

by Leonard Howlett G2G2 (2.1k points)
I see you have succeeded in posting your picture.
Thank you. Could you go back to my "how to post a picture" and add an explanation on "how to upload a picture from an IPad"?

 That would be helpful if anyone else has a problem. Thank you.

And if dad and Sam are enjoying some together time, beer is good.
I really never knew that folks had crows as pets.  The crows around here, are really big, like ravens or big black birds and I couldn't, even if I could, hold them on my arm they are so big.  I suppose that Sam just came in for a landing! (or a sip of brew).  Thanks for sharing the photo of Sam
Hi Joyce, I truthfully don’t know how I achieved it. If I had to do it again now I would not be able to do it. I think it was just pure luck that I got it on here. Sorry.
+13 votes

This is my great grandmother Martha Jane (Jenny) Jones Richards. Probably taken in the 1930s, she was a formidable woman, she died in 1941. Her husband died suddenly when their youngest child of 11 was 3 weeks old and the oldest was 13. I'm not sure if the dog was the one my dad named 'Doggie WoWo' .


by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
Not sure about the breed...some type of miniature smooth hair terrier is a safe guess...a great companion of course!  Thanks for sharing M Ross!
+11 votes

Here is a picture of my mother, Lucille Dawson Ceruti, (on the zebra) together with her Aunt Grace and Uncle Robert on vacation in 1950 in Tijuana, Mexico.

by Marion Ceruti G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
Great photo, Marion! I remember those photo ops in Tijuana. I haven't been there in many, many years. Your mother looks like she's having a great time.
Used to be a great place if you lived in SoCal as a kid to get your car tuck and rolled.  I wish this shot was in color because it is just that a great shot.  Muy bueno Marion!
+12 votes

Maggie Davidson and Laddie 1954 - my father took this photo of me with our Border Collie Laddie and if I remember correctly it was at Leith Harbour, naturally it was cold hence the hat and coat.

by Maggie Davidson G2G1 (1.4k points)
edited by Maggie Davidson
I don't know how to make this smaller, sorry

Here are some instructions on how to edit your picture to make it smaller.

That is a lovely photo, Maggie!
funny enough when I go to view all the pics the size is ok,so I am confused
Maggie!  Double click the photo above.  In the window that comes up you will see a preview of the photo.  To the left of that are small boxes for dimensions.  The top little box is for the width.  Double click in the little box and delete.  Then type in 500 and save.  Can't wait to see the whole photo!
Nothing happens when I double click, there is nowhere that has boxes that say width - funnily enough if I go to the page for Images of 52 weeks of photos - Animals - the picture there is OK - I am stunmped why on 1 page it shows the same as everyone else's yet on this page it doesn't !!!


Here it is.

Joyce what a magnificent photo I absolutely love this

Thank you for sharing
Hi Joyce,

Thank you for fixing that picture of me - many many moons ago that was - I don't know what I was doing wrong and have now fixed the original too
+11 votes

This is a picnic held in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, about 1896-1900. I have several of the same event. This picture appears to show only the Birchards (and the dog). My grandfather is the little boy sitting next to the dog. This is the best picture of the bunch. Most of them show a dog blur and kid blur images...

by s Davenport G2G6 Mach 5 (50.8k points)
Very cool s Davenport!  I had ancestors in Meadville during the same time.  I love that bird dog!  Thanks for posting!
Lee what a wonderful photo

Love the dog, hope they had a magnificent picnic

Everyone look amazing

What a treasure of a photo

Thank you for sharing

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