Can the greeter activity in our genealogy and family feeds pleased be removed?

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The amount of greeter activity in our family and genealogy feeds makes it hard to see any other activity. (This will only pertain to greeters family and genealogy feeds)
in WikiTree Tech by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
I know what you mean Michelle! I have to search for ages to find anything besides it.
I agree Michelle.  Mags

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Hi Michelle,

10 votes and Matty and Mags agreeing with you ... but I'm lost. :-)

You mean your own edits? You say Family Activity Feed and Wiki Genealogy Feed, but your Wiki Genealogy Feed should just be tags you're following. What exactly do you want to remove?

I'm afraid that regardless of the above, the answer will be no.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
See below link for xample of what shows in the family feed. Obviously these are not family related. They are greeter related.
Ah, I see. It's because the Greeter's Schedule is on your Watchlist. I don't see an easy way around this. :-(
I am a greeter and I don't get that feed because I removed myself from the trusted list on the schedule. I am not certain if this will help your situation.
Maybe use an e-mail list for this Greeter communication instead of the free-space profile?
All 7 Ranger days show in the family feed as well.
Maybe it would be better to set up Google Group e-mail lists for all of these.
It's a "catch 22" really.  The communications works well for the group - but the feeds get overwhlemed with the info.  I am not sure how many of the Greeters would be interested in adding a Google account.  I personally only open my google accounts occasionally while my regular email stays open all the time. I do know we have an Anti-Google person in the Mentors project.


I vote for NOT having a Google Group.

I am on the fence about a Google group myself as well.
To be clear, I wasn't suggesting a Google+ Community. A Google Group is really just an e-mail list. Messages come via regular e-mail. You don't need a Google account. The Ranger Leaders have one.
I would like to weigh in and say that I think a Google group would be an awesome way for the greeters to communicate. In addition to clearing the "clutter" from our feeds, it would also be a lot easier to follow along with the threads of our conversations and catch up on what happens when you're away.

And because of how it's structured, there would be an ongoing "archive" that we could reference when we have a question about something.

If you're not familiar with Google groups, it's structured like a forum -- similar to G2G -- but we would have the capability to keep it amongst only the greeters, so if there was a sensitive topic we needed to discuss, it could be done in private.

Just my opinion. :-)


ETA: I also meant to mention that there are a variety of ways to set up a Google group -- there's an email list, like Chris mentioned, but you can also set it up as a forum format or a Q&A format -- both of those allow email updates in addition to a web interface.  There's also something called a "collaborative inbox," but I'm not familiar with how that works.
I just remembered we already have a Google Group - WikiGreeters :)
We do? I've been a greeter since 2013 & never heard of it. I did a search of the groups and found no WikiGreeters. Do you have a link to the group?
Thanks, Maryann! I just tracked it down and applied for membership. If anyone needs the link, let me know. I didn't really want to post it here because it's a private group.

Hi Michelle, there are quite a few greeters who aren't on the membership list, you need to email

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