Gateway Ancestors - Kempe brothers' (Edmund, Edward, Richard) Magna Carta trail to surety barons are now open!

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If you are interested in Kempe family, you'll be glad to know that their trails to Magna Carta surety barons John de Lacy, Gilbert de Clare, Richard de Clare, and Saher de Quincy are now complete. From their profiles, you can go back generation by generation, following the Magna Carta trail, and see the well researched and sourced profiles in this line of descent.

Check it out!

Special thanks to Jan from our team for all the work she did on the trail! 

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WikiTree profile: Edward Kemp
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Edward Kemp is my 8th GGF, so that means that all the Surity Barons he is descended from, are my great grandfathers?
Yes.  Also Ros, Albini, Bigods, Malet.

Edward and Dave are fifth cousins 12 times removed

Edward Kemp and Dave Martin are both descendants of Henry Wentworth.

Hi RJ are you sure there is a Malet connection?

I gave up being sure of anything.  But Richardson has a Despenser of Goxhill marrying a granddaughter of a Beauchamp of Hatch

Complete Peerage says "most probably", citing Close Rolls and a church ornament

RJ, so that is this Despenser? I see the connection of the Malets to his wife.

I can see that Robert Kemp's wife is a descendant, so unfortunately this does not apply to any other Kemps except Robert's descendants?

Shame. I am still trying to find a Malet descent!

I seem to match many Malets. The line goes through patrick Bruce. From Anne Malet 1600s. Howard and Graham come up. But nowhere does Malet meet plantaginet as 0/425 related profiles match.that grouo. But does go through the Bruce Scots. And they are related by Fitzpatrick.

Does go through my Beauchamp grandmotjer.

Just what I see right of the bat.
I often see 'Kemp' and 'Camp' interchanged in early years. Has anyone determined if any of the 'Camps' are truly misspelled 'Kemps' and, if so, which families/where do they occur? Thank you!

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Relationship Found

Edward and James are 6th cousins 11 times removed

Edward Kemp and James Collins are both descendants of Agnes (Danvers) Fray.

1. Edward is the son of Dorothy (Harris) Kempe [confident]
2. Dorothy is the daughter of Dorothy (Waldegrave) Harris [confident]
3. Dorothy is the daughter of William Waldegrave [confident]
4. William is the son of George Waldegrave Esq. [confident]
5. George is the son of William Waldegrave [confident]
6. William is the son of Elizabeth (Fray) Say [confident]
7. Elizabeth is the daughter of Agnes (Danvers) Fray [unknown confidence]
This makes Agnes the fifth great grandmother of Edward.

1. James is the son of [private mother] [unknown confidence]
2. [Private] is the daughter of Armour Rich [unknown confidence]
3. Armour is the son of Arthur Jason Rich [unknown confidence]
4. Arthur is the son of Albert Rich [unknown confidence]
5. Albert is the son of George Rich [unknown confidence]
6. George is the son of Noah Rich sr [unknown confidence]
7. Noah is the son of Belden R. Rich [unknown confidence]
8. Belden is the son of James Rich [unknown confidence]
9. James is the son of Lydia (Young) Rich [unknown confidence]
10. Lydia is the daughter of Mary Higgins [unknown confidence]
11. Mary is the daughter of Jonathan Higgins [unknown confidence]
12. Jonathan is the son of Richard Higgins [confident]
13. Richard is the son of Edward Higgins [confident]
14. Edward is the son of Elizabeth (Clinton) Higgins [confident]
15. Elizabeth is the daughter of Margery Tracy [unknown confidence]
16. Margery is the daughter of Richard Tracy [unknown confidence]
17. Richard is the son of Alice (Baldington) Tracy [unknown confidence]
18. Alice is the daughter of Agnes (Danvers) Fray [unknown confidence]
This makes Agnes the 16th great grandmother of James                         I am fairly confident of my line up to  after that I am not sure. Comments?                             

by James Collins G2G6 Mach 5 (56.6k points)
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Edward Kemp is my 10th ggf, so count me in!
by Tanya Kasim G2G6 Mach 1 (12.4k points)

Hello Tanya

We appreciate your interest in the Magna Carta Project and would be happy to have you join us as a member.  There are two membership levels that I want to give you more information on so you can decide which of the two meets your interest and level of participation.  These two membership levels have different requirements so please review the following project pages for more information.  Once you have decided which membership meets your interest level contact me and we will get you started/  Keep in mind that that in order to become a  "badged" member requires the selection of an unassigned Gateway Ancestor from the list of Douglas Richardson documented Magna Carta Gateway Ancestors prior to badging.  If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of Magna Carta Project membership feel free to contact me.

Magna Carta Project Membership Requirements  (information about badged and affiliate membership levels)

Magna Carta Gateway Ancestors   (make selection from ancestors that are not marked with a "b" or "g")

Best regards

David Douglass, Project Co-Leader, Membership

Thank you, David. I'm guessing "b" is for badged and "g" is for gateway, but what exactly is an unassigned ancestor? Never mind, I'll look it up. ;)

-Tanya Kasim
Unassigned means that gateway ancestor does not have a guardian

b means that gateway ancestor is in a badged trail that has been reviewed and approved by the project

g means that gateway ancestor has been assigned a guardian

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