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This is a photo of my mother, Clarice Marvin, in the 5 Feb 1939 Enid Morning News newspaper. At this time, she is a freshman at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, and her plans were to go on to medical school and become a doctor in third world countries. Her plans were greatly changed, and three years later she quit school to work at the Boeing Plant in Wichita, Kansas helping to build B-29s. She had flaming red hair and vivid blue eyes, and I was very fortunate to have had her for a mother. 

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
What a moment in time, set to take on the challenge of medical school, looking so poised and elegant, with lovely smiley eyes!
I knew it was YOUR mother right off the bat Alexis!  Did you inherit your mother's red hair too, you sure did on beauty!
Alexis--This is a beautiful photo of your mother.  Her smile hints at the perfect blend of sweetness and studiousness.

Thank you Gillian for your lovely comment. Even though my mother was a straight A student; she realized that my occasional C was fine. smiley

Thank you Scott for your always complimentary comment. I had strawberry blond hair, but it has faded though the years.
Betsy, you are so correct about her personality in two words: sweet and studious. Thank you for your very insightful comment.
This is another beautiful photo of your mother. Thank you for sharing it, Alexis. Over time, with the photos and stories you've shared, I almost feel like I knew your mother -- always beautiful, intelligent, strong, wise and loving. You were very fortunate to have her.
Robin, when I was young, I felt sorry for myself that I had lost my mother at such a young age, but I came to realize that I was blessed to have had her. So many things she said to me were so very wise. Thank you for such a very lovely comment about my mother.
What a lovely photo of your mom, Alexis!
Your mother is one of the first persons I got to know, Alexis, when I first joined WikiTree.......I've always liked her smile.
Thank you John, you really are such a special person—always so kind and interested in others.
+20 votes

This photo has 4 generations of Mothers ... 

My mother, Ruth Ann Rammel-Sims 1918-2006) ... then her mother, Oma M Allison-Rammel (1895-1995) ... then her mother, Etta May Omelia-Allison (1872-1944) ... then her mother, Catherine "Kate" Mumma-Omelia.

I couldn't find a photo of the four of them without a man ... but all that I found had been used in past year challenges ... the man is Kate's husband and my great-great grandfather, Anthony "Andy" Omelia (1847-1925).

The photo was taken in Assumption, Christian, Illinois in 1919.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
Four generations of mothers, you're so luck to have that photo, a real piece of history.
Mama mia!  Andy has his hands full here!
Great photo, Bill. I don’t have one to match.
+20 votes

This is a picture of my Mum, Jenny, and myself on my 18th birthday. She was brave, kind and loving - everything you could wish for in a mother. I lost her last April to Parkinson's Disease and Covid-19 and I miss her more than words can say.

by Jutta Beer G2G6 Mach 2 (29.8k points)
Very cute!   Sorry to hear that Jutta!  Losing our mother is a very sad time for all of us.  Thank goodness for all those great memories they gave us! Right?
Quite right. I have so many good memories, of which this photo represents just one.
Thank you Jutta for sharing such a dear photo of you and your beautiful mother. Yes, it is terrible to lose your mother, and no one can ever replace your mother. Glad you have your good memories.
I know you will miss your mum for a long time, Jetta. I’m sure the memories are blessed.
Beautiful photo of your beautiful Mom and yourself. No one can ever take the place of a Mother. We learn deal with the loss in our own ways, but we never, ever, forget what our Mothers sacrificed for us. So glad to see you have lovely photos of one of those happy memories to hold onto. Cherish those.
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This photo was taken in 1987 at my parents farm in Shropshire. My mother was very keen to share her love of animals with her grandchildren and this grew to wanting to share with the wider community. She was an equal partner with my father in creating a farm attraction and collection of rare breed animals. She was an great baker too and made bread for a local farmers' market.

Rose showing Matthew the lambs

by Gillian Loake G2G6 Mach 5 (52.0k points)
Gillian, what a wonderful photo of your mother and her grandchild with the lambs. I love that the photo is in color, and we can see her beautiful red hair. Thank you for sharing such an adorable photo.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful, fun photo, Gillian. Being a grandmother is almost as wonderful as being a mother. What a blessing to have one who teaches and is fun, too.
Everyone should have an animal or two..two is best so that they have a buddy!  I love my cattle dogs and walk them twice a day.  Your mother knew that animals are great therapy for us humans!  Thanks for posting this great pic.  Your mom was the best Gillian!
Thank you for your sweet comments Alexis, it's funny you mention the air, that grandson is my son Matthew, he has a daughter with exactly the same curly red hair,
You're right there Robin, she was a wonderful grandmother to 14 grandchildren, and now I am loving being a grandmother myself and following her example.
Thanks Scott, she really was, and I agree, you can get such a lot out of caring for animals at any age!
I love his photo!

People and animals on a farm smiley and in Shropshire......a place I got to like when looking up 'Ludlow Castle in the snow' years ago. 

+21 votes

Margaret Monroe Koehnline with her only child, William Angus, my grandfather, who died last November.

Margaret Monroe was, from all I have heard, an incredible woman. She lost her mother when she was only about a year old, but was very close with her bio grandmother (who took care of her immediately following the death) & step mother, who, like her father, was a general physician. She excelled academically, being valedictorian at both her junior high & high school, where she pursued a course in the classics. Following her graduation, Margaret enrolled at Bethany College in West Virginia, continuing to pursue the classics course, where she met one Elizabeth Koehnline (who'd later introduce her to her brother, Irvin Koehnline, who Margaret would marry). Her three orations at Bethany were on "John Brown of Ossawatomie," "Thou Shalt Not Kill"  (in opposition to capital punishment), & "The Death of John Barleycorn" (in reference to the character from the old folksong- quite clear where my grandfather & I got our fascination in musicology from). According to her father's memoirs, Margaret wasn't tardy once throughout her academic career, & was only absent from classes on a couple of occasions, always due to illness.

After college, Margaret went into teaching, & for a number of years alternated between teaching German, Latin, history & mathematics, before taking post-graduate courses in algebra & French at Columbia University in NY. After Columbia was when she & Irvin finally became well-acquainted, & they were wed 1924.

Though he loved his father, my grandfather was significantly closer in personality & interests with his mother, & praised her at great lengths in his memoirs. His section about her says she was "a caring and indulgent, understanding mother, a good sport, a wonderful teacher, an apt pupil -- even to her son in areas of his special interest and assumed expertise, from an early age -- a keen and witty, sometimes slightly malicious, observer of people, in fact an inveterate people-watcher, an organizer, and a loyal participator in the work of the YWCA, the First Christian Church, the nature education program of Oglebay Institute (She was good at identifying genera, species, and variants, especially in the plant kingdom. Colonel Robert P. Carroll said she could recite the "Asclepias mass," the complete Latin names of the milkweed and butterfly bush family [funnily enough, memorizing scientific names of plant species was a very weird hobby of mine when I was very young...]). Mom was a good diarist and letter-writer. She kept in touch with herself and with others far better than I have done. Why she didn't write some of the pages I am now supplying, I don't know. I write them as her amanuensis and continuator, a role I am proud to play."

A side note: I am always amazed whenever I see my grandfather's baby photos by the degree to which he essentially looked the same throughout his entire life- have never had any difficulty identifying him in photos, because he's always looked the same to me...

by Thomas Koehnline G2G6 Mach 6 (62.6k points)
Thank you Thomas for sharing such a great photo for mother, and especially for sharing your great grandmother's wonderful story, and your grandfather is precious.
Such a loving photo Thomas.  The photographer has your great grandmother at just the right angle to show the joy and love she has for your grandfather.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us!
What a wonderful photo, Thomas. Just perfect!
Thomas......I must confess......I have a soft spot for photos such as this.
+22 votes

Here's my mother, Marilyn Maxine Miller Lee Boe and me in 1962 in Reseda, California.

by Scott Lee G2G6 Mach 5 (57.7k points)
Wonderful photo! I will have to check, as I'm not sure, but I think I might actually have an old friend I've done some genealogy research for who I believe might be related to her husband, John Boe- they certainly are descended from a Norwegian Boe family with ties to the PNW region, possibly including Grants Pass.
Scott, l love the photo. The way you are standing with your arm around your mother shows how proud you are to be with your gorgeous and stylish mother.
Hey Thomas you are on the right track!  My mother met John Boe in Grants Pass and became his receptionist.  John was in the midst of divorcing his first wife, Sue Boe.  Subsequently, John married my mom, and they had a great life together until he went to Vietnam where he was exposed to Agent Orange.  He came back and soon started to fail in his health.  He needed a liver transplant but could not qualify at the time.  It was a sad day for all of us and Grants Pass as he was loved by most!  Mayor of Grants Pass, MD, Medical Examiner, Posse Deputy Sheriff and at one time president of the Oregon Medical Association!  He helped me a lot while I was in college in Japan.  One great guy and yes, of course, Norwegian.
Thanks Alexis!  Yep...I miss her every day!
Great photo! Were you wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars?
Such an elegant lady, Scott. (I think I had a pair of shoes just like yours.)
All I know is that my feet felt better back then! Ha!  Yep Greg, wasn't Converse the hip thing to wear then?  I was working at the Piece O Pizza on Reseda Blvd in town just around the corner and I bought them with my first paycheck!  Nice investment huh?  Better than my big brother who spent his first paycheck on moon hub caps for his car.  My mother was so mad at him!
Scott, I am happy to have a memory, of your mother living in Grants Pass, as I visited there in '73 And '86.......a beautiful area......although I'm sometimes haunted by the memory of a Travelodge waitress whom I thought was going to lock me up for passing a Canadian quarter when paying for a meal.
+22 votes

This is one of my favorite photos of my beautiful mother, Donna Grace (Howes) Whitten (1948-2014), holding me as an infant in 1971.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Thank you Chris for sharing such a precious photo. Your lovely young mother has such an adoring expression as she is looking at you.
Oh yeah...she loved you a lot Chris!  It is totally in the photo!  Thanks for sharing with us!
Your picture is so simple, yet so emotinally compelling.
Lovely, lovely photo, Chris.
+20 votes

This photo of my beautiful mother was taken in the summer of 1954 in Lafayette, Contra Costa, California, where we were living.

This was part of a series of pictures taken by my dad. My sister and I had been eating chocolate and crawling up and down the porch steps, all finished off with a big hug from Mom.

by Robin Shaules G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
What great times when we look back at our parents and how much they really cared for us..not too mention what they did for us!  Let the good times roll on Robin!
Thank you Robin for such a fun and sweet photo for the theme Mothers. What could be better than chocolate and a hug from your mother? Yes, your mother was certainly beautiful, and she has two beautiful daughters!
Yes, Scott, mothers do a lot for us and give up a lot -- where would we be without them? I miss mine.
Thank you , Alexis, for the sweet comment... from all three of us. My mother is gone, but I still have my wonderful sister.
Me too Robin!
What a happy face your mom has, Robin!
Thanks, Pip!

Adorable!  laugh

Thanks, John!
+17 votes

This is my favorite picture of my mom with me and my sisters.  My dad was getting ready to take a pic of us girls and my mom wanted in on the action so she ran and jumped into the photo just in time!  I'm the oldest, ignore that 80's hair!

by Nanette Rohrbaugh G2G6 Mach 1 (17.4k points)

Here ya go Nanette!

1980's photobomb!
That's right!  LOL!
My mom always tried to get in every picture, just like your mom, Nanette.
+16 votes

My mom, in 1967.  She was an art teacher, first in public junior high school, and later in a Catholic girls high school.


by Mark Weinheimer G2G6 Pilot (790k points)
Thank you Mark for sharing your photo of your lovely mother. My favorite teachers were my art teachers, and that is why I got a degree in art education. Wish I could have known her, bet we would have been great friends.
We need to concentrate more on the is good for everyone..those that make it like your mother..and those that take the time to appreciate it!  Thanks Mark!
I loved my art teachers, Mark. I know she had a following just like mine did.
What a beautiful profile!
+18 votes

Here is a picture taken in 1902, of my grandfather's mother Melanie with six of her seven children.

Happy Mother's Day!

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (158k points)

I really like this photo...especially the spacing between everyone...this way we can see everyone.  Your great grandmother literally had her hands full!  Happy Mother's Day Joyce!  Stop writing on your photos! lol

While on the subject of mothers, my mom likes to write the names on her pictures, and sometimes mine! I agree with Scott on this one. It kind of disturbs me, the writing on the picture. But it's your picture, so do what pleases you.
Thank you for fixing this picture, Scott. No, it was not I who wrote on it, but probably my mother or maybe my grandmother.  All the sisters looked alike--notice that she wrote Alice  and then corrected it to Irene.
I know that you didn't do that Joyce...just kidding you!  I have several that I have removed the names from.  In this day and age it doesn't really matter when you have software to fix them!  As I said, Happy Mother's Day!
Scott, do I can need special software to remove things like those names, or spots and scratches? Can I use Paint or Photos? Thanks for your help. And thanks for looking at and commenting on so many pictures every week.
I’m glad to see someone wrote the names on the photo, Scott. Wonder what year it was taken.

I am another who really appreciates having names on photos -- but on the back is better. I have so many photos with people I can't identify and no one left who can.

Pip: The baby in this picture is Paul Auger, born 4 November 1901, so most likely this picture is from 1902. But I have other pictures which someone has helpfully labelled incorrectly. I have two copies of same picture, Betsey and baby. One says "Betsey and Ira" ; other says "Betsey and Louella.". . . I have one labelled "great-grandma Coons," but no idea whose great-grandma she was. . . and more!
Joyce...I haven't used Paint for years so I can't remember what tools come with it.  If you have the software, look at the tools...most will have a ''repair'' tool and a ''clone tool''.  I use Pixelmator.  You can use Photoshop as well.  It is very easy once you get the hang of it..kinda like WikiTree!
Great-grandma Coons. Now that sounds like a WikiTree mystery if there ever was one. Let us know if you find out!
Heather Feuerhelm, I also like to know who's in the picture, I just cringe when the image is compromised,be it writing, sun fade, tears, moisture damage, whatever. I prefer the names on the back, but have seen some where a ball-point pen has left embossing artifacts on the front. Digital images are worse, i have so many that have been copied and edited that the information that was once in the "comments" field of the "properties" have disappeared.

Joyce Vander Bogart, please forgive me for hijacking your answer. You have a very interesting picture.

Pip: I posted the picture of Great-grandma Coons, but nobody claimed her. Do you recognize her?

Not at all. That would be a tough one to track down.
+17 votes

on certain days of rain is nice to think about the holidays of long ago (90s moms)

by Gio Ponzetta G2G6 Mach 1 (14.0k points)
Definitely Gio!  Thank goodness for photos!  Thanks for sharing!
Bio, it seems like the beach vacations were a favorite time to take photos. I have several of my mom at the beach.
The more I see this picture the more I like it. Just a simple candid shot, but sometimes those are the best! It reminds me of Summer vacations at the beach, both my own, and taking my kids. Good memories.
+16 votes


"Mothers in the Spring - 1943" My wife's great-grandmother, Jane (Click) Seal and her daughters, Jewell Johnson, Helen Seal, Jessie Trent, and Bobbie Gilbert. They are with the grandchildren, Juanita Seal, Anna Ray Seal, Barbara Seal, Clifford Seal (my wife's father), and Arlie Gilbert. They are standing in front of a 1938 Chevrolet parked in front of their wood-shingled log home in the mountains of East Tennessee.

by Bryan Lawson G2G6 Mach 1 (18.5k points)
Lots of Mothers!  Buy that car today Bryan for about 15K.  Thanks for posting the pic!
You said East Tennessee, Bryan, so I had to check. Yep, we’re cousins. Great photo!
'Mothers in the Spring' is almost mind boggling getting to know them......even though one of my daughters appears to be a cousin to Clifford......I find it easier to relate to them through 1930s daughter still rides in a '34 Chevy.
+8 votes

This is the only thread on the Internet where it's OKAY to get your moms involved. Here's mine:

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (545k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Photo, Chris?
It's there. You can't see it? Hang on....
There you go! Excellent. Love the smile.
I would hope so. She is married to a dentist.
+18 votes

If it's alright, I'd like to add two photos because they are interrelated. Both are four-generation photos with my mother as the central figure -- in the first photo, she is the youngest generation and in the second photo she is the oldest generation. I can say that these two photos represent seven generations of mothers because my granddaughter is now a mother herself.Four GenerationsFrom left to right are Elizabeth EmmonsAnna Hiltz MarstersMabel Marsters Winn Latham, and Mildred Winn Emmons.

Four GenerationsFrom left to right Heather Feuerhelm, Heather's Granddaughter, Elizabeth (named for her great-grandmother), Heather's mother, [[Emmons-1716 | Elizabeth Emmons Larlee]], and Heather's daughter, Rebecca.

by Heather Feuerhelm G2G1 (2.0k points)
Your mom never lost her looks and is beautiful as ever Heather!  Thanks for posting!
Thank you. Sadly, at the time of that second photo, she was already starting to suffer from dementia. That was around 1996 or so (I forget the exact date). She passed away in 2005 just after her 85th birthday.
What a great pair of photos, Heather. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two like this.
Thank you! Of all the photos in my collection, this pair of photos is one of my real treasures. And as someone pointed out on Facebook, all with the same mitochondrial DNA!
+19 votes

This is the only photo I have of my mother(Alta Cooksey Campbell) and me. She passed away shortly after this photo. At this young age my memories are few as well as photos. Growing up I was always envious of kids that had mothers, for they are very special indeed. 

by Deborah Campbell G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)
That is so true is not fair, I always felt the same about my dad as he left me when I was twelve...I remember Dad's Day in Junior new step-father took me and I was thinking about where my dad was.  Thanks for sharing this very important photo with all of us!
I was fortunate to have a wonderful Dad that raised me and a younger brother as well as 2 half siblings from her 1st marriage. I used to make my Dad attend Mother daughter events never thinking how awkward it was for him but he did it anyways.I always told my friends never to take their parents for granted because they only get that one chance.

I can assure you, Deborah.......having a family as you have shown and described.......your father would consider it an honour to attend mother daughter events with you. smiley

Deborah, I’m glad you have this photo. What a great hug.
Thank you everyone!
+14 votes

Doris, Mother-in-law with my 12 week old future husband, John Thompson.  

by Kathleen Thompson G2G5 (5.6k points)
edited by Kathleen Thompson
Really nice photo Kathleen...very focused... and cute!  Thanks for sharing it with us!
Kathleen, thanks for sharing this photo. Your husband was a beautiful baby. I love that you both are on WikiTree!
John and mom all bundled up. Must have been cold that day. Great photo, Kathleen.
Pip......I was there that day......14 Apr 1946 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada......says so on the back of the photo.
+16 votes

My father's first wife, Janet (McNab) Thompson and my brother Raymond, 1928 in Cheltenham, England.                    

by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
Thank you John for sharing such a fabulous photo of Janet and your brother. He is darling with his little tuft of hair standing up. Janet’s is dressed so beautifully, and I have never seen an upper arm bracelet. I love it and her hair.
A special feeling for every new hold the little one that they carried around for nine months.  I can't imagine her joy...and relief!  Thanks John!

Thankyou, Alexis and Scott.......and, I am happy to announce my mother-in-law Margaret (Swenson) Wagner is having her 94th birthday today. smiley                                                                                      2+2=4 for 94 years wink                                  

Ah, the look on her face! Just lovely.
Two thumbs up for Margaret!  Happy Birthday to YOU!
Oh my goodness! What an iconic portrait of motherhood. Simply breathtaking! This belongs in a gallery somewhere. Actually brought a tear to my eye. Simply beautiful!

Thankyou, Lori, for your lovely comment.smiley

+15 votes

I've always loved this photo of my mother Suzanne and her mother Margaret "Babs" McMurray.  I never had the chance to know my grandmother,  but my mother was just as great about hugs and snuggles when I was growing up; a very happy family trait to pass along down the generations.

by Betsy Ko G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
The connection between mother and daughter is a special one as it was for my sister and my mom...and for my mom and her mom too!  Something very valuable in life to be passed down.  Your family certainly has it!  Thanks Betsy!
Hugs are the best! Your grandma shared them well, as this photo proves.

Scott and Pip: Thanks for your nice comments.  I always love getting that notification that I have a comment on my photo.smiley

+13 votes

This is a photo of my great great grandmother, Sally Marsden Page Cole (Sarah) taken in 1895 in Port Ontario, New York, when she was 85 years old. Since I am her namesake (by fortunate accident), she is a special mother among the "mothers on my tree". She was born in 1810 and died at 96. She married my great grandfather and had two children, the youngest an infant, when he died in 1842. She remarried about three years later to Lucius Cole, hence the title "Grandma Cole" written on the picture by my grandmother. I picture her as a very strong woman to live such a long life with all the trials that a long life in the 1800s implied. She looks pretty stern, but who knows if that is temprament or physical discomfort.

by s Davenport G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)
A grand old photo Davenport to have in the family.  We are fortunate to have these family photos...some of which we never had a chance to meet in life!  With regard to the physical discomfort...I would be too if I had to hold my left arm up in the air all that time!  Thanks for sharing!
What a great treasure of a photo, s.

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