A plug for the Irish Genealogy Ancestors Research Facebook Group

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For anyone who is researching their Irish Heritage and who needs help and advice I would like to highly recommend they join up to the Irish Genealogy Ancestors Research Facebook Group.  I joined last week, posted the surnames I wanted to know more about and provided a WikiTree link with what information I knew and WOW - straight away I was showered with an extraordinary council of friendly useful advice and links to details such as specific court records, marriage banns notices, newspaper articles, Griffiths valuations, and information about others family trees.  Today, someone who is kin identified themselves too.  It is such a generous group, and my experience is it is  a masterclass in what what can be achieved when people work together.  Just like WikiTree of course, but this group is truly a hugely valuable extension and incredible resource to provide new details and information.   I am going to spend many happy hours transferring everything I have learned into my WikiTree pages  https://www.facebook.com/groups/278441113273195

in Genealogy Help by Alistair Fraser G2G5 (5.6k points)
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Alistair thankyou so much for your kind words regarding our Irish Genealogy Ancestors Research Group     We have now been operational for 1 year and at this stage have 40, 100 wonderful Members in our Group you being once of them  Our sincere thankyou for your wonderful recommendation

Oh thank-you - that is so heartening to hear Kelly.  I am sure many of your members will have felt so grateful like me for you, admin and other members helping us so generously too.  I bet the great help many WikiTree members have from your Facebook Group makes a huge difference to family tree record awareness and accuracy here.  I am a member of the WikiTree Irish Project - Cork and need to let them know I am 'alive' because I have been so quiet, so now I can say at least I have kept a few fires warm ;)

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WOW Great group, Great find Alistair, Thank you. it took 30 sec, for me to be OKed. 5.6 members. Looks like a very helpful group of people.
by Richard Devlin G2G6 Pilot (448k points)

5.6 members? Gee, small group. Which of them is only 60% a member? wink

Opps 5.6K
Actually it 5.9K now!! Perhaps lots of more WikiTree members joined after reading this post ;-)  I'm sure they won't be disappointed!
The group is now 1 year old and we have a membership of 40,100 members
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Glad you had good luck and shared your experience.  Too bad it's Facebook, which I avoid at all costs.
by J. Crook G2G6 Pilot (210k points)

Ceart go leor - Quite understandable and I totally respect that, however, my experience with this group is just brilliant and I have learnt things about a side of my family I'm sure I would never have found out about through any other source.  By the way, through my Irish Creagh family line I see we are 11th cousins only twice removed - co-ogha latha math a bhith agad

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Just joined Hopefully they can help me with some of my ancestral research
by Kathy Woodard G2G4 (4.3k points)
Fáilte lassie – Yay - I do hope the group can help you!  They just love the chance to do research for something specific so be sure to ask clear questions about what you need to know and give them as much detail as you can.  It would be great if you could report back how you get on to this thread too so perhaps that may help others too.

Because the reply, above, seems to trail off into the aethyr halfway through the word "something" :

They just love the chance to do research for something specific so be sure to ask clear questions about what you need to know and give them as much detail as you can.  It would be great if you could report back how you get on to this thread too so perhaps that may help others too.


I am one who has an aversion to using the book of faces more than for just the basics of keeping in touch with family and friends (I made an exception for the Wikitree-Australia group), but I doubt my Donegal and Limerick ancestors would be that findable during the Famine  years.  Any more than many/most fo my Irish Famine Girls have been. 

Melanie one of our specialties in our Group is The Early Grey Irish Famine Orphans   I have personally been working on them for over 5 years now and have been able to find a lot of history of the girls in ireland
Kelly, I was interested by Alistair's plug. Now I am hooked. I have 2 gg-grandmothers who were Earl Grey Orphans.
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been a member of that group for years, my Irish ancestor is in a period with missing records, so hasn't been that useful for me.  St-Peter's church in Limerick in 17th century.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (530k points)
Wow, you got back that far? I only got back to the early 1800's with my family,
This province has records going back that far, my Irish ancestor came with French troops (Marine companies, not Carignan-Salières regiment).  A nice thing about most records is that marriages name parents and origin for the most part, although there are exceptions.  His parents and origin are named when he marries here.  Going back to Ireland to find records is another story.
Danielle I think you are thinking about another group as ours has only been running for 1 year
you're right, not the same group.  Too many things going right now for me to go there though.
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Has anybody pointed that group to the list of unconnected branches on WikiTree (aka Let other know what location you are working on)? I think Ireland has the largest number of unconnected branches of any country on the list.

Or maybe the How the Irish formed civilisation thread? There are lots of unconnected notables with Irish ancestry.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (558k points)
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Hi Alistair. Great recommendation. Clearly a successful plug - I joined the group yesterday and received a FB message today that there were 127 new members overnight. Perhaps the power of WikiTree?
by Cherryl Schmidt G2G6 Mach 1 (12.4k points)
Great, I do hope you find it enjoyable and useful Cherryl.
I would say too that there is likely many from WikiTree who have joined.  WikiTree gets a great profile in the Facebook group as well and I would think we get plenty of new members from the group here also.
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I was directed to the same site, but then found that Limerick has its own group, who again are brilliant. Both helpful and knowledgeable. Its also worth heading over to your ancestors 'town' group. Sorry but its all Facebook, Im not a fan either
by Pat Boland G2G Crew (390 points)
say what?  Limerick has its own group?  Do tell, that's where my ancestor is from.

You have to join the group, but that's pretty quick, then place your question

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