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Why has there been a change to the image details page?,with out the link that used to be so helpful, it makes it a little difficult to add photos to the biogragphy!!!

has there been a improvements that I am unaware of?, have not been following the thread about the change?, or has it moved elswhere?
in WikiTree Tech by Paul Curran G2G6 Mach 1 (15.4k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway
But... But... But...
I Liked using source images in the sources section of the Bio... So that means it's against the rules now? (excuse me "not recommended")
Does that mean I should go through and remove that from my exsisting bios?
-P Rich
Thank you A.B.! Found it! -P Rich

O.K. so what is the recomended code for adding images to a Biography since

does not say anything about Images and does that mean we are now have to delete all images, as without a code to add them to a bio they are virtually useless, I sincerely hope not, as they give a Profile some creativity and charecter and a Source some integrity

Please tell me there is a way to add photos to Bio's using our version of wiki mark up

Watching this as I add my images to a freespace in order to add them to a bio. I always thought beings that code was on the right that it was allowable.
Yes Jackie, because it was there, it made it alright and allowable, but it's not there now.

Paul, I don't know how we're supposed to add photos in the "reccomended way"

All I know is that the direction on the Image page that gave us specifics on how to do it is now gone, and that the line in the reccomended tags (the one saying it was going to change) is gone also. This indicates to me that at the moment there is no recommended way.

Would I remove all my photos from bios? No Way, not until I know there will be a replacement.
Hi All,

The decision was made to remove the code samples because there hasn't been a thorough discussion in the community and a decision made as to whether inline images should or should not be recommended, and if so, how.

There is probably little danger that if you use inline images they will later be removed by others. I expect there's a good chance that they'll become official style. We will probably come up with a uniform set of recommendations for them. But we don't have these recommendations yet.

If you want to stick to what's safe, go with plain text and focus on content instead of design. This is really what we've gotten away from in some cases, and I think it has led to trouble. The focus of WikiTree collaboration should be content, not creative design.

Thank you Chris for enlightening us.
Why would you remove something before the decision of official style is made? A picture is worth a thousand words.
Bob, there were some members who got really upset (understandably) when we seemed to be recommending something that later had to be changed. I'm posting a G2G thread to start the style rule discussion now.

Here's a new thread for discussing it: "Should inline images be recommended?"

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I've always thought the source images looked REALLY bad just floating off to the right there...unorganized and kinda cluttered.
So I have been uploading them, attaching them to the bio with the recommended code, and then detaching them from the profile to eliminate the duplication. End result looks nice and adds A LOT to the source section of the bio. Am I doing something wrong that I now need to go fix??? Can somebody add more tags to this thread or maybe attach it to Rob or Chris's names to get some attention... I'm kinda stressing over this...???
-P Rich
by Phillip Rich G2G6 Mach 4 (43.9k points)

Remember to leave the images "attached" to at least one profile.  Images that are not attached to a profile are deleted in time.

Photo FAQ

How do you remove or delete a photo?

 ... This disconnects the image from any profile, but it will still exist in the database for a short period of time so that it can be recovered. This way photos can't be maliciously or mistakenly deleted.

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Temporary fix


from a Wiki Markup page, dont know if it is recomended or can be recomended but no div or span to worry about, only Chris can tell us, can someone pass it on to him please.
by Paul Curran G2G6 Mach 1 (15.4k points)
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Chris would of posted in the G2G if there was going to be a big change such as stopping photos in the bio with every other style rule change there has been a big discussion in the G2G with members first .

This would be a huge change if no photos were allowed in the bio so you would think this is no different to the other style changes where the members have a input as it would  have a big effect on us all
by Terry Wright G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
edited by Terry Wright
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So if we continue adding/ using the images are we wrong?  If we have all the images just on the right side it clutters it up and not everyone can enter in the order necessary which would involve uploading and un-attaching if  not right order and then re-uploading if you want it to make any sense (wouldn't this clutter the system up?)

I cannot write the narratives like the others can.  Small snippets here and there as most my ancestors were just ordinary folks.
I kinda like when it a mix;  narrative at top pertinent images, if you have them where applicable and the vitals  and sources below. 
In that way everyone can find the information they seek. 
There are people with various degrees of how they research genealogy.  
In fact I really don't like when the bio is all narrative and on some you can spend a lot of time reading to find out  that it does not apply to who you are looking for and you have to check the source and  in most cases all it says is what the source is and not any particulars. (example: 1880 census with no hints to where to find the census)
A lot are very interesting reads, but for the case of just researching by genealogist of various levels, it can be frustrating.  I bookmark those I want to read later. 
by Jacqueline Clark G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
edited by Jacqueline Clark

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