Tricky Pendleton branch: Tadcaster, early to mid 1800s

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Hey guys,

Been spending a lot of time recently on linking my Yorkshire Pendleton branch back to earlier branches in Childwall and Prescot.

On trying to find out more, I seem to have stumbled on a branch that is proving somewhat tricky.

The starting person is Thomas Pendleton (Pendleton-2596) who moved from Lancashire to Yorkshire.

I suspect he had a son named Thomas (Pendleton-2919). While several factors make it likely, I can't find his baptism, and can't find him in the 1851 and 1861 censuses.

Other tricky candidates include:
William Pendleton: 1823-1846. In 1841 census age 15 with Thomas (Pendleton-2919), his wife Mary, and William (Pendleton-2595). Possibly married in 1844. Can't find his baptism or parentage.

Thomas Pendleton: 1840-1840, died ten days old son of Caroline Pendleton (presumably Pendleton-2652). Any way of finding father?
William Pendleton (Pendleton-2595): first marriage and children. Married Elizabeth? Cannot find marriage, but listed in 1841 census. Children included:
Amelia: 1833 or 1836 (Cannot find baptism, listed as niece with the Bramham family (Pendleton-2651) in 1851 census age 15, listed in 1841 census age 8 with Elizabeth and Charles, presumably wife and children of William, cannot find her after 1851)
Caroline: 1838 (Can't find baptism or birth, listed as visitor with the Bramham family in 1851 census, cannot find in 1841 or after 1851)
Charles: 1840 (Can't find baptism or birth, listed with Elizabeth and Amelia age 1 in the 1841 census, can't find anything after)
Also can't find death for Elizabeth.

Other possible relations that I can't seem to find much about are:

Thomas Pendleton: 1843-1864 (possibly illegitimate, also son of Caroline?) In 1861 census as a servant (can't find in 1851)
Elizabeth: 1846-1848 (died age 2 Tadcaster, can't find birth, obviously censuses would be useless here)
Uncertain: Elizabeth: 1843-1844 (Bradford)

I know all this is a little confusing - especially when a lot of the names are so similar.

If anyone can help me find out more and connect the unknowns, that would be amazing.


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Just had a quick look and found the following -

* birth reg. for Elizabeth PENTLETON Q1 1846 Tadcaster district; vol 23; page 671; no mother's maiden name

* birth reg for Thomas Pendleton Q1 1840 Tadcaster district; vol 23; page 621; no mother's maiden name; With a baptism at Tadcaster on 18th January 1840 for "Thos. illegitimate son of Caroline Pendleton".
by Anonymous Baker G2G6 Mach 1 (13.6k points)

Yes this is the Thomas that died as a baby.

Name: Mother's Maiden Surname: 
GRO Reference: 1840  M Quarter in TADCASTER  Volume 23  Page 621

Name: Age at Death (in years):  
GRO Reference: 1840  M Quarter in TADCASTER  Volume 23  Page 459
Thanks for that.

I somehow missed Elizabeth's. I assume with no mother's maiden name that means she's also illegitimate?

While I found baby Thomas's birth registration, I didn't find his baptism. That is a curious entry, as his death certificate apparently says he died on 18th February 1840 age 10 days...This gets more and more mysterious.

If you find anything else, please let me know.

Thanks for all your help.
Re: no mother's maiden name at registration - yes, that would mean that the child was illegitimate.

Have been looking through the Tadcaster registers on FindmyPast and found the following:


20 September 1831 Amelia Pendleton, age 50

21 January 1840 Thos. Pendleton, inft.(would correspond with the 18 January 1840 baptism and the birth/death registrations)

2 June 1848 Elizth Pendleton, inft. (whilst Elizabeth is referred to as 'infant', would suggest this is the 1846-1848 Elizabeth you found)

24 March 1861 Mary Pendleton, age 64

7 November 1861 Thomas Pendleton age 52

23 December 1861 Francis Pendleton age 34 (death registration is for female 'Frances' Pendleton)

8 March 1864 Thomas Pendleton age 21

8 July 1807 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Amelia Pendleton (lucky you, information from a Dade register)

21 January 1816 William son of Thomas and Amelia, occupation Weaver

15 January 1818 Ann Ruth daughter of Thomas and Amelia, occupation Weaver

14 May 1820 Caroline daughter of Thomas and Amelia, occupation Weaver

19 March 1860 Amelia daughter of William and Frances Pendleton, occupation labourer

22 May 1849 Elizth illegiitmate daughter of Caroline Pendleton

26 August 1832 Milicent Ellen, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Pendleton (following this one forward, she married Henry Taylor on 23 August 1859 at St Helens Hampshire and is living on the Isle of Wight in all subsequent census - 1841 'Amelia' living with mother Elizabeth and brother (?) Charles in Tadcaster; 1851 the 'Amelia' niece in Bramham family.)

Just a thought on the occupations given for Thomas Pendleton b1781 - at the baptism of his daughter, Elizabeth, in 1807 his occupation is Serjeant in the Royal Marines; for the 1816. 1818 and 1820 baptisms of William, Ann Ruth and Caroline his occupation is Weaver; in 1837 when Thomas Pendleton married Mary Loftus the occupation of Thomas the groom and Thomas his father is 'Tile Maker'; whilst in 1843 when Ann Ruth married James Bramham, Thomas's occupation is 'farmer' (a potential elevation from Ag. Lab.?)
Hey there,

Excellent. Thanks for this.

Yeah, had it not been for that Dade register which someone helped me find several years ago, I would have been stuck. Thomas's marriage to Amelia in 1806 states he was 22, born 1784, and so I wouldn't have thought to look at Thomas b.1781, especially as he came from Prescot/Wigan.

Elizabeth baptised 1849: Another illegitimate daughter of Caroline? I wonder then if Thomas (b.1843) and Elizabeth (b.1846) are also illegitimate daughters of Caroline. She mustn't like the sound of marriage much!

Milicent Ellen: Wow, That's a new one. Even had I known about her, I probably wouldn't have connected it with Amelia, but I guess it could well be. She's about the right age and is living with Elizabeth. Also it goes to confirm a theory that dawned on me this morning that the Elizabeth I thought was William's wife was actually his sister. That then begs the question about William's first marriage - his marriage to Frances late Webster formerly Thompson in 1859 states he was a widower. Having said that I can't find him in the 1851 or 1881 censuses.

So, missing links now are:

William: 1823-1846

Thomas: 1809-1861, currently assumed to be the son of Thomas and Amelia, though looking less likely now you've revealed the occupation as tilemaker - for some reason that's one thing FamilySearch marriages don't seem to list in the transcribed index.

Charles Pendleton: 1840

Caroline Pendleton: 1838 (could Charles and Caroline somehow be the same person? I know it sounds daft...)

If Thomas was a sergeant, perhaps there would be other records related to him? That could definitely be interesting to look for.

The burials also gave me some new information. Again, thanks for all your work on this - this is amazing.

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