Can you give a little bit of help to the Holocaust Project?

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There are only 29 profiles in the Holocaust project that need a helping hand right now.

Most of these already have biographies, but with no valid sources.  They are all in the same family, so each source found is likely to fill in holes in more than one profile.

A very few have no information at all.

Please select one (or more) from the Holocaust Profile Maintenance category at:

It won't take too many volunteers too much time to clear this list and it will also provide proper honor to these people.

Thank you so very, very much!

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (926k points)
I tried helping one, but found nothing googling or Ancestry. I made a section

==Unsuccessful Research Notes == and left it in the category. Of course if I found nothing for him, his wife and children are likely to come up empty also.

And Shaibowitz-3 is closed.
THANX, Anne.

I added Shaibowitz-3 to our list of needing a project member added to the trusted list.

Unfortumately, I have found google nearly useless for Holocaust victims - they died long before the advent of the internet, so unless they did something notable during their lives, there's nothing about them on the internet.  Family Search is almost as useless - I suspect that birth/marriage/census/whatever records for Jews were not kept in Germany before World War II and they weren't alive after it.  Ancestry might have some in the family trees there - I'm not a member, so I don't look there at all - but, even so, it's not likely to be sourced information that is useful for us.

For survivors, Family Search can sometimes help find immigration records, but the only infromation I've been able to find for victims is in databases of holocaust victims on sites like Yad Vashem and in private family databases that are online..
Gaile --

I just added some information for Bartenstein-1 (I can add info to his family in a few mins) -- should I be removing the Holocaust Profile Maintenance category after editing? I added his birthdate/place & date of death/place as well as the category for the camp where he and his family died.

I also contacted the owner of the website where I found the information to see if they have a primary source, but I can't tell if the message went through. I got an error when I sent it through their contact link.

Thank you so much!  I'll turn that information into a narrative, but the profile still needs to be in maintenance.  Any information is a whole lot better than no information, but what you found still needs a source.

You're an absolute magician to have found that!  I'm going to add that website to our list of references on the project page.
Gaile --

I've tried two different contact links to see if I can get a primary source, but it seems like the contact has been shut off. :-(

The author of the website does have a list of sources, but none of them seem to reference the Bartenstein surname. Here's a link to his sources:

Maybe those will help with research on some of the other profiles.

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You might want to try JewishGen at There is a specific Holocaust database which includes both victims and survivors. Registration is free, and searches in their data bases are free - and you even get to see the results. There are also links to other Jewish and Holocaust related sites. 

by Robin Kabrich G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)
edited by Robin Kabrich

I also just found a searchable  The Memorial Book of the Federal Archives for the Victims of the Persecution of Jews in Germany (1933 - 1945) (Gedenkbuch)published by Das Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives of German) that also has information on researching various periods of German history, including the Holocaust. 

I found a record for Gela Moses (Fröhling-6) in the Memorial Book and added it as a source for that profile.

Also, consider this when researching - I discovered that German families often use a person's middle name, and some records have middle name listed but not the first name (that's how I found my paternal grandfather) so you might want to do a search using first name, and another search using middle name. 


Thank you so much for these two new valuable sources, which I will add to the Holocaust project page - we're accumulating links to sites with reference material there ... by all means, feel free to add any good places to find sources there!

A very big THANK YOU for finding the source and making the changes in two of the maintenance listed profiles - they will now come off that list, plus you found enough that we can create a profile for one child - I'll still leave the note about the other, but based on what you found, I suspect that there isn't a second one.
Oh, I created the profile for Alexander already. I can add you to the trusted list and let you take over, if you'd like. I don't think there was a "first child," as Alexander was born in 1936. I also found Gela's husband, Adolf Abraham Moses, and made the appropriate changes and citations for that one, too. It was quite an interesting jaunt into a different area of research for me!
As long as it's open, I don't need to be on the trusted list.  Sorry - I had not seen that you did that.  I can now change the notes section in the parents' profiles to put the link to Alexander in the narrative and remove the note about him.  I'll leave the note about the other child but change it to make it more indefinite.  I had not added either child before because I didn't have a birth date for Alexander and didn't have a name for the other one.  Maybe they were twins ... maybe the other one died soon after brith, instead of in the Holocaust .... I'll leave it as a mystery.

Thanks again!
I had not considered that they might have been twins. The only record I found of someone near that age with that surname went to a different "camp," and I'm pretty sure the family would have gone together. I'm betting it was eitehr a mixup or a child who died young. I figured since I found the record and was working on them, I would go ahead and add Alexander. It was an interesting search, and perhaps I will take a crack at another one . . . still trying to straighten out my OWN family! LOL
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Gail, the profiles aren't open for editing.
by Nan Starjak G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

THANX for looking!  The maintenance category page is used to accumulate a list of profiles that we need to get a project member added to the trusted list, but if you scroll down to where the profiles in the category are, you'll see the ones that are open and ready for improvement.


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