Would it be possible to clearly provide a "standardize font" option for G2G posts? [closed]

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Again today the question has arisen of how to adjust our G2G posts when the font types, size, etc. don't come out the way we had hoped.  (Here; see comments on the question.)  

There is a "Tx" option in the formatting choices, but many G2Gers may not know what it means.  When it is hovered over, the displayed description is "Remove Format."  I wonder if that could be made a default, or at least more clearly presented to people as they compose their posts.

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Would the person who just downvoted me please explain why?  I really would like to know.  My question here was intended to be completely helpful.

This might be a helpful change - if it is possible to implement it -as I have seen even very experienced Wikitreers/g2g users completely flummoxed when their post has varied font sizes, and other formatting, because they copied and pasted directly from something not a text document.  (I use notepad to remove formatting from anything I wish to paste -- when I remember to.  Otherwise I have to remember to use the Tx option, so to not blind the reader.)

Most downvotes are accidental - when they accidentally hit the wrong button...
My new thing I learned today. Julie and Melanie, you are right--I did not know what that Tx was about.
Notepad is a good suggestion too, Melanie.  On my Mac I use TextEdit because Notepad sends me annoying e-mails every time I use it.  

I have also learned that (on my computer), TextEdit is a necessary step between Word and Reddit or Discord when I want to paste text.

Edit:  Correction--It's not Notepad, it's the Mac version which is called "Notes."
When a question is posted where the text disappears off the end of the line, does it appear like that to the poster also? I’ve always wondered if that is due to font, copy/paste etc., and is there a way to stop it being posted before being corrected.
The editor is a custom version of CKEditor 4, that was packaged with the Q2A software we use. There are no plans to mess with that code.

By the way, instead of pasting stuff into another document first, you may just want to use the keyboard shortcut for pasting plain text: "Ctrl + Shift + V" instead of just "Ctrl + V"
Thanks for responding, Jamie.
@ Jamie -- yes, that might work, but only if you're not "collecting" different texts to paste.  (I think that's why, sometimes, some posts have multiple font and style changes.)

If I'm doing that, I tend to collect, and rearrange/format, then post.

Thanks, Jamie.  I imagine that tip will be useful for most users.

After a little experimentation, I've learned that for a Mac it is option + shift + command + v.

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