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I've just created a profile for Isabel Mylbery [Mylbery-1], allegedly an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV.  Any opions on whether she should be linked to Edward IV's profile [York-1159]? To my mind, the evidence is very weak, but Richardson lists her in Royal Ancestry and she appears in a recent book Royal Bastards.

Edward's profile — which, disappointingly, cites no sources whatsoever — currently lists an unnamed illegitimate daughter "said to have been the first wife of John Tuchet, 6th Baron Audley".  The dates make this impossible.  Edward IV was born in 1442, and is highly unlikely to have been fathered children before, say, 1457.  The 6th Lord Audley was married to his known wife by 1456, so any previous wife must have died by then.  This obviously would be impossible for a daughter of Edward IV.  Isabel Mylbery is believed to have married the 6th Baron's second son, also called John Tuchet [Tuchet-43].  I assume this is what the page is supposed to say, but without any sources, it's hard to know.

Edward's profile also says "recent speculation suggests Lucy or Waite" as the mother of this child.  Can anyone provide a source for that?  It's new to me.

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See Elizabeth Lucy's profile. It's already sourced:
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Thanks, and well spotted!

However that profile doesn't mention Isabel Mylbery as her child, nor do any of the sources it quotes, other than Wikipedia. Wikipedia says — or said until a few seconds ago when I changed it — word for word what we have: "A daughter said to have been the first wife of John Tuchet, 6th Baron Audley."  The source Wikipedia gives is an unsourced online family tree:

It makes the unnamed illegitimate daughter the wife of Lord Audley's son John [Tuchet-43], though states the mother was Eleanor Butler née Talbot, another of Edward's supposed mistresses.  Unless the source is conflating two people, the unnamed daughter must be Isabel Mylbery as it is she who married John Tuchet.

This leaves us with no source for the statement on Edward IV's profile that "recent speculation suggests Lucy or Waite" was the mother of the remaining illegitimate children.

That addresses the question of whether Lucy and Waite are the same person, which I agree they are, but it says nothing that might address whether Lucy / Waite is the mother of the other illegitimate children listed on Edward's profile.  That's where the profile says "recent speculation suggests Lucy or Waite" was the mother of the remaining illegitimate children, and we have no evidence that anyone has speculated that.

[Edit: The comment I wrote that in response to seems to have vanished.]

It's been a long time since I looked at that profile, so forgive me since I'm a little rusty. But if recall correctly, that was the conclusion after reading various sources... I believe, all of which, came from Smith. .. She got some big coverage, so it captured my attention.

If that doesn't cut it... just strip it out. We'll eventually run back into it.

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