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I have created a couple ideas for a sticker for Germans from Russia.  I'd appreciate feedback/comments. We are anxious to have a sticker to use. We would love to see additional ideas/artwork. I could only generate two!!!

Please see this page:
closed with the note: The images are generated, it is time to chose one.
in Genealogy Help by Carrie Lippincott G2G6 Mach 3 (31.5k points)
closed by Carrie Lippincott

I like the third one the best -- German Flag with Black Sea Outline.  I'm not skilled at this sort of think so I can't come up with any sticker ideas of my own.  Thanks for you work with the Black Sea Germans Project!  

Off Topic Question: have any Bessarabia Dietrichs done DNA testing? Are there any male Bessarabia Dietrich descendants that might be willing to do Y-DNA testing?  Have you seen the Dietrich Name Studay?

You can see on the Dietrich Name Study, DNA page, our Grossliebental District, Odessa Dietrichs are represented with YDA haplogroup E-M35.


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 Hi Carrie,

I'm posting all the coats of arms and flags I found for German ethnic groups on your work page (just to find ideas; the ones you already know or don't need, just delete again).

I could identify the following ethnic groups altogether:

Germans in Russia (Russlanddeutsche); e.g.

  • Black Sea Germans (Schwarzmeerdeutsche)

  • Bessarabia Germans (Bessarabiendeutsche)

  • Crimea Germans (Krimdeutsche)

  • Dobrujan Germans (Dobrudschadeutsche)

  • Russian Mennonites (Russlandmennoniten )

  • Volga Germans (Wolgadeutsche)

  • Volhynian Germans (Wolhyniendeutsche)

  • Caucasus Germans (Kaukasiendeutsche)

  • Sibirian Germans (Sibiriendeutsche)

  • Vistula Germans (Weichseldeutsche)

  • Baltic Germans (Deutschbalten)

  • Kazakhstan Germans (Kasachstandeutsche)

  • Kyrgyzstan Germans (Kirgisistandeutsche)

Other German ethnic groups:

  • Carpathian Germans (Karpartendeutsche)

  • Gottscheers (Gottscheer)

  • Transylvanian Saxons (Siebenbürger Sachsen)

  • Germans in Bulgaria (Bulgariendeutsche)

  • Banater Berglanddeutsche

  • Banat Swabians (Banater Schwaben)

  • Galician Germans (Galiziendeutsche)

  • Bukovina Germans (Bukowinadeutsche or Buchenlanddeutsche)

  • German Bohemians (Deutschböhmen und Deutschmährer, later Sudetendeutsche)

  • Walddeutsche or Taubdeutsche

  • Germans in Finland (Finlanddeutsche)

  • Danube Swabians (Donauschwaben) 

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (3.1m points)
Thank you Dieter, how you locate things up, amazes me.  I was looking all over the place for flags for the Black Sea Germans without much luck, and presto, look at all you find!!! I'm shaking my head in amazement! Thank you! We have more choices than I was aware of!


I'm late to the party on this.  I am wondering if there are other stickers that I can/should be using.  My focus is mostly Russian Mennonites (Russlandmennoniten ) but I have been told in the past to use Black Sea German for some of them. 

Is there a sticker/category for Russian Mennonites (Russlandmennoniten ) other than the [[Mennonites]] category?

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I like the wheat pic. Probably not by itself, but if it could be incorporated into something along with the blue visual of the black sea (with no outline).
by Brent Goodman G2G Crew (630 points)

Hi Brent,   I like it too, but I feel this image is already taken by the Volga project.  See the sticker on their page:

Oh, that is too funny. My wife was the one who drew my attention to the wheat pic and here she's the one with all the Volga germans in her heritage.

Oops!!  That is funny. She's more focused on the genealogy than the sticker. smiley

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Of all the choices (as of today, 6/21/2021), I like the unofficial Black Sea Germans flag option.
by Caroline Verworn G2G6 Mach 8 (90.0k points)

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