Proposal to detach parental relationships for James Crawford (1701-1749)) [closed]

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On 23 Jul 2021 Jonathan Crawford wrote on Crawford-420:

It has been documented here on WikiTree that [[Crawford-420|James Crawford]] is descended from ([[Crawford-334|David Crawford II (1662-abt.1762)]]), but I believe that to be untrue. The exact point in the lineage where the incorrect relation exists is suggested here, where I believe that James Crawford (1701-1749) should not be listed as David II's son, for the following reasons:

 1. I, [[Crawford-7109|Jonathan Crawford]] belong to a different Y-DNA haplogroup than other tested descendants of David II. DNA results indicate that Jonathan Crawford (haplogroup R-BY200574) does not descend from the same Paternal lineage as David II's documented descendants from other sons (haplogroup I2-BY3099). This divergence of haplogroups occurred approximately 20,000 years ago, and was not an occurrence in genealogical timeframes. 

2. James Crawford (1701-1749) is not listed in David II's will (his supposed father), who lists even sons who have died prior to him, as he passes on belongings and slaves.

 3.There is no reason to suspect a NPE (Non-Parental Event) on either side at this point, other sources seem to be clear on the relationships. 

4. When comparing GedMatch kits for all descendants of David Crawford II, there are multiple testers from different sons linked here. When the testers are compared to each other, the only matches found are between descendants of James Crawford, and a separate group of matching between descendants of the sons of David listed in his will. While relationships are 5C1R or farther, and therefore not matching is not positive evidence of non-relationship, there are zero matches between James' descendants and David II's other sons' descendants. 

5. Jonathan Crawford has matched with several other testers on FTDNA, but none of them match with David II's descendants, and no common ancestors have been found between Jonathan and the other testers back to 1700. Current testing indicates a probability of a common ancestor somewhere between 1500 and 1700. 

6. Documented, sourced cousins with ancestry back to Josiah Crawford (1735-1797) (James' son) report that they have matched via auDNA to descendants of Guyon Morrison, Josiah's father-in-law. 

7. Only two descendants of Guyon are on WikiTree with GedMatch IDs, and neither match to cousins under James (although they are 7th cousins, so this is entirely possible). Additional information requested of those cousins to clarify their "matches" has indicated that it is via Ancestry ThruLines. Specific information regarding kits on GedMatch has been requested, but for now, auDNA matching cannot be used as positive evidence of a familial relationship. 

8. However, Guyon Morrison signed surety for James Crawford before his death, and also took part in the inventory of his belongings when he passed, so clearly was a close friend as well as father of James' son's wife. This seems to be a clear indicator that James Crawford is indeed Josiah's father, despite the lack of a clear birth record. (Josiah mentioned as "Josias" in James' will, hence the discussion of possible confusion) 

9. Documentation back to Josiah Crawford seems to be intact, the link between James Crawford (b. 1774) and Josiah his father is solely through Josiah's will, but there is no reason to doubt its veracity or the link to this James. 

10. This would infer that despite the auDNA matching difficulty to Guyon's descendants, the clearly indicated close relationships to Josiah's father-in-law should be proof of James' parental relationship to Josiah, who married Guyon's daughter. 

Therefore, according to the above arguments, and in the apparent absence of any positive evidence proving the connection between David II and James, I propose detaching James Crawford (Crawford-420) as a son from David Crawford II, and from Elizabeth Smith (wife of James Crawford) as his mother, on 9/1/2021. 

If additional evidence can be provided by anyone showing a positive link between David/Elizabeth and James before 9/1/2021, I will not pursue this course of action. Please add any additional information anyone may have regarding the source documents listed on this profile that is not clearly indicated on the profile if it provides such direction. 

Thank you! 

WikiTree profile: James Crawford
closed with the note: Parents detached in the absence of other information. See profile for any questions
in Genealogy Help by Jonathan Crawford G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
closed by Jonathan Crawford
Commenting on this post to bring it to the top in Recent Changes for anyone who needs to see it. We do have a new addition to the DNA analysis, a paper-trail (on wikitree) Y-DNA descendant of David II who is also in the R haplogroup. I am still planning on disconnection, as the other testers from David's documented children are haplogroup I2 as mentioned above, but will delay to allow for some investigation. If the documents support that relationship, then an NPE may be suspected in David II's lineage somewhere.

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James Crawford (1701-1749) is not listed in David II's will (his supposed father), who lists even sons who have died prior to him, as he passes on belongings and slaves.

Would you have a link to the Will, Jonathan? I think it would be a good idea to transcribe it to a space page and link it to both the profile and to the Crawford Name Study.

I have little to say about disconnecting, other than the rule of thumb is to 1) link the detached profiles in a Research Notes section, to ensure they can be reattached if needed


2) In a disputed parents section, so people are aware of the issue when reading the profile.

by Amy Gilpin G2G6 Pilot (127k points)

Noted, Amy, thank you!

As for David II's will, his father David I's will is transcribed in his profile (perhaps incorrectly on the son's profile), although the formatting is just one big block of text - it's about the bottom third of the profile, starting with 

Will dated 1 Dec 1761, Amherst County. "am anciant and not in health"

It's not completely apparent what the source is, I know I have seen them both transcribed online in Laurus Crawfurdiana visible on Hathi Trust at  this link starting on page 127 (his father David's will starts on page 125, which can be confusing), and I believe it to have come originally from the following, although I have not personally located this source:

Book: The Wills of Amherst County, Virginia, 1761-1865 by Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis, published by Southern Historical Press.

Both the major links on David's profile are broken (the and The text of the profile states that the list of children (which also does not include James) is from "the Crawford book", which is quite vague. Could be the Laurus Crawfurdiana I linked to above, or could indicate the "Heritage of William M. Crawford", which seems widely listed by Rae Ball, but I have as of yet been unable to locate the actual publication.  

I will definitely consider transcribing both of their wills and linking to the Crawford Name Study and the profiles, to make it more accessible. 

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