How come my DNA test results are not visible on this profile but show on the profile of the son? [closed]

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I uploaded my DNA results a few years ago (see here). It (the Y-chromosome) should also show on this profile (see here -,  but it does not. I paid a lot of money I remember (although I remember someone with experience called it 'going to the corner shop in a Rolls Royce'). But I do not understand why I see the DNA results of others, and not those of mine, though I do see the results on the profile of the son, Geelis (Andriesz) van der Walt (abt. 1705 - 1757), who is my direct ancestor, progenitor and whose LNAB I share. 

closed with the note: Issue solved; thanks to all involved!
in WikiTree Help by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
closed by Philip van der Walt

I see your autosomal test noted on Andriesz-6, but not your Y test, Philip.

And since your profile is Private/Red, we can't see any test information on your profile (or view the "see here" links in your question text).

Can you give us a link to a closer ancestor's profile that shows your Y test information?

I reset the privacy settings to " 

Private with Public Family Tree
Same as Private but anyone can view the family tree. Other individuals in the tree can still be private." (I still want my biography to stay private). Hope this helps ...

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Assuming that you only added the Y details today then the system will take up to 24 hours to propagate through the system. The database is only updated once per day!!!!

You should be able to see the Y-DNA details tomorrow.

auDNA details are usually only accurate back 200 years so it is unlikely that any DNA link will show up for an ancestor from 400 years ago.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (944k points)
I added the results years ago.
I see mtDNA test results - and that will go up the MATERNAL side - your mother, grandmother, great grandmothers etc line  - surnames change in each generation.

I see NO Y-DNA test details at all.
How could this be? Did I do something wrong? Did I buy the wrong DNA kit? Can this to be fixed?
If you took a Y-DNA test, you have to enter the information as to having taken the test on your profile.  From your profile, click on the 'Family tree and tools' tab.  Scroll down the page.  Under the 'Wikitree Tree' tools heading, you'll see 'Tests of Philip's DNA'.  Click on that.  Towards the top at the right (in small letters), you'll see a link to 'add new test'.  Click on that.  Select the test (either FTDNA Y-chromosome or Other y-DNA) and click 'Add test'.  That will open several boxes where you enter your haplogroup, the number of markers tested, and your mitoYDNA ID if you registered there.  Then click 'Add Test'.  It will take 24-48 hours to populate your test up your patrilineal line.

Thanks Darlene. I do not understand though. DNA genealogy and even the simplest of steps as you describe them now, is like rocket science to me. I honestly do not have a clue to how to go about this all. I did now try and got as far as Share this URL for your Compact Family Tree with your DNA test matches which I clicked on. I do not know what to do here: 

  1. GEDmatch IDT840251

 and also then I got lost in the whole Verison gedmatch situation which I really find too complicated and tiresome. I also saw that there is still the that exists still and this is even more confusing. In between all the selling done for new products that I really do not understand or care for at all, I did manage to get into my old site and saw this Y-DNA111 and I entered I-M253 and 111 matches (exported a CVS-file to my laptop)

Back to square 1 - everything needs to be uploaded again as I managed to enter everything though but when I entered I got this message: "The MitoYDNA ID should be one letter followed by 5 digits." 

What is my MitoYDNA ID? 

I apologize if this sounds whiny. I truly do. It is always very befuddling when I'm busy with this DNA part of my genealogy and I'm truly frustrated by my own incompetence with dealing with it.

Ok I tried again. Replaced the MitoYDNA ID with the number I found on WikiTree: T840251, entered and now got this reply (which I understand as "it is being processed") Assigned FTDNA Y-Chromosome to Van der Walt-440.

Philip, the T840251 is likely your Gedmatch ID number.  MitoYDNA is a website where you can enter your Y-DNA information.  However, from the reply that you received, it sounds as if you did record the FTDNA Y-DNA test that you have taken onto your Wikitree profile.  As such, the test should appear tomorrow on your patrilineal ancestors.
Much appreciated Darlene! Thanks for your kind and patient help.

Hello Philip,  T840251 is your GEDmatch ID.  It should not be also entered as your mitoYDNA ID.  

Please see these step by step instructions to get your Y-DNA into and your mitoYDNA ID in to WikiTree:

I do not know what I did Robert but it worked ... I can view the Y-DNA results now, even though I entered T840251 (with 6 digits) as my mitoYDNA ID (even though it states "The MitoYDNA ID should be one letter followed by 5 digits").

I reckon my mtDNA results will only show up on the female side of the ascendency ...

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