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This week we're featuring famous firsts -- record setters and trailblazers -- in the Connection Finder, beginning Matthew Webb, the first person to swim the English Channel.

Featured alongside him are other firsts:

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in The Tree House by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (462k points)
reshown by Chris Whitten
19 degrees from Amelia Earhart. 8th cousin

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I am 27 degrees from  Matthew Webb

Janine Leigh Isleman and  Amelia Earhart are Fifth cousins twice removed 

I am 40 degrees from  Leifur Heppni Eiríksson

I am 23 degrees from   Edmund Percival Hillary KG ONZ KBE

I am 20 degrees from   Neil Alden Armstrong

I am 33 degrees from    Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen

I am 18 degrees from    Clara Washington (Burrill) Bruce

I am 19 degrees from   Harold Melville Clark

I am 32 degrees from  Louise Eugénie Alexandrine Marie (David) David-Néel

I am 26 degrees from  Margaret Hilda (Roberts) Thatcher LG OM

I am 23 degrees from    Herbert John Louis Hinkler AFC DSM

by Janine Isleman G2G6 Mach 3 (33.7k points)
I am 26 degrees away from Matthew Webb
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I am 16 degrees from Edmund Hillary, 19 degrees from Bert Hinkler and 20 Degrees from Amelia Earhart!!

Amelia is also my 17th cousin 5x Removed.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (928k points)
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Amelia Earhart - 11th c 3x removed

Harold Clark - 16th cousin
by Cortland Lowe G2G6 (6.6k points)
+8 votes

16 from Amelia Earhart, 17 from Harold Clark, and 19 from Neil Armstrong.  Aviation is in my blood, I'd like to think.

Earhart is an 8th cousin 3x removed, and Clark is an 8th cousin twice removed.

An "uncle" of mine, technically a first cousin twice removed, grew up with Amelia Earhart in Atchison.  He recalled her tomboy status and the line "Amelia, Amelia, she want to steal ya" from schoolyard taunts (I hope not his own). 

by Steve Ryan G2G6 Mach 1 (16.0k points)
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I am most closely connected to Sir Edmund Hillary at 21 degrees.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
+7 votes

Amelia and Christopher are 14th cousins once removed 

Amelia Mary Earhart (1897-abt.1937) and Christopher Hoff are both descendants of Agnes (Hawley) Blount (abt.1432-1462).1. Amelia is the daughter of Amelia (Otis) Earhart (1869-1962) [confident] 
2. Amelia is the daughter of Alfred Gideon Otis Esq. (1827-1912) [confident] 3. Alfred is the son of Isaac Otis (1798-1853) [confident] 4. Isaac is the son of Ephraim Otis Jr. (1772-1850) [confident] 5. Ephraim is the son of Sarah (Harris) Otis (abt.1750-1826) [unknown confidence] 6. Sarah is the daughter of Martha (Jencks) Harris (1724-1826) [unknown confidence] 
7. Martha is the daughter of Katherine (Scott) Jenks (abt.1696-abt.1753) [unknown confidence] 8. Katherine is the daughter of Sylvanus Scott (1672-1742) [uncertain] 
9. Sylvanus is the son of John Scott (1640-1677) [confident] 
10. John is the son of Katherine (Marbury) Scott (bef.1611-1687) [confident] 11. Katherine is the daughter of Francis Marbury (bef.1555-1611) [confident] 
12. Francis is the son of William Marbury MP (1524-1581) [confident] 13. William is the son of Robert Marbury Esq (1490-1545) [confident] 14. Robert is the son of Anne (Blount) Marbury (abt.1456-1537) [confident] 15. Anne is the daughter of Agnes (Hawley) Blount (abt.1432-1462) [unknown confidence] 
This makes Agnes the 13th great grandmother

1. Christopher is the son of [private mother] DNA confirmed 
2. [Private] is the daughter of Dorcas Isabel (Scott) Bramson (1906-1998) [confident] 
3. Dorcas is the daughter of Mildred Lorraine (Fillmore) Scott (1872-1946) [confident] 
4. Mildred is the daughter of William Parker Fillmore (1824-1911) [confident] 
5. William is the son of John William Fillmore (1798-1893) [confident] 
6. John is the son of John Silkman Fillmore (1763-1856) [confident] 
7. John is the son of Leah (Day) Fillmore (1727-abt.1797) [unknown confidence] 
8. Leah is the daughter of Margaret (Robinson) Day (1690-1780) [unknown confidence] 
9. Margaret is the daughter of Elizabeth (Guild) Robinson (1660-1740) [unknown confidence] 
10. Elizabeth is the daughter of John Guild (1609-1682) [unknown confidence] 
11. John is the son of Margery (Jordan) Guild (1572-1629) [unknown confidence] 
12. Margery is the daughter of Henry Jordan (1534-1603) [unknown confidence] 
13. Henry is the son of Jane (Cocker) Jourdaine (1504-1590) [unknown confidence] 
14. Jane is the daughter of John Cocker (1480-1525) [unknown confidence] 
15. John is the son of Jane Sutton (1451-) [unknown confidence] 
16. Jane is the daughter of Agnes (Hawley) Blount (abt.1432-1462) [unknown confidence] 
This makes Agnes the 14th great grandmother

by Christopher Hoff G2G2 (2.7k points)
+5 votes
18 degrees from Amelia Earhart (7th cousins, 5x removed)
18 degrees from Harold Clark (9th cousins, 2x removed)
20 degrees from Clara Bruce
23 degrees from Neil Armstrong
25 degrees from Matthew Webb
26 degrees from Edmund Hillary
27 degrees from Margaret Thatcher
27 degrees from Bert Hinkler
32 degrees from Alexandra David-Néel
36 degrees from Roald Amundsen
39 degrees from Leifur Eiríksson
by Mike Wells G2G6 Mach 4 (46.7k points)
+7 votes
19 degrees from Harold Clark.
by Roger Stong G2G6 Mach 3 (37.3k points)
+6 votes

Amelia Earhart and I are 12th cousins, 4 times removed.

 Harold Melville Clark and I are 14th cousins, twice removed.

I am 29 Degrees from Matthew Webb

I am 18 Degrees from Amelia Earhart

I am 40 Degrees from Leifur Eirksson

I am 32 Degrees from Roald Amundsen

I am 26 Degrees from Margaret Thatcher

I am 33 Degrees from Alexandra David-Neel

I am 20 Degrees from Harold Clark

I am 21 Degrees from Neil Armstrong

I am 25 Degrees from Sir Edmund Hillary

I am 28 Degrees from Bert Hinkler

I am 18 Degrees from Clara Bruce

by Pamela Parker G2G6 (6.7k points)
edited by Pamela Parker
+6 votes
I am 8 degrees from Job Winslow 1783-1825, Winslow-1529

married Lucy Spencer 1785-1825 first cousin four times removed.

Job, Job, Hezekiah, Richard, Job, Kenelm.
by Joan Jakubowski G2G2 (2.4k points)
+6 votes
Amelia Earhart was my 7th cousin five times removed. Connection: 18 degrees. Funny thing is, in my early 20s, I became a certified aerospace industrial engineer at a student program, and was among the first ever to work on Boeing 787 parts. A Boeing CEO even came to our worksite to present each of us a beautiful blue lanyard with 787 on it. Sadly, I had to quit due to a severe sensitivity to a chemical we used to clean parts with (explains my sensitivity to perfumes). Ironic thing is I can never go wingsuit gliding (want to more than anything), parachuting, nor ride a rollar coaster (and most kiddie rides) and a small aircraft due to vertigo attacks. It just feels like I'm falling from up high and suffocating. Park swings even trigger them. But that runs on my mom's maternal side, not related to Amelia.
by Jennifer Fulk G2G3 (3.8k points)
+5 votes

29 degrees from Matthew Webb

12 degrees from Amelia Earhart .. and we're 4 cousins 3 times removed.  I remember that from her previous feature.

36 degrees from Leifur Eiríksson

25 degrees from Edmund Hillary

20 degrees from Neil Armstrong

34 degrees from Roald Amundsen

18 degrees from Clara Bruce

17 degrees from Harold Clark, and 16 cousins , removed

30 degrees from Alexandra David-Néel

26 degrees from Margaret Thatcher

26 degrees from Bert Hinkler

by Loretta Morrison G2G6 Pilot (135k points)
+5 votes

I am 17 degrees from Harold Clark. He is my 8th Cousin.

I am 17 degrees from Amelia Earhart.  She is my 8th cousin one removed.

by David Dodd G2G6 Mach 1 (18.0k points)
edited by David Dodd
+5 votes
29 degrees from Matthew Webb.

18 degrees from Amelia Earhart. 12th cousin once removed. MRCA Grace (Baskerville) Patten (abt 1490 - bef 1536).

35 degrees from Roald Amundsen.

15 degrees from Clara Washington (Burrill) Bruce.9th cousin 4 times removed of Roscoe Conkling Bruce, Clara's husband. MRCA Christian (Dethick) Pettus.(1527 - abt 1578).

38 degrees from Leif Erikkson.

22 degrees from Margaret Thatcher.

31 degrees from Alexandra David-Need.

20 degrees from Harold Melville Clark. 16th cousin thrice removed. MRCA Margaret (Walsh) Gresley (1369 - 1456).

22 degrees from Neil Armstrong.

25 degrees from Sir. Edmund Hillary.

27 degrees from Bert Hinkler.
by Frank Blankenship G2G6 Mach 2 (27.8k points)
+4 votes
Closest is 20 degrees from Amelia Earhart, versus 42 degrees from Leifur Eiríksson
by S Lewis G2G1 (1.6k points)
+4 votes
My closest connection is 17 degrees with Amelia Earhart.  She is also my 8th cousin, twice removed.

Harold Melville Clark is also a cousin, 7th cousins, 3 times removed.
by Cheryl Cruise G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
+4 votes
My closest is only 18 degrees: Harold Clark (my 9th cousin 3x removed), Amelia Earhart (my 9th cousin twice removed) and Neil Armstrong (no blood relation). However, I did meet Armstrong a few months after he landed on the moon in 1969, just before I turned 8 years old, and remember it vividly!
by Jennifer Bello G2G6 (6.0k points)
+2 votes
17 degrees from Amelia Earhart; and 7th cousins 2x removed from MRCA Mary (Bliss) Holcomb

17 degrees from Harold Melville Clark; and 8th cousins through MRCA Phebe (Richardson) Baldwin

Others by degree, but no relation:

21 degrees from Edmund Hillary

22 degrees from Neil Armstrong and Clara Bruce

24 degrees from Matthew Webb

25 degrees from Margaret Thatcher and Bert Hinkler

32 degrees from Alexandra David-Neel

33 degrees from Roald Amundsen

39 degrees from Leifur Eiriksson
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (508k points)
+4 votes
Of course, these are the ones that history remembers. But there are many women who do amazing deeds and are not recognised. Take Jocelyn Bell Burnell as an example. She should have won the Nobel Prize, but men she worked with did instead. Finally  this year she has won the Copley Medal. I hope she will have a WikiTree profile.
by Margaret Allison G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)

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