PGM profile(s) with multiple questions.

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Puritan Great Migration Project  This set of profiles have multiple issues, and I thought maybe it would be helpful to bring this to the WikiTree community for some input and decisions.

We have John Compton-136, a Puritan Great Migration Project profile, who was profiled by Robert Charles Anderson, and a duplicate, John Compton-1411.

1) Merge the two profiles?

2) What to do with the parents shown on Compton-136?  Anderson says John Compton's origin is unknown.

3) Both profiles show wife's maiden name as "Susannah A. Freeman."  According to Anderson, wife's name was Susannah _____ .

4) What to do with the extra children?  Anderson identifies only one known child, Abiagail. Both profiles contain three extra children.  Multiple unsourced websites identify these extra children (and others).

5) What to do with the unsourced data?

6) What to do with the Cut & Paste?

Sources listed on Compton-136:

1) Anderson, Robert Charles, et al., [ John Compton] ''Great Migration 1634-1635, C-F.'' Pages 170-71 (Online database accessed February 1, 2015. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.)

WikiTree profile: John Compton
in Genealogy Help by Cynthia B G2G6 Pilot (127k points)

PLEASE - do NOT touch the Pikes! I'm working my way through those bio's to clean them up. I think we got all the relatives straight at the beginning of PGM. And they were a pain, having been fruitful and multiplied! smiley

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Thanks for the question, Cynthia.

The policy we follow on PGM is this:

  1. Create a == Disputed Origins [/Spouses] == section and put the info there, including links to the unproven or even disproven parents / spouses
  2. Detach unproven/disproven parents and/or spouses. In the case where you've got dupes of a spouse (tpyically female) and Anderson says her last name is Unknown, merge into the Unknown profile. 
  3. For children, I typically create a == Children == section and list there (with # as a prefix to get a numbered list) only those who are documented. Then underneath that #'d list, I add notes along the lines of: The above are the only documented children of X and Y. The following children have been claimed by others, without citation (or citing whatever it is they cite). List the disputed children, linking to their profiles but remove them as children from the couple. 

UNLESS there has been research published SINCE Anderson that says otherwise (on eithe parents or spousal maiden name.

Find-a-Grave doesn't come CLOSE to trumping Anderson.

Let me get back to you on the "cut-and-paste"

-- Jillaine

co-leader, PGM project

by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (757k points)
The vast swathes of text in the second half of the narrative need cleaning up and organizing into sections; looks like there's probate information in there; I'd create a section called == Last Will & Testament == and put highlights from the will there; don't necessarily need to put the entire text. I make it easier to read by placing each bequest behind a * (bullet).

And of course, cite cite cite.
Thank you, Jillaine.  Very helpful.

I am willing to paraphrase the unsourced cut & paste.  Most of it is included in ''Great Migration'' by Anderson, and I have no problem with that.

I wonder whether I should paraphrase and include the information about the Bigge wills (John Compton did not leave a will).  The probate information actually applies to members of the Bigg/Bigge family in an effort to prove the Bigg family was related to (and even that a Bigg was the mother of?) John Compton.  Compton-1411 contains this, "Analysis of the wills by a contributor to the New England Historical Genealogical Society said that the Bigg¹s and Compton¹s are related." (without any other source information).  I will see what I can find on this, and would like to  1) read for myself, 2) find the source(s)  OK with you?

In addition, I hope the managers of these two profiles will feel comfortable writing something in answer, or comments, to this question.
To make sure they know this g2g post is here, post a message on the pertinent profile(s). They will not receive notification of g2g questions linked to the profile they manage unless they read their feed emails.
I have no idea why I didn't add the source of my information in 1411 profile.  I will try to backtrack.

I did initiate the merge of Compton 1411 (mine) and 136.
Thank you, Kern!  You're great to work with!

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