Looking for margaret myers jones who married henry foster jones

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They had a son named Harry Thomas and a daughter Hazel
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To narrow down this couple  - include anything that you might know of as to

Dates or approximate dates  - of b, m, d

Location - country - province, region - city, town-

No one can tell if they are from England or Australia in 1820 or 1950!!!!

Good luck
I know that Margaret Myers Jones and Henry Foster Jones' son is Harry Thomas Jones. I do not have any detail on the parents but know that their son, Harry, was born in Strangford, Pennsylvania in 1902.  I do not know where the parents were born but the suspicion is Wales.   Harry Thomas Jones married Audrey Louise Burkett and lived in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania until their death.

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Interesting... in the 1910 census (Burrell, Indiana Co., PA), Foster Jones, 41, and single, is enumerated as brother-in-law of Martin Libengard (who is married to a Margaret, 43-- supposed sister of Foster Jones). Immediately after Foster Jones is Harry F or T Jones, 7, "nephew" -- implication being he was son of Foster. But no mother of Harry (or sister of Martin) is included in this household.

All born in PA of PA-born parents.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (933k points)
Let's go back to the Wales origin story. Looking through your notes, what is it that supports that story?

From all the census records I've found so far for you, I've seen no reference to anything other than Pennsylvania for both Jones and Myers.

Could be that one of the women who married into either Jones or Myers lines was of Welsh origin.
And... I'd like to see all this work reflected in an appropriate set of profile pages here on WikiTree. Have you started a set of pages for this family yet? I couldn't easily find Foster or Henry Thomas.

I figured out what your notes refer to. He's listing the siblings of Foster Jones:

1. Bill Jones -lives in possibly Kansas. Children - Ed, Earl, Hazel, Lillie 

This is likely the William Jones b abt 1846, s/o George and Mary 

2. Milt Jones - lives in Bolivar PA Children - Nellie, Sade Freyer, Mary St. Claire, Hanry Banks, Russell.

This is likely Milton C. Jones, b abt 1860, s/o George and Mary

3. Morgue Jones lives in Strangford Children - Vera Fishel, Elda Grunling, Minnie, Kenny, Raymond, Bob

This is likely Morgan Jones, b abt 1862, s/o George and Mary

4. George Jones lives in Blairsville, PA Verny Holby, Nellie Dickton, Annie Muir, Hilda Brown, Aggie Forsha, Bill, George, Herman, Ralph

This is likely George Jones b abt 1851, s/o George and Mary; but I'm concerned that he's out of chronological order with the others. We can probably determine this by examination of the census records. 

5. Hugh Jones lives in Strangford -had 1 girl.

This is likely Hugh Jones, b abt 1854.

6. Foster jones - Straingford (died 1914 at age 42 or 45) children - Stella Beirs, Mable Gray, Hazel and Harry.


Missing from this list are:

Samuel, b abt 1848

James, b abt 1850 and with whom Mable is living in 1910

Mary A., b abt 1857

Margaret, b abt 1866 and with whom Foster and Henry T are living in 1910



I'd stated above that it looked like George and Mary A. (____) Jones died before 1870 because it looked like their children were living without parents. On Ancestry.com, the image before the page of the children has completely different people on it. But that was bugging me, so I searched for George Jones in Burrell. Ancestry.com images are just out of order. He and Mary are still alive, at the bottom of the page, and with son Samuel.
Thank you again for all your research and support.  I have primarily used Ancestry.com and started a tree using their site. The tree is under Childs Tree.  Since I was looking for exact names, I did not have much luck.  A colleague suggested I try Google to conduct random searches for my paternal great grandparents.  That is how I found Wikitree.com.

Regarding Wales, I have nothing in writing.  My father was led to believe as a child growing up that his ancestors were from Wales.  My father was an only child. He joined the Navy for the war and then married so the time he spent in PA as an older adult was limited yearly.  He and the majority of his close relatives have passed away.  I only met Hazel and Mabel when we visited but I was young.  I con't recall having met anyone else from that side of the family and were led to believe that they were my grandfather's aunts.  That must have been my misunderstanding.
I early learned that family legends often don't pan out, but there's often some amount of truth in them. My gr-gr-grandparents were always believed to have married on the ship over from Germany. But when I started researching, we found their marriage record in Buffalo, NY, shortly after their arrival. The piece of truth buried in this family legend is that they DID travel on the same ship together, but under their own names, as proven by a ships passenger list I later found.

Because I spent so much time on this, I've compiled what I found into a GEDCOM which I will upload to wikitree. I'll link you to it as soon as it's up.

-- Jillaine
Here's a copy of what I researched. I opened up the profiles so you can edit (if you join here):


Where did you find the following 1920 information?  I have tried to locate it unsuccessfuly.  You mentioned posting a page to your person website.  How do I access it?  I found the site but not the page. - Thank you.


Note N4
1910: living with her maternal grandmother, Delila Myers (widowed) in Burrell, Indiana Co. PA
1920: living in almshouse in White, Indiana, PA

Hi Audrey. I found it searching the 1920 census records on Ancestry.com. Hold on, let me go grab the image and post it to my web site (since I can't add it here directly). 


Click on the image to be taken to the full size version.

I've been working on my family tree and I am looking for information on Morgan C. Jones who is my Great Grandfather.  I can add more after him but not info. about his siblings or his parents that I'm needing info. on.  I do know that Morgan C. Jones married Carrie (Mikesell) Jones in Burrell Township, Blairsville, PA.  They had 3 daughters and 2 sons.  Vera Fishel, Minnie Jones, Elda Grumbling, Raymond Jones and Robert M. Jones ( Robert M. Jones is my grandfather)  Robert M. Jones was married  in Blairsville, PA. to Mary Catherine Smith ( b. May 3, 1893, d. Aug. 1963 )   and had 3 sons, Robert M. Jones, Clarence Jones, and Richard T. Jones (my dad)  I have more information if needed,  Clarence and Richard were born in Coral, PA and Robert was born in Blairsville.  If you can give me Information about Morgan C. Jones, like his parents and other info. that you have, I would really appreiate it.  My name is Cathy Jones - Neumann

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