Gedcom upload cites different ID number in source

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I noticed some new entries with my maiden name & checked them out for duplicates with my Nolands. One gave a source citation of "Noland-19" when the profile was actually "Noland-216". The changes page shows just the gedcom upload, & Noland-19 is somebody else. Also, the source citation says the upload was Dec. 27 and the changes page says it was Dec. 29. WikiTree bug or something in that gedcom?  Just curious.
WikiTree profile: Fannie Noland
in Genealogy Help by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (639k points)

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The only Profile page I see linked to from Noland-216 is -- i.e., profile of the uploader. So not sure what you're seeing or requesting.

-- Jillaine
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
But in that first source, right under the Sources header, it says "WikiTree profile Noland-19 created through the import...". And to be honest, I have no explanation for that. That is weird!
Ah, now I see it. dunno. sorry.

the other weirdness is in the changes (I went to see if maybe the person who uploaded the gedcom had changed the WikiTree ID number for some reason). The changes page shows that the gedcom was uploaded on Dec. 29 (which I believe is accurate - I check on my maiden name pretty often).  The para under Sources header in the profile says it was created Dec 27, 2012.  I agree with a sentiment I saw when I was first exploring WikiTree: small bugs can sometimes cause catastrophic problems, so it's best to look into them while they're still small.  Since I'd noticed it, I thought it best to mention it.  Thanks for all y'all do to keep WikiTree running smoothly.  I really love it!  Cheers & Happy New Year, Liz

That really is weird. Nice catch, Liz!

This is more technical than most people will care about, but ...

GEDCOM import was completely changed over the holidays to introduce GEDMatches.  We now essentially import a GEDCOM before we import the GEDCOM.  We go through all the steps that we used to go through to create profiles and family relationships. This data is stored in temporary databases and then compared to the data in the live database.

When/if a profile is created from the GEDCOM, data from the temporary database is moved to the live database. Liz has discovered some bug here related to the data move. Some info from the temporary database -- at least their temporary IDs -- is being kept.

We'll investigate ...
I love when this happens! Great find, Liz!
If I could pick a comment as "Best Answer" I would! Thanks Chris!
i recently uploaded the gedcom you are refering to i will look into the issue it appears   these should be merged
when a gedcom from heritage is uploaded here it shows the sorce as a gedcom and refers to who posted. it did not transfer over the actual sorce of the information. i will add sources where i can if there is anything on the tree that becomes disputed. im going to be adding what pictures i have for now they also didnt get moved with the gedcom. and fixing any errors created.

if you see any issues, matches links etc dont hesitate to collaborate with me
Nicholas - Hi again!

No, they (Noland-19 and Noland-216) don't need to be merged...they're totally different.  That's what was so weird about the Noland-19 showing up in biography area.  If I understood correctly, Noland-216 was assigned a temporary ID (I assumed Noland-19) while the gedcom was being processed, which should have been merged into the actual ID (Noland-216) once your gedcom was added to WikiTree.  The temporary ID staying in the final profile (albeit only in the text of the automatically generated source paragraph) is a glitch.

I don't work with gedcoms, so I don't know, but I thought sources came over too?  Did Noland-216 have more sources than what was shown in the second bullet? Photos I don't think get imported (off to look up the gedcom help page...back in a sec)

Cheers, Liz
i did a bit more reserch i was wrong with my previous comments. the source was carried over wich is good. i do have more sources i took the gedcom from my heritage but i also have a tree on ancestory which has many more linked sources then heritage.

i edited the page and removed the bad source of noland 19.
ty yeah im just going to add them manualy
im also going to have to check each bio it looks like it gets auto generated with the gedcom file. ill probably do that as a add sources from ancestory etc. to each profile.

Glad to hear the source info came over - that had me a bit worried.  I'd gone to edit the Noland-19 to Noland-216, but the privacy level prevented that ... and then you'd fixed it!  You're fast :D   However, you might want to consider leaving that information in the profile somewhere (not the wrong WikiTree ID number, but the paragraph that has what I call the "credits" - who uploaded what gedcom when & the "click the changes tab" bit).  As profiles get merged, it's kinda nice to have that info visible in the biography as well as in the fine print where the profile manager(s)/last update information is... or maybe that's just cuz my eyesight's not what it used to be. 

Aha - I went to see if I could find a couple of examples of merged profiles & retained gedcom info... found something better:

Enjoy - and it's nice to see some more Nolands in WikiTree!

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