Adding someone as a match that has questions on whom the parents truly are

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I am wanting to know how to add a match to someone in my tree who is the correct person but they have parents listed and I have documentation stating that there is no proof they are the correct parents and the parents are in question. This person may have been taken in as a child and raised as their own, but there is an uncertainty as to bio lineage. How do I go about adding it as a match but not adding the parents listed as actual parents until it can be documented accurately and correctly. I want to make sure of accuracy as it is my line and heritage, but I do not want wrong data or wrong lineage.
WikiTree profile: Andrew Dry
in The Tree House by Anthony Roberts G2G Crew (310 points)

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Hi Anthony,

Your concerns are valid.  We all want correct information.
The thing to do is merge the profiles that represent the same people, and of course avoid creating any duplicates for people who are already represented on WikiTree.  One profile per person... one leaf on the world-wide family tree.
Information like you have is valuable and fits in with all of the other clues and sources to eventually figure out what went on... until the next clue ads more to the picture.  You should send a message to the profile manager the same way that you did to me.  Most people here are happy to have additional sources and to better the profiles.  Once you share your information, the manager might make corrections or share information with you that changes your perspective.  Working together is part of WikiTree.
If there are no sources posted for the current information on the profiles you may post sources yourself and then update the information supported by those sources.  If the privacy level on the profile does not allow you to edit then you can follow the instructions to request to be added to the Trusted List.  Once accepted (there is no reason for them not to) then you would be able to do all the edits you need to.
Without knowing anything about the particular ancestor you related to me, I can suggest how something like that might get represented on their profile....
If it is generally documented that person X parents were Y and Z, supported by birth records, marriage records, or published writings for example, then those parents would be linked as the birth parents.  If someone else is to be linked to them such as rumored birth parents, adoptive parents, adoring grandmother who raised them, etc... then this is done in the biography section of person X.  Something like "Although records ##### show that Y and Z are the parents of X, it was written in the family bible on page 21 by X's child x that the real parents of X were F and G."
From a biography you can make a link to anywhere by using the brackets that look like this [ and ].  Where you want it to show "Keith Hathaway was here." with my name as a link, on the edit page in the biography section you would put:  [ Keith Hathaway] was here.
First there is the bracket [
The next part I copied from the web-browser address bar and pasted
Then there is one blank space
Then the text you wish to show the the viewer.
Then the Final bracket to close ]
I hope this helps!
by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway

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