Time to Vote For the Black Sea Germans Sticker

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We have gathered 5 possible images for us to use as the sticker for the Black Sea Germans.  Thank you to Dieter Lewerenz and Melanie Paul for your help!

Please take a look at the images of the Black Sea Working Page and answer this post telling us which image you think should be used.  

The vote is on, may the best image win!!
in The Tree House by Carrie Lippincott G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)
retagged by Kylie Haese

For those who don't want to click to the space page -

 Choice 1 - Black Sea - Black Outline 

 Choice 2 - Black Sea - White Outline - Larger Black Sea Image

 Choice 3 - Black Sea superimposed on the 1867 to 1918 German Empire Flag

 Choice 4 - Unofficial flag of the Russian Germans

 Choice 5 - Unofficial flag of the black Sea Germans (Planer Kolonien)

(edited to add the explanation for each flag)

I like 5 and 2 the best.

24 Answers

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I like choice 5 image! :-) Great job guys. Well done!
by Kylie Haese G2G6 Mach 8 (80.4k points)
+7 votes
I vote for No. 5
by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
+9 votes

I like the  Black Sea of 2 smiley

by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
edited by Maggie N.
+9 votes
My vote (if eligible) is for #5. It will look best on a sticker in my opinion. While the flags with the little Black Sea outline in the center look great full size, the Sea will look like a little blob in a sticker according to me.
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (702k points)

The images I offered were based on the existing one on the space page.

Given my druthers, I'd have done it more like this one:


(edit: updated image)

Melanie, I added the new image with the others for comparison.
+8 votes
First choice No. 5

Second would be 4.
by Danny Gutknecht G2G6 Mach 5 (53.4k points)
+8 votes
My choice would be No. 2, with the larger Black Sea image.  I think it would have better recognition with a wider audience people than No. 5.
by Carrie Lippincott G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)
I agree with Carrie. I changed my mind. #2
I changed your vote, Maggie. Thanks for letting me know!
+5 votes
For the people who have already voted, for your information, Melanie improved image #2, if you'd like to take a look.
by Carrie Lippincott G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)
+6 votes
I like 4 or 5
by Traci Thiessen G2G6 Pilot (277k points)
+6 votes
Thank you for doing this Carrie! I like 2 and 5. If it is small like a sticker we won't really see the crest so much on 5. If that is case then I vote 2.
by Koreen Goodman G2G6 (8.6k points)

Sticker sized -- 

Melanie, would you also add a sticker sized image of No. 2 for people to compare? Or is the sticker of No. 2, the size of the small image to the right of image posted above?
The one above is updated to the better colours version; and, yes, the smaller image is sticker size.
Carrie -- I went and messed with your page, but just a little.  (I was good, I promise!)

I added "thumbnail" (sticker size) images beside the larger versions.
I think 2 as it focuses on the Black Sea. Brent also gives thumbs up :-) Thank you Melanie for all your work! Wow. Would be neat to have more info on the unofficial flag background. I could not find anything online.

This is the unofficial flag of the whole community of the Germans in Russia (Russlanddeutsche).


The Eagle
The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, the Russian Empire and the Orthodox Byzantine Empire use the double-headed eagle as their heraldic animal
The double-headed eagle was also used on the flag of the German Confederation

From the point of view that the Russian Germans lived among the Germans, as well as among the Russians, the double-headed eagle corresponds to both traditions.
Progressively interpreted, it ideally symbolizes the people of the Russian Germans through the two heads.
One of its heads shows the German spirit, while the other reflects the Russian soul. 

The colors
Colors black , yellow (gold) and white (silver):
1. the combination of the colors black and gold are characteristic of the German people. As the colors of the Habsburgs in Austria, as well as on ultimately in the German national colors. Among other things, the colors found their way into many German flags/coats of arms (Holy Roman Empire, German Confederation, Weimar Republic, etc.);
2. in the Russian Empire, the colors black and gold also became a symbol of the Russians. To this day Russian patriots use these colors and the flag of the Russian Empire (black-gold-silver) to refer to the tradition.
3. the combination of the colors black and white points to Prussia, where many ancestors of the Russian Germans originally came from.

Further characterization of the Russian-German people by the colors:
1. black - soil, strength, hardness, steadfastness, past;
2. gold - sun / Christ, wealth, sublimity, future;
3. white - purity, loyalty, peace, perfection, present.

The ears of corn
Is the symbol of the new beginning of the Russian Germans on arrival in Russia. Coined by hardworking peasants in the Russian Empire; Symbol of hard work, diligence and success.

The three wolves
The three golden wolves on the eagle's shield symbolize three character traits:

    - Strength in all areas
    - body, mind
    - soul.

And this unofficial flag of the Russian Germans was changed for Black Sea Germans by changing two diagonally opposite white fields to black and blue for the Black Sea.
Thank you Dieter! So interesting to know and reflects the adversity of our ancestors. Thank you for the background.
Melanie, you can "mess" with our pages all you want. Your help is very appreciated and wonderful!
+6 votes
I like Image #2 and image #5 the best.  Then again, I like colour!!  

If I had to choose just one, I believe I would go with #2.
by Brad Cunningham G2G6 Pilot (151k points)
+7 votes
I like image #2
by Brent Goodman G2G Crew (570 points)
+7 votes
If I have the right to vote: I like numbers 4 and 5
by Friedemann Kiedaisch G2G6 Mach 3 (30.9k points)
+8 votes
I vote #5.  

I'm not a fan of the superimposed "sea on flag" choices.  Honestly, I was hoping we would get something with a similar symbolic nature as the Volga Germans sticker.  

Question: What is the significance of the grain on the black/white/gold flag?  Is there a similar image that would resonate with the Black Sea Germans?

Sorry, I know this is strictly for a vote... and not more ideas.  Hehehe.

I think #5 is just more fun.  So, that's my vote.  :)
by Caroline Verworn G2G6 Mach 7 (72.9k points)

Hi C., I honesty could not find anything....the only thing I could come up was the Black Sea itself.  

Borrowing from Dieter's answer: 

The ears of corn
Is the symbol of the new beginning of the Russian Germans on arrival in Russia. Coined by hardworking peasants in the Russian Empire; Symbol of hard work, diligence and success.

Yea, I'm by means no expert.  The GfR folk are my husbands peeps.  But, I've enjoyed learning as I work on his tree.  When the German project was getting member responses, to see if folks still wanted in, I had asked about a BSG sticker.  
I think I had been working on some of my hubs profiles, and had wanted to tag them as such, but I could only ever find Volga German tags or stickers.  So, I mentioned it would be great to get a Black Sea tag/sticker too.
V. I'm pretty excited to be getting a sticker for the Black Sea Germans. Thanks for asking.  We're making it happen!
+8 votes
I like number 5. It would show better in a sticker.
by Rebecca Morris G2G6 (7.2k points)
+4 votes
Melanie added sticker size images to the Black Sea Working page, if anyone would like to look at them.
by Carrie Lippincott G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)
+6 votes
I concur with the others. I vote for #5. Whoever developed  all of these did a great job; however, I think #5 is attractive and compelling.

Thank you, Dieter and Melanie!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (781k points)
It as a team effort between Melanie, Dieter and myself. Thank you for the compliment. I'm looking forward to having a sticker!!
+5 votes
Number 5 has my vote with 4 being a very close 2nd.
by Living Wall G2G6 Mach 1 (14.2k points)
+5 votes
I like 4 and 5, myself!
by Spencer Kaul G2G Crew (670 points)
+4 votes
Ooooh, tough decision!

1st choice 5. 2nd choice 2.
by Sandi Metzger G2G Crew (320 points)
+4 votes
5. Is alive
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (729k points)

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