Help I don't have a clue how to begin a Merge!?

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Please see to following comment I recieved through wikitree from Daniel Bouman:


Hi Jonathan, I believe your Elsien Noord is the mother of my Geerd Ensing ( ;) Information about the marriage of Geerd to Jantje Willems Slofstra where they are mentioned as parents: Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk Archieflocatie Drents Archief Algemeen Toegangnr: 0166.021 Inventarisnr: 1874 Gemeente: Roden Soort akte: Huwelijksakte Aktenummer: 14 Datum: 09-05-1874 Bruidegom Geerd Ensing Geboorteplaats: Roden Bruid Jantje Willems Slofstra Geboorteplaats: Haule (Ooststellingwerf) Vader bruidegom Jan Geerts Ensing Moeder bruidegom Elsien Hindriks Noord Vader bruid Willem Lammerts Slofstra Moeder bruid Antje Jans Vochteloo Nadere informatie bruidegom: 27 jaar.; bruid: 22 jaar. This also means that the Jan Geerts Ensing I have created ( is also the same as your Jan Geerts Ensing ( I will make you the manager of the profile so that you can merge them :) Best regards, Daniel


I hope this will be a learning experience for me but I need some hand holding.


(Jonathan) Paul Watkins
in Genealogy Help by Living Watkins G2G Rookie (140 points)

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Hi Jonathan! Merging two profiles together is pretty easy. Just go to this page:

It's best to merge newer profiles into older profiles, so in this case you'll want to merge Ensing-9 into Ensing-1. So, in the ID 1 field, put Ensing-9, and in the ID 2 field, put Ensing-1. Click Initiate a Merge.

This will bring you to a page where, for every data field in the profile (date of birth, etc.) you can choose which one to keep. In this case it'll be easy, because the two profiles don't disagree on any fields. Then just click Confirm Merge, and it's done!

If you have any trouble, you can either comment here (or ask a new question), or email me at :)

by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (427k points)
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Hi Jonathan,

After using the MergePerson page there is one more actions to compete the process:

We need to comfirm that Elsien Noord (Noord-31) is the mother of Geerd Ensing (Ensing8). You can do that on this page:

Under A enter Noord-31 and confirm. If you get a notification that you are not on the trusted list just send me the request (I could not add you as a manager since I did not have your email address).

Futhermore I have also found the marriage information between Jan Geerts Ensing  and Elsien Hindriks Noord:

Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk
Archieflocatie Drents Archief
Algemeen Toegangnr: 0166.021 
Inventarisnr: 1827 
Gemeente: Roden 
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte 
Aktenummer: 13 
Datum: 12-12-1827
Bruidegom Jan Geerts Ensing 
Geboortedatum: 17-02-1799 
Geboorteplaats: Peize
Bruid Elsien Hindriks Noord 
Geboortedatum: 08-01-1802 
Geboorteplaats: Roden
Vader bruidegom Geert Jans
Moeder bruidegom Geertruid Hindriks
Vader bruid Hindrik Jans Noord
Moeder bruid Jantje Jannes Koops
Nadere informatie We. 1 kind

Location: Roden

Date: 1827-12-12

Best regards,


p.s. If you are wondering about the connection: Geert's wife Jantje Willems Slofstra was the sister of my wife's great grandfather laugh

by Daniël Bouman G2G6 Mach 1 (14.2k points)
Actually, when you merge two profiles together and one of them has parents and the other doesn't, as in this case, the final merged profile will have those parents unless you specifically choose to not keep the parents on the merging screen. :)

In cases where both profiles have parents, the default is to keep the parents of the profile you're merging into.
In this case Geert Ensing ( only has one parent: his father (when I wanted to add his mother the profile match came up). When his father is merged his parenthood will be saved in the merge and so will the marriage between the father and his mother. Since the motherhood is not set in any of the profiles to be merged this will probably have to be set manually.

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