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On 28 Aug 2021 Hart (Leech) Wallace wrote on Shores-849:

Can anyone add proof positive that James Powell Cocke was the father of Martha Cocke and that she indeed married Thomas Shores Sr? They would have had a son Thomas Shores Jr who married Susanna Bugg

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This may be a different family or generation but perhaps something here Martha Cocke,' daughter of James Powell Cocke,® married, 1825,

Valentine Wood Southall, son of Major Stephen Southall, and grand- 
son of Colonel Turner Southall, of Henrico. There was a singular 
conjunction here. Both of the parties were descended from Richard 
Cocke^ by a double line. Martha Cocke,' daughter of James Powell 
Cocke,* was descended through James Powell Cocke,* from Thomas 
Cocke,* eldest son of Richard.* Through her mother, Lucy Smith, she 
was descended from William Cocke,'* father of Mary Cocke,* wife of 
Obadiah Smith.' Valentine Wood Southall was descended from Martha 
Cocke,* who married Henry Wood in 1724. She was daughter of Wil- 
liam,* son of John;* so that he traces through John Cocke,* son of 
Richard. 1 This was his maternal line. His grandfather, Colonel Turner 
Southall, married Martha Vandewall, who was the daughter of Martha 
(Cocke) Pleasants,* who was daughter of Martha Cocke,* who was 
daughter of Richard Cocke.* So that the descent by this line is to 
Richard Cocke,* son of Richard.* The pair trace their descent to four
by Lynn L G2G6 Mach 7 (77.6k points)
This  must  be  part  of  the  same  line  but  the  dates  are  off  for  my  line. My Thomas  Shores Sr would  have  been  born  about 1727-1730, so  his  marriage  date  to  Martha  Cocke would  have  been  more  like 1750s? Of  course  I may  misreading  your post and thank you  for  answering
How  were  marriages  recorded in  Henrico in 1750 era would   it  have  been  in  a  vestry book. Perhaps I looked in the  wrong book for  the  marriage  between Martha  Cocke  and Thomas Shores  who  was  from  Hanover?
So Thomas Shores was born in Hanover not Henrico as recorded on this profile?
Someone has done some research for this but unfortunately it doesn't say whom.  It says that Thomas Shores died in Fluvanna, Virginia, I wonder if there might be some history of his life there?

The Library of Virginia may have some records perhaps something on line or by contacting them

or perhaps something here
Both Thomas  Sr and  Jr Shores  are  my  patriots   DAR says  Thomas  Sr  was  born  in  Henrico and  died  in  Fluvanna. There  is  a  big  history,  Old Flu, about the  Shores and  Tutwilers  all  my ancestors.  I  was  reading  another  document  that said  Shores  Sr  was  born  in  Hanover??? would  that  account  for  Thomas  Shores  not  showing up  in  the  Vestry  Book of  Henrico ( Idid see  a  John  Shores  there). I  want  to  get  all  the  facts  correct  as I have joined The  Southern  Colonies  Project and  trying  to  find  the  best  sources.  I  want  to  add James Powell Cocke as  an  ancestor, I  feel  that  I  have  good  documentation  for  him but not  a  good  document  to  connect his  daughter Martha, to my  Thomas  Shores  SR.  DAR has    added a  note for  future  applicants that no  wives  have  been  proven.(so  in  the  correction  file)  I  wish  I  knew  who  wrote  the  document  you  posted as  I  have  read  it  before , but  without  a  source..DAR for  sure  will  not  accept Thanks for. keeping  up this  conversation.
I  have  been  doing  some  research  Henrico one of  the  original 8 shires became  Henrico County 1630, but  spawned  from  that  was  Chesterfield, Goochland, Powahatan. Albemarle  and Fluvanna so based on that  a person might pick a county name, but his  birth  date was circa 1730, Hanover  was  formed in 1720 from New Kent?  Thomas Jr's   birth  date was  circa 1755--so what ever division  he  happened  to  live in at  that  time. It  says  Thomas  Junior was  born  in  Caroline County, but  Caroline  was  not  in  that division or  was  it, can  someone  answer?
Great  site  but  did  not  see the  marriage  thanks
So  after  rereading  yes  I  think  that  is reported  to  be  my  line--now  just  proving  it  thanks
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Interestingly, the website at Monticello - - mentions John Powell Cocke as having a daughter Martha.

by Roger Stong G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Thank  you  so  much  I  did  review  those  two  sites  and  saw  that  James  Powell  Cocke  had  a  daughter Martha  which  he  mentions  in  his  will  as  married  but  did  not  list  her  married  name. So now  my  question  is, is  this  document  considered a  reliable  source?  I  want  to  use Martha Cocke  as Thomas  Shores  Sr's  wife(  apparently his  2nd?) on his  profile. The  other bump  in the  road  will  this  document  hold up  under the  scrutiny of  the  DAR and wikitree?   I see  the  Cocke family  well  documented  in the Henrico Vestry  book but  not  the  connection  with Shores.   Thank  you

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