How does one undelete/unhide an apparently hidden/deleted 'answer' to/'comment' on an already posted 'question' ? [closed]

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closed with the note: Nonidentical duplicate of another question, both of them received replies, and question has been answered.
in WikiTree Help by Phil Grace G2G6 Mach 1 (15.5k points)
reshown by Ellen Smith
Ellen: Hello and many thanks for amending the 'tag'.

However, I'm not so thankful for the question being closed, as it may prevent me from getting real answers to a very specific question I have asked.

To avoid my making similar 'errors' in future, would you please explain what you mean by your expression "nonidentical duplicate".

Many thanks, kind regards.
Hi, Phil --

Is this in regards to this question?

If so, I just responded to you there.

Phil, first you posted the question . Then you posted this question, which was a slightly different version of the same question -- that is the question I called a nonidentical duplicate. Both questions received good answers from other members, so it did not seem right to hide one of them for being a duplicate.

In the future, if you see a need to modify a question you posted, please do not post a new copy of the question. Instead, use the edit link at the bottom of the question (below your name) to open an edit box where you can add to or revise your question.

Ellen: Hello yet again. I do appreciate your response though I am as mystified as to the lack of requested explanation, as to how  one could validly consider two quite distinct and explicit questions (relating to two quite distinct and explicit situations) as being duplicates - though I can see that you accept the questions as being nonidentical.

Let's just accept that we are two different persons arriving at two different conclusions regarding two different questions. That we also are probably using two different versions of the same language probably doesn't help, either.

Julie: Hello, again (long time no speak). Thank you for your comment.

Yes, that was the question ( - that has led to such a ruffling of feathers in consequence of my subsequent 3 questions and their relative responses. Thus my first tag (Admin WikiTree) to that question.

I had wanted to contact Newman-2823 regarding "Newman" profiles in N.Z. but seeing the 'admin' comment I thought I should try & determine the status quo - thus my question.

There was an answer, by another WikiTreer, who literally clicked on the link/s in the 'admin' comment (which I had copied into my question) and who ended up receiving a message along the lines of "you can't access someone else's email".

Before I got to deal with that (misguided, IMHO) answer it was 'disappeared' .

If possible, I'm more interested in gaining info. on "Newman" profiles relating to N.Z. than in all the subsequent palaver, badge waving, point scoring, title tilting, etc. that has erupted. So I'll quit while I'm behind as there seems little to be gained in flogging a dead horse especially by those holding the wrong end of the stick.

I'll try searching 'surnames' as well, though I still enjoy my moderate experiences in participating in G2G.
P.S. I have copied this comment to their, also.

1 Answer

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If it is an answer or comment that you have posted and then you have chosen to hide it, then there will be an action button to "reshow" it.
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Tommy: Hello and thanks for your answer.

What do I do if the answer or comment was posted by someone else ?

The only choices you have are:

  • ignore it
  • reply to it
  • flag it.
  • if it's an answer, you can vote it up or down
Tommy: Again, many thanks

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