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I have entered George Washington Holdens father two times and it will not show it on the family tree or profile, what do I have to do to save someone once entered?
in Genealogy Help by Gary Holden G2G Rookie (130 points)

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Hi Gary,

Did you end up resolving this? I see

Can you tell us more about the problem? What error are/were you seeing? What steps, exactly, were you going through?


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I'm sorry, I just noticed you said George Holden's *father*.
I just added as his father. Are you able to edit that profile?
I had entered George Washington Holden's father John William holden but it won't post to the family tree, there is nothing to click o to post it once you have added the information.  The others were entered automaticly.  I had entered John Holden 4 tiumes and it was never excepted, what's the problem that I cant post anymore relatives?
Hi Gary. Can you give more detail on exactly what you're seeing? Try adding a new person, e.g. the mother. When you say it's "not accepted" what are you seeing? There is no status message at the top? Nothing to indicate an error? Does your web browser just hang, or does it proceed to another page. Which page? Chris
No kind of message appears, I am able to enter all the information but it won't do anything after entering, no enter button, no post button, after entering how am I suppose to be able to post it to my tree?
Chris, I go to the family tree, click on enter father of George it takes me to the page to type in the information, I type in all the information then it won't post, you are making it sound way more complicated than it is for what I am trying to do.
Hi Gary. I'm sorry it sounds complicated. I can't figure out what's going wrong unless we go through this carefully, step-by-step. I need to be able to reproduce the problem. So, if you enter a name in these fields on and click "Add father" what happens? Is your browser hanging? There is no error message at the top? The page doesn't go anywhere?
I finally got it to enter.  Now when you enter a supject, and all the info is entered, how do you get it to the tree?
I'm glad it worked out. What do you mean "enter a subject"? Do you mean creating a person profile, or editing information on their profile? Maybe ask a separate question. I hate to say this again, but the more details you give the better the chance of figuring out the problem.
Entering a subject is the same as entering a person.  If I go to family tree click on add mother, it takes me to the page to enter the information, I enter all the information now how do I get it to the tree?
You still didn't answer my question, once I enter a name, place of birth, date of birth etc to add someone to my family tree, and after it is all entered, how do I get it posted to the tree?  When I hit add father of however, it doesn't go to the tree, some other screen pops up whuich has nothing to do with what I want it to do.
Chris I have entered John Samuel Holden 6 times now, it has never posted, I entered Edwin Zalmen Cove 2 times now, it never posted, don't you have a live chat or something so I can get answers quicker than what you are giving me, I thought I was getting something useful here with this Wiki program but so far it is driving me up the wall and I am about ready to say forget it and go do some other family tree program that will let me enter what I need to enter.  The only advantage to your site is anyone can access, which I am sure I can make some other family tree site work.
Hi Gary. Sorry, WikiTree isn't for everyone. Here's the deletion form:
Sorry you feel that way, I was just looking for a little help with a simple problem that I just could not get you to answer for me.  You must at least have a masters or Drs degree with your line of thinking.
What? I thought you were saying you were ready to use another program and "say forget it". It's important that everyone on WikiTree choose to be here, and share the mission to grow a worldwide tree. As for live chat, that's just not something we can offer a free, collaborative site.
Hi Gary,

As soon as you send the information the person should be created and you should see a screen with the created person in a tree view. You do mention a message which pops up. It is possible that this is the screen which ask you to confirm the creation of the new profile or, if there are possible matches with excisting profiles, if you can confirm a match.
If this is the case you should select one of the options and confirm. Otherwise nothing will be saved.

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