Disputed origin of Daniel Thurston

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Daniel Thurston's profile currently shows that he was baptized in 1631 in Cranbrook, Kent, England, son of Robert Thurston with a royal and Magna Carta lineage.  There is no evidence to suppport the supposition that the Daniel Thurston baptized in 1631 was the same as the later immigrant.

"Alternatively, he was  born Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and was the son of Daniel or Stephen THURSTON."  See http://minerdescent.com/2010/06/10/daniel-thurston/

In addition, "Robert Thurston and Martha Pierce did have a son Daniel Thurston, who was christened on 26 October 1628 in Faversham, Kent, England. This was obviously too early for him to be the same Daniel Thurston who is said to have been born in Cranbrook, Kent, England in 1631. I see no connection of this family in Faversham with Cranbrook."  See http://www.themorrisclan.com/GENEALOGY/THURSTON%20Stephen.html

It appears that there are three separate potential origins for Daniel Thurston.  Does anybody have further information in favor of or against any of these possibilities?  If not, then it looks like Daniel's birth data needs to be edited and his alleged parents detached.

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... and a == Disputed Origins == section added with appropriate links to disputed relations...

just beating my same ol' drum... ;-)
As a descendant of Daniel Thurston, I would love to be able to complete the record of his origin, but in lieu of that possibility, I'm in agreement with those who would delete his parents and adding a disputed relations section. I have no clue how to do that, so I leave it to greater minds than my own.

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I did an extensive search for the origins of Daniel Thurston. Here is the blog post I wrote about it: http://www.jeaniesgenealogy.com/2014/07/daniel-thurston-of-england-and-newbury.html

I could not find any evidence of his origins.
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This looks very helpful, Jeanie!  Thank you for sharing it.
Your information is very helpful -- I'd read it before landing here and signing up for wikitree. I think we just have to hope that something hitherto undiscovered or new DNA evidence turns up.
It looks as if we are distantly related as I'm a descendant of both Daniel "the kinsman" and Benjamin Thurston. Just read your blog on our Gage ancestors which was new information for me. Thanks.
Two other brief comments: I've found your blogs invaluable, and I really am committed to doing this right. Thank you again for all your work.
Thank you very much for your kind compliments! It makes me want to work harder!
I had two final (well, probably not) thoughts on Daniel Thurston's origin. I spent many hours--days!--on this before leaving on several trips this summer. The first is that whichever potential line I traced back through good or shlocky genealogy, ultimately all appeared to have their origin in Suffolk, not far from the town of Thurston. So, on one level we do know, the question is where Daniel's ancestors went between Suffolk and Newbury.

The second is that my DNA results matched with a number of people from western counties of England: Dorset, Devon, Gloucestershire which would appear to most likely connect to my Thurston ancestors. Although I still think that Thornbury in some ways is the least likely place of origin for Daniel, I do wonder if these matches lend credence to it. For now though, still a mystery.
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I've been mucking around in my family history for awhile and I, for one, would love to see this settled. My Estes Quaker ancestors seem to have clearly come from Dover, but the Thurston ancestry is still unsettled. Could DNA shed some light on this? There seem to be many Thurstons still in the Thornbury area today. From what I can see of many of their names, they are similar to the family as it flourished in Massachusetts.

But as of now, nothing definitive can be said.Here's hoping modern tools can solve this old mystery!
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The ancestry's going nowhere anyway, as Petronilla Clinton was born more like 1300 than 1450, as discussed on another thread.
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I removed Robert as Daniel's father. Martha was never shown as his mother. I added a bit more to the Disputed Parents section, retaining his "father's" name and ID there.

I also added another source and the King Philip's template to his profile.
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