How often does Thrulines update based on edits to your tree?

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Hi - I recently received my DNA results from Ancestry and am getting to grips with their Thrulines functionality. While most of its benefits and pitfalls seem pretty self-intuitive, and the additional functions such as grouping etc. is well explained on various YouTube video tutorials, one thing I'm not so sure about is how 'often' Thrulines (and by extension, the 'shared names' functionality when you view DNA matches' trees) is updated?

I ask this because I received my results on Sunday, and having made a number of edits to my tree since then, nothing seems to have been reflected, three days later.

Likewise, on the main Thrulines page, no matter how many times I look at the results, they all keep displaying as 'new connections'.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I see Ancestry suggests edits can take up to 48 hours to come into effect, but it seems weirdly slow to me.
in The Tree House by Laurence Green G2G Crew (500 points)
I have a ggreatgrandfather that's been in my tree since I made my tree 6 years ago that has 0 DNA matches assigned to him in thrulines although his wife , my ggreat grandmother who's been in the tree as long has 9 DNA matches .Not only that but my greatgrandfather and my 3rd greatgrandfather both have all 9 matches when my 2nd great grandfather has 0 . I've checked the trees of member matches that have trees and they are both in them . Makes no sense to me ...Ancestry has a long way to go to perfection .
Yes, they do. Ancestry has 6 o my Great grands listed as potential ancestors that should be added to my Tree...They have been in my Tree for YEARS and Ancestries match one of them with a Name only profiles, whereas my profile has all kinds of documentation and additional DNA Tests...Makes NO SENSE!
I sent Ancestry a message on my circumstance and they said its possible changes made in my tree might be the reason for having no matches and matches are formed from other people having the same people you do . Yet I have matches in Thrulines with people who don't have any of my people in their tree at all . I've had an account and tree with Ancestry for over 7 years . Customer service isn't one of their strong points IMO

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AncestryDNA ThruLines™ are updated every 24 hours.

DNA matches that are badged as new stay that way for 14 days. Unviewed matches have an extra dot on the lower left.
by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (141k points)
I confess to not having worked with them much lately, but in the past I've seen ThruLines take a lot longer than that, even up to a week or more.

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