Can someone translate a short paragraph from German to English, please?

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This is a record from Gedenkbuch for a Holocaust Victim.  Most of these records are in English, but this one is in German.  The source record is at:

THANX immensely!

PS  Please let me know if it's ok to use your name/WikiTree ID in the profile to credit you with the translation.
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Ruth was almost 17 years old (shortly before her 17th birthday) when she was deported from the sanatorium (Bendorf)-Sayn of the Imperial Union of Jews in Germany to Izbica on March 22, 1942. A short while before she had lived with her mother Frieda Maxhilde née Heilbronn (b. Dec. 3, 1888 Frickhofen, County Limburg) and her brother Julius Schubach (b. Sept. 9, 1921 Koblenz) in the house Balduinstr. 37. Her father Josef Schubach (birth year 1881), who was a butcher there, had already died of a heart attack during Kristallnacht (Reichspogromnacht is another name for it) 1938. The mother was deported March 22, 1942 from Koblenz-Lützel to Izbica, brother Julius was the only survivor of the family Schubach.

Addendum: Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland is somewhat Orwellian in as much as it suggests an organisation by Jews for Jews. It was a Nazi creation under Adolf Eichmann tasked with the expulsion of Jews from the Reich. Heil- und Pflegeanstalt (hospital and sanatorium) operated by the Reichsvereinigung is similarly Newspeak as its purpose was certainly not the treatment of any illness.

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Thank you so much!  I will credit you on the Schubach-10 profile and any other family members for whom I also use this as source.

If, for any reason, you don't want your name to appear there, please feel free to remove it.

THANX again - you're the greatest!
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Gaile, does Google Translate not work well enough for this?

answered by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (361k points)

From Google Translate.

Ruth was shortly before her seventeenth birthday , when, on 22.3.1g42 from the
Hospital and Sanatorium ( Bendorf- ) Sayn of rich union of the Jews in
Oeutschland , deportiertwurde after lzbica . Shortly before they even Hatle with their
M Utler Frieda Maxhilde born in Heilbronn ( 12/03/1888 Frickhofen , Krs . Limburg) and
Brother Julius Schubach ( GT1 ^ g21 Koblenz ) lived in the house Balduinstrae 37 . LHR
Father Joseph Schubach (b. 1881) , who ran a butcher shop here , was already in the
Kristallnacht 1g38 succumbed to a heart attack . The mother was on
Entqing 22.3.1g42 of Koblenz- Lützel after lzbica deportiert¡ brother Julius as
only the Schubach demTod family
Uh..maybe not.  Maybe try a few other translate programs as well?
Thank you Michael!  That's great - I didn't realize that I could use google translate on something that's not a web page.

You have made my day!!!
umm ... yeah ... I was trying to read it after I answered you and it isn't good enough.  I have to admit that it's a little better than the German, though - at least now I have a general idea of what it says.

I'm hoping this will attract Helmut's attention - he could probably just write it in here as easily as we write answers and comments.

I really do appreciate your effort, though, and I have now learned something very valuable - that google translate works on text that I presume you can just paste in.


I figured this one out.  deportiertwurde is deportiert wurde (one deported).  I have no idea about the numeric coding.

The numeric coding is dates, but fouled up!  The 1g42 is 1942, but I can't tell the month/day values.

Send Helmut a direct message.  Yes, I just copied and pasted.  I took just deportiertwurde and put it into Google and it suggested deportiert wurde which I put back into the translator.  Playing around with the words and phrases can help as sometimes things get smushed and what not.

ah, ok, 22.3.1g42 is likely 22 March 1942.

Oh, and if you run across any german profiles written in German, post one of them here:
Re: Dates.  Well Duh, there it is in English if I read the whole thing.
I saw that.  I'm not likely to run across German profiles though - I am working on an abandoned gedcom that has nothing but the standard stuff in about 900+ profiles ... oh, except for one source that's in all of them.  that source is a United States census for 1790.  No more than 2 or 3 people out of the 900 were even born before 1790!!!
I really need something clear because I want to put it in the profile, since it is not easily obtainable anywhere else.  I also want every clue I can get out of it to help me find information on the other family members who are mentioned in it.
Gaile, you're back!  :-)

I will ask my hubby (fluent German speaker/writer) to look at this tonight, unless someone on your side of the pond has taken care of it in 8 hours (annoying time-difference).

I've pestered him before to join the Language volunteers, but he prefers the tech side...  :-(

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Here is what I've badgered JY into starting, which he will finish this evening (in about ( 5 or 6 hours) unless another Germanophone takes up from there:

"I first saw somebody was about to ask his/her partner before I realized that I was meant!
I understand what Google "means" but it's of very poor quality.
For instance, Reich = rich according Google, true for reich, not for Reich= Empire.
I let some name of towns in German, they may be different in English.

Schubach, Ruth Karoline (24 May1923 Coblenz),"


---(Shira:  I think he got about this far...)

"Ruth was shortly before her seventeenth birthday, when, on the 22nd of March 1942 she was deported to lzbica from the Hospital and Sanatorium of Sayn (in Bendorf) of Reich's Association of the Jews in Germany(*).
Shortly before, she was living with her mother Frieda Maxhilde (born Heilbronn,  12/03/1888 in Frickhofen (*), district Limburg) and her brother Julius Schubach(09/03/1921 in Coblenz) lived in the house Balduinstraße 37 . LHR,Father Joseph Schubach (b. 1881) , who ran a butcher shop here , was already in the,Kristallnacht 1g38 succumbed to a heart attack . The mother was on,Entqing 22.3.1g42 of Koblenz- Lützel after lzbica deportiert¡ brother Julius as,only the Schubach demTod family

(*) part of Dornburg, Hesse (,_Hesse)

S.J. for Jean-Yvon Landrac
answered by ShiraDestinie Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (14.5k points)

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