Why the unexpected -- and unwanted -- changes to Wikitree?

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All the little rectangles on the upper right-hand side of an individual's screen.

e.g., one was labeled "Family" & you could click on it to see the person's spouses and children, their main image, dobs & dods -- suddenly that's gone!

Under image details, in the lower right were the codes (I guess that's the word) that you could copy & paste into the text of a bio so that the image was included -- gone!!!.  Why??

Does Wikitree make thse changes and not even bother to inform us??  For what purpose??  They are certinly not improvements!!  Quite the opposite!

Information please!!


in Policy and Style by Patricia Hickin G2G6 Mach 8 (85.1k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Tell me more about the image details.  I do not think I have used this.

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Chris actually did post about the changes here on G2G a couple of weeks ago and they are not gone but they did move to the bottom of the biography section under the tab "Tree and Tools"
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Anonymous Whitis

Well, this seems to me a much more cumbersome process than the previous arrangement.

And I still don't see the codes for images -- I'm not sure I'm using the right terminology.

And where on G2G did Chris make the post? How did you happen to see it? Why not notify us by email?  

I am feeling very grumpy about this whole thing!!




The codes for images are currently being discussed elswhere to determine if they need to be changed to fit the style guidelines that are undergoing revision at this time.  Sorry you are upset but some changes need to be done to make WikiTree usable on a large number of devices and operating systems.
I skim ALL G2G posts every day so that is why I saw it.  I am sure that it was mentioned in the emails that I get every day from WikiTree but unless the emails are about matches or trusted list requests I tend to skip ovr most of them.
That's interesting -- what emails do you get evvery day from Wikitree?-- Despite my complaints, I do love Wikitree & am always pleased to get an email from Wikitree.



Wiki Genealogy Feed is one and I don't remember the name of the other one but I do know that one of them comes every day and the other one comes once a week.  If you don't see them try your spam folder.

I belive the two are:

The Wikitree Genealogy Feed which is sent to you if you are following Surnames and Tags


The Wikitree Family News which sends info from your Watchlist.

You can also follow along with the Wikitree Blog and from there follow along on a variety of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Also from the Blog is the News from the Tree Newsletter

I forgot about the blog, and yes Michael I do believe that you are correct about what they are called.
Sorry Robert I tried to also choose it as the best answer. This answer was originally chosen by Robert Hathaway. I agree.
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You can still see the family group,  by clicking on the WikiTree ID on the upper right of the profile page, and scrolling down the list to Family Group Sheet.  This should bring you to the same screen you were used to.  That's the quickest way to find it, although you can use the Family Tree & Tools page, and scroll down that as well.

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (736k points)
Patricia,  This seems like the best solution for you.
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Here is the discussion you asked for.


It is different to be sure, most of it is just re-learning where things are.

Can you explain more about what you are missing and we can try and help you find the new path?
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (396k points)

The Family rectangle (family group sheet) was the icon I clicked on a lot.  I would trace a whole descendant line switching from Profile view to Family Group sheet, checking to be sure I had everyone, images for as many as possible, correct genders, married names for women, etc., etc.  It was fast and efficient.  It can still be done of course, but having to go through the extra step(s) to get to the familt group sheet is a bit of a nuisance. And it's no longer so efficient or as much fun to me.   

Where is the link to Unresponsive Profile Manager request form? And don't say Trees & Tools page; it isn't.
Yes, it is, Shirley, but you have to scroll all the way down; it's the last thing on the page.
Shirley,  The Unresponsive Profile Manager Contact form link only shows up on profiles that are not Open or Public.  As Nan says, you should see it either at the bottom of the profile or under TNT (Trees and Tools) depending of if the person in question is a Closed profile or living Wikitreer.
Patricia I see your frustration.

I not sure of an adequate solution for you.  Not being entirely clear on your process, would opening a second tab or right clicking to open in a second tab be of any help? Then switching back and forth between tabs?
For the tools that were on the right-hand side of the profile, you don't need to go to Tree & Tools and scroll down. They're all in the menu in the top-right of the screen (the menu named with the profile ID of the profile you're on). That was always intended to be the quick and easy way of reaching all those tools; it came as a bit of a surprise that many people didn't know that menu existed. :)
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Patricia, Here is the link to inline images, which was started off because of that missing code Should Inline Images be Recommended, the result is we are waiting for the powers that be to come up with a template or something that does not use div or span, which as you know !!! is HTML and is NOT recommended

by Paul Curran G2G6 Mach 1 (15.4k points)
edited by Paul Curran

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