What can we currently do with our autosomal DNA results?

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I've been playing with the autosomal DNA matching in GEDmatch and shared ancestry in WikiTree.

See the bottom left of my profile at http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Roberts-7085

On Chr 4 where Collins-5366 and Lowe-3478 are in bold.  Those two and I share the same segment and most importantly those two also match EACH OTHER on that segment.  On the same line as Lowe-3478 click on -><-   In the new page in the field for Advanced filter - enter: Collins-5366   Then click FILTER.  Then select the down arrow to see the ancestral couple all three of us share.  Click on one of them to see our ancestral lines back to that ancestor. 
The important take away is that anyone else who matches all of us on that segment also has that ancestral couple (or less likely an ancestor of the ancestral couple) somewhere in their ancestral tree - even if their paper genealogy is incomplete.
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I love these 'tools' you come up with!  Once I have some time, I'll get with you and see what I can come up with!  This will be fabulous to be able to show what I determine through use of Genome Mate and triangulating matches...  Thanks so much!
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (413k points)
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Just tonight I added a link to http://dna-explained.com/2013/11/04/wikitree-and-dna/ on my 23andme profile page, and I'll start adding it to the messages I send out to all my matches.

People don't seem to be able to find people on the tree I have at Rootsweb, even though it is public unlike the Ancestry trees are to non-Ancestry members. I'm hoping that we can all collaborate here instead.

When I contact all those gedmatch matches I'll mention the Wikitree link as well. I think we can get a lot of new people helping one another out here, with the help of the experienced Wikitree contributors.

Now to get to work cleaning up my newly-imported gedcom.
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I like where this is going Peter.  I am away, just wish I had a computer and better internet to have a play!  I have been putting notes on my profile showing the connections on my profile and directing them to the shared ancestor.  Your method seems like a great way to use the Wikitree DNA project members info and gedmatch data.  Trouble is getting all our matches to put their info on gedmatch and Wikitree!  I see I can now do this and notice that the issue of maiden name comes up again, it would be better to see the LNAB in the trail.  Are you envisaging the info you have on your profile being something that could be developed into some type of table we could all use as a seperate link from the DNA page?  Wish there was a way to know if a match on gedmatch was on Wikitree!  The Wikitree project shows them in kit order number, I suppose that can be compared as most companies just have the letter added at the front (ie ftdna f).  Only 337 members so far, somehow we need to increase that number!
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Using matches in GEDmatch, I invited each of them to join WikiTree and I let them know that if they gave me permission, I would add their ancestry and GEDmatch ID to WikiTree on their behalf.  

The Relationship Finder would really benefit from having maiden names included (or just LNAB).

I am envisaging a table of sorts and / or graphic(s) showing matching and overlapping segments in start position order something like  


Please describe more about "Some type of table we could all use as a separate link from the DNA page"

I second the need to make an easy link between GEDmatch IDs and WikiTree IDs.  There was a good discussion in G2G about showing GEDmatch IDs for persons with the same surname. The outcome was a feature showing which DNA tests persons with the same surname have taken (which is not the same as showing GEDmatch IDs). 

I keep thinking that if GEDmatch simply allowed users to enter their WikITree ID ... Maybe Wikitree users could enter their WikiTree ID in the mtDNA haplogroup field? (-;  Or if GEDmatch allowed easy copying and pasting of GEDmatch IDs for a Triangulated Group, then once pasted into WikiTree it might be possible for WIkiTree to automatically associate GEDmatch IDs with any shared ancestry.  And also report GEDmatch IDs that are not associated with a WikiTree ID so they can be asked to join WikiTree.

Where do you find 337 members?

Many thanks, Peter 

Hello again Peter

i agree that adding the data ourselves to wikitree is the next best thing.  I have been doing something similar with my FTDNA confirmed matches.  Getting permission and adding the info.  I haven't any success yet with my gedmatches, lots of tantalising leads though!  I think my problem is I don't have enough US ancestry!!

I have also been using categories to house the Wikitree profiles of what I am calling 'ancestors of interest' attached to my WikiID/kit ID. These are where I find a possible match on someones FTDNA tree but it's not confirmed.

Regards the chart you have developed it looks good.  I assume Betty is the tester (ie you or me) and the other names would be confirmed matches on Wikitree (or perhaps   These are all Betty's c08 confirmed matches) I would think each of us would have to pull this data from our own resources.  I was thinking that Wikitree might provide some type of interface to ensure the entry and published format was consistent and tables looked the same.  Would this be too complex?  

What you have on your own profile is more like a summary.  I was initially thinking that would be the type of info on a new page. When I say that I mean another page from the DNA tests area, perhaps like the DNA confirmation page, this one for the autosomal results. I am suggesting another page as it would be too much info for the bio page or thee a tests page.  The difficulty would be to keep it simple enough for wikitree users to be able to populate.  A link to the profile of the MRCA might be good from there as well if you went with the summary page.  I'm not sure how wikitree could populate it, seems more user driven which is why I was thinking of getting some consistent user-interface.

The new DNA surname list on Wikitree is a great start, only one click to a gedID but this is most useful when searching for new leads for profiles/testers you might find when doing research.  When you find someone on gedmatch you need to know if they are on Wikitree.  You don't often know their surname.  Perhaps it's too complex but maybe a search facility for IDs?  Although I suppose the free text field in the find menu might work.

I suppose I can understand gedmatch preferring we usetheir gedcom facility, than letting us link. Pasting the ids somehow is a good idea.

I think it's probably best if the wikitree dna project gets notified when someone joins.and a prompt could be given (as it already does) to encourage them to add the datato gedmatch and put Ids on Wikitree.  It's probably double handing to have to manually add the ged id back onto the DNA project table but it would be ideal if it showed there too. I was thinking the project could be the place to try and align things but perhaps that is just limiting it to ftdna testers.

I got the number from the wikitree FTDNA project page.  It was on the top left corner.  On the 'about' or 'home' page I think.


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