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Hi everyone,

Let's review the proper use of stickers for the American Revolutionary War.  This is the {{1776 Sticker}}
If you are working on American Revolution soldiers, the proper sticker is {{1776 Sticker}} and it has only three parameters
{{1776 Sticker
Unit needs to be the exact category name. The sticker does not add the war, so you have to type in the entire thing. Example: unit=Patriotic Service, Massachusetts, American Revolution or unit=1st Battalion, Westmoreland Militia, American Revolution
No other parameters should be added, and you should stop using {{1776}} sticker completely. 
If you know the person served and there is no unit category created, learn how to create and/or ask 1776 leader for advice.  It might be fine to just add the state militia category or the state line category (militia vs. regular army) JUST ASK someone for help. Do not just add {{1776 Sticker}} because it will place the profile in the top level category for American Revolution. You should, at the very least, pick a side the person fought for. There is: Category: Great Britain, American Revolution and Category: United States of America, American Revolution, which are more specific than just Category:American Revolution.
The previously used sticker is still "out there" on many profiles and there are many related suggestions. It's going to take awhile to clean those, but let's not add to this list by using the wrong sticker.
Thanks for your help! 
in The Tree House by Natalie Trott G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

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Thanks for the information Natalie. For the 19 Acadians who served under Colonel Eddy in the Battle of Fort Cumberland and who were part of a contingent called Company of Frenchmen, is it preferable to use the name of the Company as unit, or Nova Scotia Militia, or something else? Here is one of them:

by Gisèle Cormier G2G6 Mach 4 (47.7k points)
I have a lot of profiles in the Battle of Cumberland category and I just spot checked them.  They're all over the place.  I'd say we have a lot of work to do.  I see several Loyalist participants and rebel participants with the same unit, Nova Scotia Militia.

Not sure about that one Gisèle, but you probably use the company. [[Category: Company of Frenchmen]] We don't use companies for the US Civil War, World War I, and WWII, etc but I've seen them used for American Revolution.

I would think that Nova Scotia Militia should be used for the forces loyal to the crown unless they can be identified with a specific unit.  The Eddy rebels probably need a new group.
Thanks for the edits on the profiles and Space page, Stu. I removed the Nova Scotia Militia  flag on the sticker. and put the one with the liberty bells.

So if we use {{1776 Sticker|unit=Company of Frenchmen|image=cooper-1.jpg|rank=XXX}} for the Company of Frenchmen, it won't cause any problems?
That part seems to work well.  I've created a category fo LCol Goreham and any other garrison troops that show up.  The Nova Scotia Militia has just a few key people left that all actually belong there.  Most of the other belegerants are either in the battle category or the Nova Scotia category.  I originally envisioned the Nova Scotia category as an umbrella category for the Nova Scotia Theatre. I may create a separate one.  Most of the other battles or engagements of the NS theatre were very small, a skirmish or a couple boats at most and 1 conviction of Sedition.  However, almost everyone had to make a choice.  So we need a place to accommodate them.

The leader of the siege of Fort Cumberland, colonel Eddy, needs a sticker! smiley

If nothing else, he founded Eddington.

I didn’t know that. Cool!
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Ok Question? I have not added a Sticker to Sargent-4666

What I have added to his Bio is 

*Military Service

Eliphalet Sargent 19 Apr 1775

Military Rank Private

Military Regiment Massachusetts, Capt Matthias Hoyt's Co Of Minute-Men, 

With the following Ref

<ref>"United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( 1 March 2021), Eliphalet Sargent, 19 Apr 1775; citing Military Service, Citing various published state rosters, United States; FHL microfilm 101711090.</ref>

<ref>"Massachusetts, Revolutionary War, Index Cards to Muster Rolls, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( 19 February 2021), Eliphalet Sargent, 1 Jul 1775; citing Military Service, Massachusetts, United States, Massachusetts State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm .</ref>

so the sticker should look like this?

{{1776 Sticker

|unit=Massachusetts, Capt Matthias Hoyt's Co Of Minute-Men, 



is that Correct or should the |Unit= go under the |image=

??? cause that is the way it was in the old sticker?

Is there a way we can get a report of the profiles we manage that have the old stickers that need to be corrected. I ask because I think I have added this stick some 20 or so times.

by Jeff Michaelsen G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)
The order doesn't really matter as long as just those 3 parameters are used and the unit= is correctly named. Have you checked for the unit or researched it?
Hello Natalie,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I did do the research and I included the Citations. Are the cItations not good enough?

I'm not adept enough at wikitree+ to figure out how to search for profiles in my (or anyone's) watchlist that have a certain word or phrase, but here's a link that searches for a key word (1776) by template DBE. However, it doesn't appear that the 1776 template has been noted as being out of use, so it doesn't show up in DBE 844 reports. I asked on if it could be added.

I also edited the documentation page for the 1776 template so that the link for profiles using the template is there - Pages using the template - but there are thousands. When I've tried to use "Pages using the template" with other templates to find profiles on the list that I manage, the best I can figure is to look at profiles that show I've viewed them before (this only works if you can distinguish between the green "unvisited" ones and the black links that you have visited & if you're at a computer that remembers where you've been before).

I also tried a Google search but only got a few hits of profiles with your surname & the word revolution & none were profiles managed by you that were using the 1776 template.

Hello Liz,

I think I know how I can find the profile I manage that have that sticker. I think I will make a text list just to keep track of them.


ooh - if your way works & others (like me :D) could use it, please share!

I heard back from Data Doctors, and having it made a DBE 844 suggestion isn't doable.
Hey Liz,

      I hate to tell you this but I track most of them thru my Tree and then cross over to Wikitree. Like you, I have not figured out a way to search them in Wikitree. I have been building a separate file to document them, that I add new ones.


Jeff M
Oh well. No harm in asking :D

I have under 2000 profiles on my watchlist, so I think I'll sort them by date and check the ones who were living 1773-1789 (the timeframe for the 1776 Sticker template). Beats trying to go through the many thousands of profiles using the template.

don't know if the old template feeds this category or not, but I found two profiles from my watchlist on the category created when the unit you enter doesn't already have a category (Category:1776_Project Needs Sticker Category Review).

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HOW does one attach the 1776 sticker?
by Sandy Morrey G2G2 (2.7k points)

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