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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Closed until next Weekends Chat on October 15th - 17th, 2021
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
closed by David Selman

Welcome back to the Weekend Chat! And greetings from a very rainy Cathey’s Creek. Though we had flood warnings in our county, we saw our creek rise only a bout halfway up the back, so no flooding for us. If you want to see how we experienced our only flood on our property, check out these videos from 19 April 2019:

Front yard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAgyba-m9AU
Backyard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwV2ObLWh6I

Nothing close since!

On the Home Front: The Source-a-thon last weekend wore me out. When I first started participating in thons my first year on WikiTree (2018), I had more stamina. The only reason I did so well is that I worked a massive gedcom. This was Larry Hayer’s gedcom from many years ago. Sadly, though Larry worked on WikiTree through August of this year, he died in September. Larry may have had a large gedcom that was mostly unsourced, but he did make connections to some of the more important families in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, the county bordering Mecklenburg (my home county) to the northwest. I worked at a church in Concord, the county seat, during the middle two years of college, and many of the surnames in that church matched those in Larry’s gedcom.

My step-dad has finally decided that he can no longer live alone, even with us only six minutes way. He fell twice a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately my stepsister and her nephew were there. It looks like my wife and I are going to buy his home. It will give us a lot more breathing room. My wife and I both inherited lots of stuff from our families, and some if it is in storage at Dad’s house already. Sadly, Dad will be moving to live near his daughter in Florida, and as frail as he is, we are not sure we will see much of him before his health fails completely. Two difficulties for me:

1) Leaving the home my wife and I worked so hard on, particularly the landscaping. We have this sense of accomplishment, making the place a beautiful one, not only in our eyes, but in the eyes of many who stop by for whatever reason.
2) Moving to the place where my mom lived for so long, and her not being there. Actually, she will always be there in a way, with most of the furnishings there once belonging to her, her decorating touch, her homemade Christmas ornaments, etc.

I finally had my first video meeting with my professor. Guess what I’ve been assigned: reading Plato’s Republic! GAH! Totally out of my knowledge set, what with my lifelong focus on Reformation and post-Reformation history and thinking. I hope that soon we’ll get into the first volume of the three-volume set of Patristic writings. I’ll have to take Plato along on my trip to Tucson next week.

Speaking of Tucson (Arizonans take note!), I’ll be there from Monday to Saturday. Can’t wait to see my brother for the first time in over a year. Hopefully, we WikiTreers can get together, too. What a blast that would be!

I hope all of you are well and safe where you are, you and all whom you love.

Enjoy the Chat!

Sorry to hear about Larry, he and I worked on my son in laws family together and I will miss his input.
Also sorry to hear about your dad and his move.  Have you considered just staying where you are, selling your Dad's house and having a great big garage sale for the stuff that doesn't fit anymore?  Just a thought.  This from a guy that has a two car garage that only one car fits in!!
Hi Pip, I did not do as well during this year's Source-aTthon; however, you did great! Your numbers were impressive and you were one of the top five as I recall. Kudos to you!

I, too, am sorry to hear of your stepdad's need to move. It is difficult to see elders, who have been self sufficient for so long needing to make these changes. And think of the wonderful memories you will be adding to with the move to the new home.

Hang in there with the philosophy! You can read Plato on the flight to Tucson. I look forward to seeing you in person. I'll send an email with my phone number. Will you me wearing one of your several million kilts?
Hahaha! No, I won't be bringing any of my kilts, Carol. They take up too much space in a suitcase.

Bob, nearly all of Dad's stuff will have to be sold (or taken by his daughters/grandsons). Most of the stuff in the house was Mom's. We have thought about staying here. We'd just need to build onto our house for the extra space.

A wikitree meet up would be cool. So sorry about the step-dad, man. I hope he gets the best care possible. Good luck and good luck with the stuff!

Good afternoon all

Sorry to hear about your dad PIp.

I'm late because I was out picking up my new camera that I ordered 10 days ago. 

I'll be back in a while 

Pip, thanks for hosting! Wear the kilt on flight instead of packing it. I bet you would get lots of attention and better service. Reading Plato--I'm nodding off just thinking about reading it. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I'm glad your step-dad is acknowledging that he can no longer live alone. So many elders insist they can far longer than they should. I know you have mixed feelings about moving. I'm sure you and your wife will enjoy making the old homestead just as nice, if not better, than where you are now. Congrats on your Source-a-thon work and being one of the top contributors!
Thanks for hosting, Pip. Sad news about your step-father deciding to move so far away from you, and I hope the move works out for him. Tough decision for you on whether to stay in the home you've worked so hard or move into mother's home.

Hope to meet you while you're in Arizona!
Pip as always. Thanks for hosting so masterfully.   You did us proud coming in 5th overall in the SAT.  Over 1000 by yourself.  We bow to your fast fingers and I know you worked into the next morning.     So glad you are part of our team.     So I have my new computer working.   Yeah.     

Sorry about your stepdad.   But I am sure he will be happy being in a warm climate with his daughter close.      

I have a lot of family heirloom furniture. And it makes for some interesting memories.   The table I use fir Thanksgiving was my great grandmother’s. It seats 15.  I push it up to my kitchen table so we can seat 20 at on long contiguuus type table.   I like that.        I use crystal snd silverware that I also inherited.     Love Thanksgiving.         

Hugs to you Pup.  When and where is this WikiTree meet up?    Sounds like fun!       Here in St. Louis we have several genealogy libraries and government record agencies.     Lots of resources.   Some are open. Some I tap remotely.     My deck can hold about 20 safely.       And I have multiple bathrooms.        We also have one of the top zoos in the world and it is free. Plus a lot of other really cool stuff.    Hopefully the plague will be gone next summer and travel is happening safely again.      

Hugs to you
The meet up will be in Tucson, Laura. Hoping to get together with any nearby WikiTreers. I know of at least three in the area!

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Good morning Pip and the weekend chatters!


  • No rain this week so far; clear blue skies
by Tommy Buch G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
And, good morning to you, too, Tommy!
Clear blue skies--such a rarity for that area lately. Enjoy!
+18 votes
Thank You for hosting the Chat Pip,

Weather, Seasonal and that means average temps in the 70's and a mixture of rain. No change there. Actually it has been a bit above average temps but nothing major.

On the Home Front,

Last weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday I was busy with a Pumpkin Festival. The turnout was light and a lot of vendors were not there but for the Amateur radio booth we had a good amount of interest and quite a few actually talking about getting their license soon. My job is to "evangelize" about Amateur Radio and I guess my experience as a Deacon and even Pastor comes in handy for that.

Monday, I started cleaning up all of the stuff I took to the Pumpkin Festival and just generally rested up after the weekend. This text was sent out Sunday evening "Everyone who volunteered at the pumpkin festival - thank you. We got rave reviews from the rest of the committee." so I guess we did alright

Tuesday, Still working on putting my radio stuff away. In my defense I was making changes to my "Go Kit" to make these events easier to set up and tear down as well as preparing my after action report for the meeting next week. We also made a run to the grocery store to pick up some items we were running low on. We got some great deals at the grocery salvage store, Ice cream for 50 cents a half gallon and butter that normally sells for 2.69 for 99 cents.

Wednesday, Still don't have everything put away from the weekend but I keep pecking away at it. With the weather being dark and raining I mostly worked on putting my stuff away and catching up on some TV.

Thursday,Took the car in for an oil change and just puttered around the house after that.

Today, Friday, Have the great granddaughter for a bit so I don't expect to get much accomplished but the day is young so we will see.

Genealogy, Just continuing to add sources to some unsourced profiles I manage and make them fir the guidelines a bit better. Nothing earth shattering but important work non the less.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Good to know things are peaceful where you are, Dale ... Is the Pumpkin Festival a local county thing or something much of Ohio participates in?
Dale, you must have taken a heck of a lot of stuff to the Festival for you to take so long putting things away. Enjoy your time with your g-granddaughter! (I know you always do.)
Susan the Pumpkin Festival is a small country festival. Officially it is a township festival and takes place in the township park. There is a community center where pancake breakfasts are served, an old school building, where I was , that has booths for craft people and other misc businesses ventures, another building much the same as the one I was in, an outdoor vendor area, There was a classic car show and an area where the Boy Scouts camped out. No rides but various competitions and entertainment including a concert by the Chardon Bagpipe band. Most who attend are local but I am sure that some come from surrounding counties as well.
I just got called to appear in court on November 9th. It concerns my fathers estate so I guess I will be going but he died in February. The courts are slow.
The pumpkin festival sounds charming. It's good your community was keeping it going, it will be stronger again next year, gotta keep the faith! Sounds like a busy week!
Well Pip I took 2 folding tables, my office chair, 7 hand held radios, a mobile radio set up to demonstrate portable operation, a 12 volt battery and antenna for the mobile radio, my desktop computer, a 19 inch TV for displaying a slideshow, a stand for the banner and to hold the antenna I made out of PVC pipe, 2 tablecloths for the tables, 4 holders for some of the handouts we gave away, my laptop, my lunchbox, and a tool box just in case. Upon returning all of the handheld radios as well as the 12 volt battery needed to be recharged after 16 hours of use and the office computer needed to be set up again. Also everything needed to be checked out and re packed for the next time I use it, possibly on the 17th, for that I will find out Wednesday, and that is time consuming because this is a continual learning experience thus constantly changing so I am packing the stuff in different ways to hopefully make life easier next time. I hope I did not forget anything I took but I probably did take more than I listed.
This is a link to the picture of our booth. The desktop computer is hidden below the tables. Yes I made the poster board as well as another that we did not use for this event.


That is a very well laid out "booth" ... very well done indeed -- have seen several hundred over the last 60 years so am considering myself to be an expert in such displays laugh

Susan, except for the handouts, most of them at least, and the banner the rest of stuff is mine and came out of my car.

Of course that means it had to go back into my car and be unloaded at my house to be put away.surprise

smiley Yes, well, Dale, I didn't have no problem knowing what physical expenditure there was when you laid out what you packed -- my eyes opened wider and wider and wider -- and when I looked at the pix .... 

I have in my Times Past boxed "stuff" and loaded same along with furniture etc into 23 foot rental trucks and unloaded etc at the other end of the journey ...  

Having already chewed on the expenditure of labor (vs travel time) I didn't want to get into -- again -- the equation of labor -- such as the "cocktail" of natural physical chemical compounds involved in physical labor ... laugh

It's not like we humans have a wand to wave and it all "happens" without cost (physical expenditure) laugh

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Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Its another Friday and weekly chat has come round again. Did try and make some contribution to the Source-a-thon, though found not that many I could find a source for. there were quite a few "unsourced" profiles in the 1700s and earlier, that I came across. Though I have to say I was being kept busy over the weekend anyway and it more a "look-in" to see what I could do on the Source-a-thon.

Being busy over the weekend, my sister was down to see me, there was the "Race Night" at the Community Centre on Saturday night. Then on Sunday the was the "Silver Sunday" tea party again at the Community Centre, which was a very good event - afternoon tea along with musical entertainment. even got to do some Ballroom Dancing. Which generated interest as there is a photo of me dancing the quickstep with Iris who I know.

Its been a usual sort of week - trying to play catch up with things. Am making sure I put some time in on wikitree - as I do like to do 100 contributions a month. But am doing the weekly chat in any case.

Have a good weekend everyone

by Chris Burrow G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
edited by Chris Burrow
Do you think you might be able to post that photo of you and Iris doing the Quik Step?
Chris, you always have such interesting things to do to stay busy and enjoy life.
Photo added...

Look at you, looking so doggone dapper in your dress shirt and tie.  That sure is a welcome relief to these eyes which have become accustomed to seeing blue jeans and graphic t-shirts.  Good for you, buddy!
Love the photo! Looks like you and Iris are having a jolly good time.
Looks to me like a thoroughly enjoyable event and evening (afternoon?) ... wow !!
Chris, you are living your best life, an inspiration, as always! Susan, thank you for getting Chris to post the picture!


A picture is worth a thousand words, and I love it. Thanks, Chris!
Great photo, Chris! You and Iris both look like you are enjoying a wonderful time.
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Good weekend to all.

Sorry to here about your father, but at least he'll be withfamily, I had to drive my adopted father to the nursing home when his parkinsons got to be to bad for him to stay at home, on the way he asked me,"so, how many inmates does this place have", thanks dad make me feel better about this why don't you. He brightened up when I said it was two thirds ladies,  that was in 1985. He stayed two years and then passed on. Many of the men in the home were friends he knew from his 40 years in business, most had dementia, had to say which is worse, a stronger body and no memory, or a crumbling body and a working mind. My adopted mother passed in March of 1987, he passed 9 months later, they hzd been together 55 years.

Shoot me. As my Harley shirt says, "Ride Hard and Die Fast".

Sorry to be a downer do't mean to be, my oldest son complained about hiitting 51 last month, I reminded him "try 72 this month".

by James Brooks G2G6 Pilot (566k points)

crying A mixed several weeks of ups and downs is what it sounds like ... yes, it is a total bummer when your parent is suddenly "unable" due to "being old" ... been there done that with my parents and I'm still bothered by it after all this time ... and of course I have concerns about how I will deal with my incapacity -- or, more accurately, how I will be dealt with when I am incapable ... 

Yeah, Dad's mind is still as sharp as ever, even at 93. His Parkinson's is starting to catch up with him. Shaky hands and wobbly legs. It was nearly impossible for us to convince him to use a cane (which he only uses when he goes out in public, not around the house!).
Yes, I have to believe after being with him and his friends who I grew up with who were dynamic business leaders in town, the frustration of the parkinson sufferers had to be worse mentally because they knew what they wanted to do, but couldn't, at least the dementia ones at least didn't know what was happening.

Like I said shoot me.
James, I understand, I hope to go quick, too. Have dealt with both lingering situations you describe with family members--neither is good for either the person or the caregivers.
Hello Nelda, a wise man told me along time ago, you start out in diapers (nappies here) and end up in diapers. It's what you do with the time in between that counts.

No code is a great time saver.
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Buenos días a todos from the Old Pueblo! It’s 8am in Tucson. Arizona and 88F (31.1C) with and expected high of 93F (33.9C). No rain is expected.

It’s been the best and worst of weeks! The best part is the participation in the Source-A-Thon. I managed to do 170, which is some 26% less than last year. I did manage to source and write biographies for two men from Cornwall who were KIA during WWI so I spent a bit of time on these two heroes. It saddens me to find persons who died in war not even have some semblance of a biography to recognize them.

I did next to nothing on Friday, the first day of the Thon because I had an appointment with a neuro-radiologist. It took me 1.5 hours just to get to his office because it is on the other side of town. The meeting took another 2 hours, so en toto, I wasted about 5 hours just for this appointment when I could have done another 30 sources in that time frame. I actually could have made it to Dubrovnik and back. Now this physician ordered yet another brain scan, a CTA for the end of October because the neurologist had an MRA done in June of this year and the two tests are like comparing apples to oranges.

The rest of the week has not been much better...worse actually. I got a ‘spam’ email from a nurse faculty colleague at the university on Friday evening informing us that a colleague, Barbara, was in ICU in Phoenix with brain swelling and believe she had West Nile virus. On Saturday, the email confirmed that Barbara had West Nile. Her sister had medical power of attorney and Barbara wanted no extraordinary measures, so no respiratory, feeding tube, etc. I would have expected this given that Barbara, teaching faculty, taught hospice/palliative care and we shared ‘foxhole buddy’ stories as my nursing was in hospice. I was on a conference call on Tuesday at 2pm when the group email reported that Barbara had died (peacefully) Monday afternoon. Barbara and I retired together. We meet a lot of faculty; however, we generally bond with a few. For me, Barbara was one of the few. In addition, when she hugged, you knew it was a ‘for real’ hug. I also want to warn all of you living in the States that have had a lot of rain to avoid sundown when mosquitos are at their worst. Only Alaska and Hawaii do not harbor the mosquito that causes West Nile. You might also want to burn citronella candles to keep these buggers away from home and kin.

Next, I had a 2-hour appointment with the GI specialist on Monday afternoon. He had a Middle Eastern name and I figured some old geezer who liked working in poop would walk through the door. Well...the upside is that he was maybe in his 30’s and totally HOT! Woof! Moreover, he was accompanied by his ‘scribe’ and his nurse practitioner. I love being surrounded by men, but not talk about poop. So now I have to do all the ‘usual’ crappy tests (pardon the pun).

 Next, on Tuesday morning I had a follow-up appointment with the pain specialist who had ordered the MRI of the right hip before I left for New York City. Naturally, it is a torn right hamstring that is ‘old’, which means that it occurred about four or so years ago when I tripped and fell in my kid sister’s basement and ended up having surgery for right rotator cuff damage. I   think I might still sue my sister so that I can use the money to take a trip to Africa next year. I have not told her yet. Then, of course, I was on my conference call Tuesday afternoon when I heard about the death of my colleague, Barbara.

Next, Wednesday morning I had to go to ‘Vampire-landia’ to have about three tubes of blood drawn. I did not even get a ‘smiley face’ band-aid. I was on a nurse sleep-researcher conference call from 2-3pm and got a call from my daughter. I had to call her back after the conference call only for her to tell me my eldest grandson was taken to MCG in Georgia for a bowel blockage! It’s that hospital near where all the golfers go to get a ‘green’ jacket. Seth is 20 years old, but he is the grandson who was born at 26 weeks, weighted 1# 11oz, is blind and very hard of hearing. He is enrolled in the Georgia Academy for the Blind. Jennifer (the 8th grade school marm) was on the phone with her ex-husband throughout the night. She called me Thursday afternoon to tell me the surgery was successful, the docs have no idea what caused the blockage and Seth will be with his paternal grandmum for a week before returning to school. Seth is a scrawny little guy and it killed me to hear how they had to do about 2 to 3 needle sticks before they could get a decent vein while Seth cried silently. One cannot even explain to him what is going on because he is that delayed.

 Next, since UPS does not ship Fed Ex packages, I had to take my ‘Hot Doctor’ sample to Walgreen’s for shipping yesterday morning. While there, I was able to get my Moderna booster because of my immune system history. The pharmacist who gave me the vaccine told me to expect ‘symptoms’ because he got his booster about a month ago and he was sick for about 2 days. He has leukemia. About 6pm last night, fever, chills, severe bone and muscle pain set in. I took an ibuprofen and laid on the Murphy bed in my office where I am writing this Epistle to St WikiTree now. I got Netflix about 3 weeks ago and the Geek Squad came about 1 week ago to install the modem, router, hooked up the telly, computers, etc. So I started watching a Netflix show that my daughter was raving about called ‘Outlander’. The segment I saw last night while lying in my fevered state was the one in which the hot guy in a kilt was being unmercifully tortured by some really nasty Red Coat. All I could think of was, “Hell, you think you have it bad? Have the pain I’m in and the week I just went through and get back to me.”

Have a great weekend. Pip, thanks for wrangling the chat. Looking forward to your Tucson visit. Everyone, watch out for those Culex mosquitoes that love to bathe in the evening and transmit West Nile Virus. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3485754/

by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
There are two other books called the Outlandish Companion Vol 1 and 2, that are sort of reference guides, including tips on speaking Gaelic, how she writes, snippets from books.

She is/was not a fiction writer to begin with, her degrees are BS Zoology, MS Marine biology, PhD ecology and was a research professor.  The first book was an experiment in story telling.
Oh, my, Carol, you really did have a tough week. I am so very sorry about the death of your friend. So sad. I hope all the tests reveal how to better deal with your health situations. I am also sorry to read that you had such a strong reaction to your booster. I thought Moderna boosters were not available yet? My doctor told me that last Friday when I asked. I'll be getting one when I can, even though I expect I'll have a reaction to it as I did from the second dose. Hope the week ahead will be a better one for you! Thanks for spending extra time on the WWI casualties during the Source-a-thon along with the other sourcing you did
Thanks M, I was going to ask about the Gaelic. I studied Welsh over 40 years ago thinking I would do my doctoral work in Wales. I was paying attention to the Gaelic they were speaking and could actually pick up a few works/phrases, but based on the Welsh I learned. I expect there are some similarities. I don't know if I'll get the time to read her stories. I've been in the throes of working with nurse researcher colleagues on a paper to be published in the Am J of Nursing in December and the publishers look like they are willing to give copyright approval to have the article translated into Spanish and published in an online journal for which a colleague of mine is editor-in-chief. I just saw the email from the publishers this morning. my colleague has been willing to publish Spanish-translated articles for health providers in Spanish-speaking countries. He has published two translated articles on sleep/fatigue and policy thus far. I''ve still not finished two of the books I purchased on Churchill because of the academic work and now all of the personal/family health issues that have occurred this past week. I'm ready to go back to New York City.
Carol, I believe that there is no connection between Gaelic and Welsh, the origins of the two peoples is very different.
Hi M, thanks. Some of the words are very similar sounding and I pulled out my Welsh/Scottish dictionaries and while there is a pronunciation 'twist' to them, it looks like the meanings are the same. That's not to say they are completely the same. I'm just picking up words here and there, then looking them up. I purchased a couple of Welsh and Scottish dictionaries back in 1978 and they were all of 30P each. They would probably cost about 300P by now!
Wow Carole, Sounds like you are deserving of some wonderful times to balance out the rough ones you have been having. So sorry about the loss of your friend! I know that is a tough challenge. I still hear my friend Robin's voice commenting on things, and she's been gone almost 20 years. I hope you have a ton of healing experiences coming up!

Take care,

{{{Carol}}} Many hugs for all those ouchies! Some days (week?) it doesn't pay to get out of bed! Sounds like the only good was the "eye candy". LOL

Sent you a PM and included my phone number. So looking forward to giving you real hugs in person!
Hi Momo, I had a 2 hour zoom with Healing Touch nurse colleagues yesterday and that was very helpful in the grieving process. It's going to take a while. All those shared memories working together for 15 years. It also helps that my grandson has been discharged from the hospital today. He has an abdominal incision (staples) from stem to stern, poor guy. We included him in the Healing Touch meditations as well. You take care!
Hi Diane, I got your message and number. I'm looking forward to real hugs, too! It looks like Pip and brother will be doing the Pima Air Museum. For us, I've suggested Tohono Chul or Fr. Kino's San Xavier Mission (would be so happy if the Tohono O'odham were making fry bread) or the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

Are you inclined toward any of these?
I can't imagine you guys will have time to go sight seeing as a group.  Wikitree memories will keep you all going past the time Pip has his return ticket.  I wish every one a delightful
get together--and Pip, as you so often tell us--We want to hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+17 votes
There's not much I can add to what the others have said to you, Pip.  I recognize the heartbreaking situation before you and wish you all the best.
by Candyce Fulford G2G6 Mach 3 (31.1k points)
More like back breaking ... if he chooses to relocate ... and after the Sagas of Renovation told here in Weekend Chat he might not want to build on an extra room or two ..

Either way he goes it will be back breaking, and budget bending, especially given all his other activities

Fortunately his step-dad is being taken care of - and it will be hard on his step-dad also ... the circumstance of no longer being in command or control of your own life style ...
Thanks so much, Candyce. I really appreciate that!
This is true, Susan. However, we have a game plan for the move (getting help), and considering we live only six minutes away, we can do as little or as much moving as we wish. There is no time line (except for avoiding two mortgages at the same time).

surprise yes, I suppose the difference between 6 hours and 60 minutes and 6 minutes of travel time is significant.   

kissBut the labor involved from start to finish is NOT dependent upon the amount of time it takes to travel from Pt A to Pt B.   

You can spend 6 weeks of time in packing and boxing your household but the amount of physical labor that will be required to do so will not alter from what it would be if you took 6 hours or 6 days 

laughAnyway, you and your S.O. will do whatever seems the most practical -- budget and physical health and Chronos (schedules) and such other important factors will be considered -- 



+15 votes

Thanx for hosting, Pip ... 

cheekyI have the image of a worn-out tom cat after 4 days of chasing when I consider you and the thon you took part in and that you did so substantially (w/kudos for 1000+ "hits" cited by The Leader) ... 

crying And next weekend you gone again, and again we will be starved out (no Weekend Chat) ?? ... hmm 

Quite a load of loading up and unloading ahead of you, since your step-pa will need some help loading or at least boxing up ... and then y'all be doing your own goods and belongings to remove to that house, and then to come back and spruce up the house you left so you can rent it out or sell it whichever .... hmm ... I guess that all will suck up the rest of this 2021 what with trips out of town and the new church site taking shape and relocating your step dad and relocating your own household and .. 

That's all in addition to thons and seminar studies and the speed reading (or listening) of all the books you read and leading the Greeters and doing your own and extra shifts as a Greeter and the video tapes and  ...  

laugh GENEALOGY -- I spent my past two weeks schmoozing with a lot of dead people. Most of them were trackable, having left footprints in the dust of the archives of records. Most of them are quiet folk and tend to stay put.  Very restful folk to be around. 

Last week, a woman "got in touch" and said she was the daughter of someone who was the daughter of the person profiled and she had some info I might be able to use. I said in reply, "Hello, good to hear from you and I look forward to whatever you want to share."  Likely to be one more non-event, been maybe a dozen since mid-2018 ... 

laugh HOME FRONT -- Neighbor's dog came, neighbor's dog went. And despite the garage door again being left open it did not escape her yard.  But she and her daughter DID haul a massive pile of ... discards? donations? of stuff out of the garage to pile up on the driveway.  Over the last decade the pile they create is on the driveway 2 months or so, and added to now and then, and in the 3rd month it is moved to the gutter; where it has been known to sit for 3 weeks before collected.  Once in the gutter it is picked over by other people in the area, and some have been known to add their own junk to the pile ... one year the pile changed components so often over the course of 4 weeks that most of the original objects were replaced with other junk 

Modesto does have a lovely contract that gives each household a twice annual pickup of "junk" (by appointment) if the householder will stack it up in the gutter. 

Weather is still arid, no rain no rain no rain 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (510k points)

Oh, no, there will be a Chat next weekend! I'll be taking my laptop so I can load the Chat Friday morning. I don't have to leave until Saturday.)

As for my stepdad's stuff, he has decided to take only one piece of furniture with him, a small table that belonged to his parents. Everything else either goes to his two daughters, two grandsons, or we'll sell it for him.

Modesto has a plan, and I like it. I wish someone would pick up our junk. Unfortunately for us, we don't live in a planned neighborhood, so there'd be no picking through, unless, of course, we stuck a sign out saying, "Free if you haul it away yourself!) smiley

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A multi-year project came to a triumphant conclusion last week, with a mitchondrial DNA test coming through to confirm my matriline back 11 generations and my newly found ninth cousin once removed's matrline back 10 generations.

I was inspired to write an essay about the experience and put it in a freespace page:

by Barry Smith G2G6 Pilot (220k points)

WOW !!! 

That is a fantastic "breakthrough" for your lineage !! 

Thanks, Susan. It was quite a high when the test results came through.
Barry, I truly enjoyed your well-written journey through the mtDNA search and success. Your stick-to-it-ive-ness is commendable. I should be so dogged in working out such links. Kudos to you!
Thanks Pip. Sometimes the doggedness was more obsessive than is probably healthy, but it was worth it in the end!
Enjoyed your account. It was inspiring for me as I have a brick wall on my matrilineal line as well. (Well, I guess everyone does at some point, but mine is more recent than I would like, lol.) Thanks for sharing the link.
Glad you liked it, M!
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

 After leading Team Italy to sourcing a whopping 22 profiles I am back and ready to chat. That Source-a-thon was fun. Tiring, but fun. I had a great time with Pip, Katie and Julie on the streams. The late night ones were fun. We had some laughs and some hiccups along the way with this tree that connected to a caveman. We have since corrected the tree and sourced it. It looks better but more work could be done.

So, on the genealogy front we have two blogs. I just posted one about preserving stuff in the 21st century: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2021/10/52-ancestors-week-40-preservation.html and last week I posted a blog about the steps I took to prove a relation to someone: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2021/09/52-ancestors-week-39-steps.html It's very DNA oriented. Check 'em out!

I talked to my cousin in TN to see how my great-aunt is doing. She's okay. But, she's starting to lose her memories. She's 98 so it's to be expected, I guess. Thankfully, I have everything she ever told me in here. *taps head*

Last night, my dad gave me a genealogy book he said could inspire me to write one of my own. I actually already HAD thought of doing something like that. Too many Italian genealogy books have Mafia related stuff in them. Imagine if one DIDN'T! That'd be a shocker.

This month is Italian heritage month and that's pretty cool. We'll see what happens. The blogs could easily be a book on their own. There are a ton of them.

I also e-mailed the commune office in San Pietro for help on a few things. I hope to hear back from them soon.

On the non genealogy front, we booked our flight to VA for Thanksgiving. That will be a lot of fun. I can't wait. It's been a while since we went.

I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (465k points)
Ciao Cousin Chris! Congrats on the Italian sourcing. I enjoy your blogs. And I will raise a glass of Limoncello to salute you and Italian Heritage Month.
Hi Chris!

Great post!  Yeah, I saw you on a couple of Source-A-Thon update live feeds.  I think it was a midnight one where you all got a little silly.  Looking good, my Wikifriend.
I have a family tree story from the past week, unfortunately I can't tell it.
@ Carol: Thanks, Carol! This profile was part of the mess I helped clean up: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cimadori-7 There's still more work to do on it and I'm honestly not in any rush to work on it.

Grazie for the limoncello. Enjoy! Probably having tortellini tonight for supper.

@Candyce. After midnight we're all allowed to get a little silly. =D It was so random. We started the chat at 11:50 and when we went live Pip showed up with no warning at all! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!

@M Ross: Stories must be told! Even the ones you can't tell! At least tell in private?

laugh From the impressions I get over these months, you have enough relatives in or from Italy to either rival the population of Chicago, IL or to start your own nation 

ONe of the benefits of missing a Chat during a thon is that we get TWO blog posts from you, Chris, and both were excellent, as usual. You have a way of spinning a tale. I thoroughly enjoy them.

Really, Chris, you have enough data and stories to write a book, and with your skills I think it'd be a success. At least I'd be buying a copy. 

Here's hoping you hear back soon from the commune.

@ Pip: I probably will some day. You never know. I can tell you one thing. There'd be 99% less Mafia stories like in "Blood Washes Blood". I can do stuff and not have any mention of the Mafia. Shocking, right?

Had a great time streaming with you and glad you liked the blogs!

@ Susan: Yeah, my Italian side is pretty big. I have a ton of cousins on my mom's side, too. And then there's Quebec. Connected to everyone there.
Enjoyed your posts, as usual! I had not thought of treating an old photograph like a comic book, what a good idea! I have lost a comic book collection to fire though, so, careful where you store it.


Oh no! What comics were they? Yeah, that is tragic. I try to keep mine safe. Thanks for reading!
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Currently, it's 21˚ C and mostly cloudy in Fort Erie, heading for a predicted high of 25˚ C. (Apparently, nobody told the weatherman that it's October.) Tonight's predicted highlow is 18 ˚ C, and tomorrows high is predicted to be 21˚ C.

I reported on
McClures and Toppins, which I was supposed to be working on last month, and have moved on to Webbs. This month is also scheduled to involve yet another look at Slades. Since I sorted the surnames by size, I decided to infill a few extra surnames in the last few months of the year, since two surnames a month would only entail looking at 24 surnames per year, and I want to cover all 31 surnames in the last four generations of my family tree and the family tree of the light of my life and the delight of my eyes. (Yes, I know: it should be 32, but Frederick Kelso stubbornly refuses to reveal the names of his parents.) So this month, I should be looking at McKellers. Then again, I see that I was supposed to cover Singletons last month, and that didn't happen. And, for reasons I'm about to explain, my productivity is likely to be down the tubes, so don't expect much out of me for the next three years or so.

And now:

Edna-May Slade

SLADE, Edna-May
May 13, 1931 - September 25, 2021

Edna-May peacefully entered the presence of her Lord and Saviour on September 25, 2021. Born in Vancouver, she attended Queen Mary Elementary School and Lord Byng Secondary School. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of British Columbia for a year, and then went to the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver. She taught at Maple Grove Annex (now Sir William Osler Elementary School) before marrying Ray, the love of her life. Edna-May is survived by her children Robert (Gloria), Greg (Julie), George (Lynn), Bronwyn, and Gwyneth (Oliver), her beloved grandchildren Spencer (Ana) and Kirsten Slade and Benjamin, Matias, Liam, & Skye Ebelt, her great-grandson Ethan, and numerous nephews, nieces, step-grandchildren, and step-great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her parents, her beloved husband Ray, her daughter Fiona, and her sister Shirley (Don) Brown. She loved her Lord, her family, her church, her cottage on Keats Island, cooking, entertaining, travelling, watching over her "boys" during the shelter program, and helping others. She will be missed by her family and friends in Canada, and by the friends she made during ministry trips to Belarus, Ukraine, and Croatia. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations in Edna-May's name to Keats Camps, Canadian Baptist Ministries, or the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

"Honour her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." Proverbs 31:31 (NIV)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
edited by Greg Slade
Hi Greg, I am terribly sorry for your loss and extend my sincere condolences. You and your family will be in my positive intentions and meditations.
So sorry for your loss, Greg.  Helen Keller wrote:
"What was once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us."
Condolences to you and yours Greg.
Sorry for your loss Greg.
Greg, I'm so sorry for your loss. She had the sweetest smile and caring eyes. Prayers for you, your family, and all who loved her.
Deep in her faith in the Promise, she's with the Lord ... she's got that joy.  Mortal flesh mourns the loss of mortal life, but in heaven with the Lord, there is no more tears or sorrow
Oh, Greg, I am soo sorry. I still feel the pain of the loss of my mom about two years ago, so I can surely empathize. May God grant Edna-May eternal rest from all her labours.
I am so very sorry for the loss of your Mother, Greg. Prayers for you and your family at this time of sadness and loss.

Sending my sincere condolences, Greg. So very sorry to hear about the recent passing of your mother.

Sorry for your loss.
Greg, it's hard when a parent dies, I still miss my mum who died 4 years ago, take care of yourself .

Thank you all for your condolences.

For those who are interested, I now have the link for Mom's memorial service. Here it is:


The service is scheduled to start on Saturday, October 30th at 11:00 am Pacific Time, and run for about an hour.

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Good morning everyone!

Again, congratulations, Pip, on your contributions during the Thon! I understand the stamina part as I did not source as many as last year - just could not do those late, late nights. I am sorry about your step-Dad; I hope his move to Florida goes well. And, I hope your move to the other house goes smoothly.

Besides the Thon last week-end I also attended, virtually, a couple of sessions of the Texas State Genealogical Conference. The good news is we can access those presentations through December 31st. Also this week my Y-DNA class concluded. I need to go back and study it more but it was interesting and informative.

On the Home Front - we should be moving back into our house late next week - finally!! I will be so happy to have my comfy chair, my bed and my kitchen. Also, I am seeing the Retina Specialist at the end of this month - it appears that the eye surgery will need to happen. A bit scary but hopefully that will stabilize the retina and it will not have a tear which would be disastrous.

Have a good trip to Arizona and enjoy your visit with your brother and the Arizona WikiTreers. That should be fun!!

See you all again next week!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (719k points)
Virginia; Eye surgery seems to be becoming a frequent event in our social circle. We are the 'young ones ' of the group and thankfully don't have any eye issues right now.
Never any shortage of Events around your place, is there? How long were you "evicted"?  I keep thinking it is more than 6 months and can't believe I have that right.
Ginny, read Barry's free-space page on his mtDNA search (he posted the link above). Very revealing!

Finally! You are going to get to move back home!!! Well, at least it's another adventure to add to you memories. I know you'll be extremely happy to get back home.

No date on the surgery, yet?
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Hello from London! It's a bit chilly now that autumn's kicking in. Still, it's quite nice outside so long as you don't go near any fuel stations.

For the Source-a-Thon I worked on British soldiers who were Killed In Action in the Second World War. I didn't get through many profiles but, if the old lady in the sea is to be trusted, then "every little helps".

My great-uncle, Bill, was born on this day (although it was a Thursday) in 1903. He, like the people I worked on last week, was also KIA in World War Two - reportedly being bombed at the Battle of Calais. If you would like to, you can read an account of the battle that I wrote using a letter sent by an officer and what we know in hindsight on my free space page for Bill's army unit The Queen Victoria's Rifles.

As well as my great-uncle Bill and his brother Sam, I commemorate the others that died, most in the Battle of Calais but others across Europe too and hopefully one day they'll all be able to have a connected profile.

by David Smith G2G6 Mach 6 (67.0k points)
why can't you go around the fuel stations? fumes? Well, that would do it, I've lived near fumey places before ... quite spoils the airs around us

Every little bit does help, David. And I commend you for working on profiles for veterans, especially those killed in action. 

+18 votes

Hi from southern Ontario, 

Chez moi/at home: what's happening here? Weather has been mostly wet and cloudy here; I'm waiting for an arborist to arrive to discuss some selective pruning of several trees in the backyard. One, a crab apple has grown immensely over the past 2 years and is creating far too much shade, it's strange because the tree was planted in 1995 and should not be growing so fast at such an advanced age. 

What else; my older daughter and 2 kids arrive by train from Ottawa this afternoon for Thanksgiving weekend. 

We will be having Thanksgiving with almost my entire family, all 4 of my sisters, and their families, my younger brother and wife + 3 kids, my daughters and their families and a few unconnected people. We are now up to 31 or 32 people, the only people missing will be my older brother and his wife. My sister Helen is the only one with a big enough house, so she will be host, dinner is a somewhat organised potluck. I'm making blackberry and apple crisp with my home grown blackberries. 

Also, she has a swimming pool that will still be open, with the heat cranked up.

My youngest daughter, age 40 has just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is waiting for results of a lupus test as well. She already has other auto-immune problems and while this diagnosis certainly explains some problems she has been experiencing lately, she has more than enough medical problems without adding more. 

Alton Cemetery, One Place Study, WikiTree: I added a few Lovells, and have been using a good source for local newspapers with many birth, engagement, wedding, obituary and other social announcements. It really helps to tie some of the families together as lots of other family members are mentioned in the announcements.

I worked on the Source a Thon, didn't get much done as Saturday got derailed by other things. 

Reading: I'm still rereading Sarum, one very interesting thing, the character of Bar-ni-kel from Ken Follett's books is also found in Edward Rutherfurd's book Sarum and apparently also in Rutherfurd's book London. 

Its also quite amazing how much I'm learning about very early English history, I'm not ill informed on the topic but I thought I knew more than I apparently don't.

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (210k points)
Hi M, could you please send a blackberry crisp to my address in Tucson???

I am very sorry to hear about your daughter's autoimmune issues. I will hope that her lupus test is negative. Rheumatoid arthritis in one so young is a challenge. She's in my healing intentions.

As I recall, when I read Sarum (and London come to that), it took me weeks. They are wonderfully detailed, but books that one must pay attention while reading. Perhaps I will begin to re-read these two at the end of the year. Right now, I have a full plate.
Dinner is one thing, 30+ people, but is everyone going to stay the night or 2+ nights?
No Susan, no one will be staying overnight at my sister's, they all live within about 20 minutes drive.

My daughter from Ottawa is staying here for 4 nights, its about 5 hours drive from here.
Well, that's good news that everyone just about are withing 30 minutes or less of their own home and bed -- trying to find a sleeping spot in a relative's house -- or a vacant motel / hotel room --  for a holiday especially with the weather turning cold now ... been there done that ...
M, I think the only Rutherford books I haven't read are The Princes of Ireland (2 vols, I think). I love his way of telling the tale, especially since he is so good at linking history from very long ago down to the present, even if some of the characters of lost the story itself. Put Moskva on your list.
Isn't that Russka? I found it fascinating.
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On this day:

1573: The Siege of Alkmaar ends with a Dutch victory

1912: The First Balcan War begins

1906: Karl Nessler presents his first machine to do perms.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (794k points)
The Siege of Alkmaar was my read yesterday (squeezed in between slogging through Plato's Republic). Thanks, Professor!
+17 votes
Good evening,

here in Germany the weather turned cooler, now the temperatures are usually in the mid-tens °C. (Do you say "mid-tens"? I know "mid-twenties" etc., but mid-tens? If not, I created a word.)

The Covid-numbers are currently on a level, neither really increasing nor decreasing. Now the German CDC also recommends the booster jab for people over 70. So mum will get her third jab.

The Source-A-Thon: As always, I didn't change my life at all. I wanted to come into the 3-digit-area and I achieved that in the Canadian list.

When the Thon was over, I used a completely different approach: I asked WikiTree+ to give me profiles with "wikidata" in the text. I thought I would check if the profiles have a Wikipedia-page and if yes, if the profiles have their {{Notables Sticker}}. Yes, I did that, but I also checked for other suggestions like "Marriage after death" or also undated profiles. So some more suggestions were cleaned.

Personally we didn't do that much, mum starts now really with her embroidery, I am still reading my Serbian geography book.

Stay safe and remember: Vaccination protects.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (794k points)
In USA English it is midteens, thirteen to nineteen.

Jelena, you are source-a-thonning all the time, so I bet it was no difficulty for you to do what you are always doing. smiley 

Covid is level here, too, but that doesn't mean we are still taking precautions. And, yep, both of us are vaccinated. O\I', carrying my card with me on my trip just in case I need it.

Hi Jelena, just wanted to say hi and let you know that all the work you do during the Thon is very much appreciated. And I've not only been vaccinated, I got my booster two mornings ago. I'm feeling better today and very happy to protect myself and, more importantly, others.
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I just returned from making my every 2-3 month trip, with recyclables, to the town transfer station.  After years of aiding
others my chickens are coming home to roost.  When you are trying to lift a black garbage bag half full of plastic bottles or tin and aluminum cans up 6 ft to dump in the hopper and lean your cane up so you can use two required hands usually some kind soul offers to help.  I used to be the kind soul, then there were many younger and stronger people who just run rough shod over everyone else and go on their merry way.  Thankfully they were a minor group.  I had a gentleman take my small box of glass containers and
dump them and then came back and carried the rest that were in the black bag all at once.  I just take about eight at
a time and make several trips.  It is a gorgeous day today
and I'm taking full advantage knowing what is in store for us.  I have my train ticket for the middle of Nov. and have a grandson willing to take on the house for the winter.  There will be VERY Poor wifi there until I return in April.  But no
snow for me to contend with.  Granddaughter is enjoying the gifted Corolla.

My best wishes to so many dealing with health problems for themselves and loved ones, and sincere condolences to all who have lost loved ones lately.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (306k points)
So, sometime in Nov 2021 until sometime in April 2022 you will be 'out of touch' with the rest of us??
Pretty much.  I have to use the camp wifi that is purchased by the owner, very frugally, so campers like me can bank to get him his rent payments.  It is poorly run by the workers in the club house who turn it off or on by whims and most don't know how to connect the jerry rigged contraption.  I miss my old  next door neighbor who let me piggy back off her connection, and I paid her with 2 hand crocheted baby afghans that she used as gifts at her church.  They were so coveted that she carefully hoarded them for her closest friends.  I can't hot spot my phone or a travel trailer like some of them do. No abilities!
Tend to think this situation is the pits, but woman gotta do what a woman gotta do ... as you say a warm wilderness is better than wifi in the snow and ice

We will miss you
You're finally going back to Florida! I know you missed it last year. Glad you are making the trip.

At our recycling center, all of the containers for paper and glass are at ground level, so all we have to do is walk to the ledge and dump them in. Smart of the county to set it up that way. Corrugated boxes are a little more difficult as we have to step up into a trailer to stack them flat. Plastic goes in much smaller bins about hip high. Good thing, considering my bum shoulder won't allow me to lift stuff very high.
Hi Beulah, great to hear from you. I missed out 'chats' during the thon. Did you play 'The Phrase Master' while sourcing? Safe travels!
I listened off and on.  When I have to really concentrate I tend to like quiet around me.  I can't enjoy noise all day like my mother insisted she did.  Common all day family noise never bothered me but I guess I'm too used to being by myself now.
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Good Afternoon, here......apparently I didn't want to get up......too much get up on the tractor and not enough Chat! Kathy gave me a Celsius number, got it in Fahrenheit, which, is still not  enough.
by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (156k points)
The blue sky just snuck up on me.....WOW!......the sun sure brightened up the day.  I can hear the tractor......Kathy's found the keys.......and is hogging the remainder of the pruned branches and joyriding to the new burning pile.
Good afternoon, John (& by extenstion, Kathy)
Hello Susan!.....Apparently I'm not left all alone......turned my back and Kathy, with one daughter, is off to Starbucks for the usual, that another daughter looks forward to, after a commute from work.
Apparently, I never want to get up, but make myself (on occasion). We're still waiting on blue skies today, but I won't use that as an excuse to get outside and pull weeds in our flower beds!
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GENEALOGY -- quiet enough since dead people don't make a fuss ... but I am here to tell you I have had "a few" (way too many) rolling dog fights with that new system of Draft Saved or Full Save 

AND there's some sort of notation near the bottom ref to "fixit" which means you don't get to save nothing no how no way until it fixed and THEN you bloody well have to start all over and oh, dear, do NOT forget to get rid of the damned Draft save, or you WILL be in a major dog fight with the System ...

If I had fangs I know who I'd fang, due to major levels of frustration ... I really don't think this is "a lot better" (improved) -- NOT that it happens EVERY day ... for which "lack" I am totally 100% thankful ... I agree it does enforce the previously devoutly desired demand for EXPLANATIONS of actions taken but so far, given the rolling dog fights and forced re-starts .... grrr 

Oh, well, it could be even more difficult to navigate ... laugh and no doubt "they" will find a way to ensure that it is cheeky


by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (510k points)
Susan, it sounds like your comprehension of the draft idea matches my, and several others, comprehension of the wifi
situation in Florida.

crying Definitely the case, Beulah, definitely ... 

sad I suppose that the challenge to figure out some of the tech at least is a good thing, stimulates the brain 

no I just wish it didn't feel like two Rottweilers in a dog fight 

I've learned never to draft save, except in those occasions where I accidentally do so. In those cases, I immediate do the full save. I have fixed a few suggestions along the way, the wasy ones.
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Virtual Vacation!

As I am rereading Sarum, I thought today's trip should be to Salisbury, and it's famous cathedral, we were there on 11 July 2017, it was a very rainy day! 

This is one of the streets that are close to the cathedral, you can see part of the walls.


This is the outside of the cathedral 


Part of the inside of the cathedral with its famous vaulted roof.



This is a screen between 2 parts of the cathedral, I don't remember exactly where in the church. 


This is the famous frieze that is described in the book Sarum.


The cloisters  


by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (210k points)
Oh, how lovely! I remember (kinda) my visit to Sarum back in 1980 on a tour of England, Scotland, and Wales. These photos brought back very fond memories. I took this trip with my mom, just the two of us and a bus load of fellow tourists. If I went back now, I'd drive myself and take my time, and Sarum would be on my list!
Amazing they could build such an intricate building and still have it standing decades later but couldn't build a simple apartment house in Florida, that fell a few months ago because of a leaky swimming pool.
Hmm,it has been standing for 800 years, it was built between 1220 and 1258, the spire was built in 1320.
Centuries is even better than decades.
Did you see the Magna Carta at the cathedral? We visited in 2019 as our nephew married in Durrington.
Yes we did as it was such a miserable day, we spent more time inside the cathedral than outside.
M, I love this vacay! Thank you sooooo much! I was in Salisbury in 1978 on a tour. The day we were at the cathedral, there was a boys choir rehearsing (I don't recall for what). They were in green robes with white Elizabethan collars. Those beautiful young voices resounded in the cathedral and up to the heavens. And, yes, the Magna Carta!

I had tons of photos, but lost them a number of years ago, for the entire trip...from Glasgow, to Inverness, Culloden, Edinburg, Hadrian's Wall, the Lake District, Caernarvon, Stratford, Plymouth, Salisbury and on into London--gone! I might have the negatives somewhere and will have to search and see if anything can be salvaged.

Your photos are stunning and a wonderful opportunity to remember that glorious trip. Thank you!
Thank you for posting these beautiful photos and providing an opportunity to enjoy this virtual vacation with you.
Carol, in 2005, we were at,Glasgow, my SIL used to live there, (she now lives within walking distance of the London Eye) Inverness, Culloden, Edinburgh, Hadrian's Wall, the Lake District, Lincoln, Southwell,(relatives and its marvellous Minster), Norfolk( where I was born) and London for 3 or 4 days.
Question on behalf of my granddaughter from Salisbury. (tentative link!) Is there somewhere in Canada good for  reasonably priced  cold weather clothing online? She's going to a Whistler  in November for a gap year job. She spent today looking for boots and clothing but found nothing  rated down to the extreme temperatures that she might encounter. What was there was  rated at higher temperatures and still very expensive. (It doesn't get that cold even in the Alps.) Even better if Granny (i.e me) can buy a gift voucher for her birthday.

Helen, Whistler ski resort in British Columbia? It does not get very cold, waterproof, windproof is probably more important as it is often wet, last time my husband skied there, he just wore a ski jacket, touque, gloves and goggles. But she will need more options for a longer stay. It can be hot in the summer.  

Can she ask the people at the local tourist board, they have a website. 

" Due to Whistler’s coastal proximity, temperatures are moderate through the winter season, rarely dipping below -10°C (12°F) in the valley and -15°C (5°F) in the alpine during the coldest part of the year. Expect -5°C (22°F) average daily alpine temperatures during most of the winter months.

Plus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistler,_British_Columbia

Whistler has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb). It has cold wet winters, and drier, warm summers. On average Whistler receives approximately 11 days with temperatures over 30 °C (86 °F), and approximately 24 days on average with temperatures falling below −10 °C (14 °F).


There is a clothing store at Whistler, but probably caters more to tourists than residents, it will be very expensive. 

Squamish is on the road to Whistler, there is an Outfitter store there, plus a Walmart, that will be cheaper, but probably will not have a good selection. 

North Vancouver is probably the best bet, it's where the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler starts. 

Mountain Equipment Co-op, Marks Work Wearhouse, Canadian Tire, and many others, my gut feel would be Marks Work Wearhouse, she can buy online and arrange pick up at the store when she gets there. Probably also Mountain Equipment Co-op. 

Google North Vancouver shopping ski clothing,

If she contacts any of these places, they would probably have a better idea of what would be suitable, I have been to Whistler but in the summer. 

Or another idea ask a question on Trip Advisor, Fodors or Lonely Planet travel websites on a British Columbia forum. She may be short of money as are many other people are in the same situation, there are several sports stores that carry used/pre-loved items. 

Hope that helps.


Hi M, I am so jealous of your so excellent adventures to parts unknown (like the Scandinavian countries) and superb knowledge of the areas in which you have traveled. The upside is that we all benefit from your knowledge (and photos). Now that you've shared Salisbury and spoken of Sarum, I might start reading that tome again (after I finish some delayed work for ASU given my grandson's unexpected surgery for a bowel obstruction. My daughter sent a photo and he is stapled from stem to stern (from the base of the breastbone to the top of the pubic hairline).
Carol, Scandinavia is further down on my very long bucket list, maybe I could arrange to stay with a nephew in Oslo, if of course he is still there.   

I have warmer places higher on the list.
Than you so much for thoughts about  clothing and where to buy. It's  probably better if she waits and decides what she really needs when she's there.I'll have a look at those outlets that are online and see if they have any sort of vouchers.
Helen, It is probably much better to buy after she gets there. Is she actually working at the resort doing outside ski related work?

Another thought, many winter jackets will have a rating for cold, such as COLD PROTECTION TO -30 °C/-22 °F.

Mark's Work Wearhouse has gift cards you can order on line. So does Mountain Equipment Co-op, I have no idea how they work for currencies other than Canadian dollars


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Hello from north Georgia, USA!

After a rainy week, today is beautiful.

I participated in the Source-a-Thon this year. I only got 21 points but I added almost 100 sources and created bios for those 21 profiles. (Would have been 22, but I forgot to mark the challenge tracker for one.)

Sunday night late my husband called me downstairs to show me water dripping from the ceiling of the linen closet in his bathroom. I texted the plumber. Didn't sleep much at all that night. Plumber was able to get to us on Tuesday. Turned out that while replacing the tongue-and-groove paneling in the upstairs bathroom during the repairs and reno, someone had penetrated a water pipe with a nail. Plumber explained why it took a few weeks to become a detectable leak but I didn't really understand. Plumber is sending the bill to the contractor.

Discussing some other plumbing issues with my plumber, one of which involves our in-home water filtration system, he told me about someone else being sick because their in-home water filtration system was not working properly. I have been sick with GI issues for a few weeks--saw the doctor for it last Friday morning. I thought it started with a "bug" but I haven't really gotten over it. Doctor put me on a med and I've been trying to only eat what doesn't upset me. My plumber said I should immediately stop drinking or cooking with our water until we get the water tested and the filtration system checked out. And he insisted I call my doctor which I did. The doctor's nurse got the details from me. She called me back today and said the doctor said it was very possible my GI issues are a result of a certain excess chemical our water. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor this coming week. Someone is coming to take water samples mid-week. Then someone will also check the filtration system in the next couple of weeks to determine if it is functioning properly. Not jumping to any conclusions, but it is better to be safe than sorry. By the way, my husband is not sick. He does not drink tap water. I fuss because he drinks bottled water, which I have been telling him is a waste of money, soft drinks, milk, and fast-food fountain drinks. I drink our tap water almost exclusively.

My husband had a check-up with his cardiologist this week. They are reducing dosages of some of his medications but we will have to monitor his weight more carefully to make sure fluid does not build up because of his CHF.

I have been busy laundering all the linens which got wet because of the leak. Almost done with that.

I had a great WikiTree September--I added 73 new profiles and earned my 1000-contribution badge--but I'm getting off to a weak start in October. I have over 100 contributions at this point, but I doubt I will make 1000 this month.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy life--it is short.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (362k points)

Perhaps you might want to reconsider drinking bottled water for some weeks until water system and your intestinal system all "come clean"? 

Susan, I am not using our tap water for drinking, cooking, ice, until I know. All water will be purchased from an outside source and hopefully will be as pure as possible from harmful chemicals.
Good for you, Nelda, for writing those bios! I just sourced, but left enough for a goo bio on most of the profiles I worked. (Some only had one source, so a bio would be difficult!)

Yes, better safe that sorry. We don't have a filtration system, but I have had our well checked more than once just to make sure. We do, actually, share a border with am herbal supplement factory, so I always want to make sure there's no contamination. I already have too many stomach problems without them adding to them.
Hi Nelda! No matter how many points during the Thon they all count and everyone is grateful. I am sorry to hear of your GI issues and your husband's health problems. I will keep you in my healing intentions. You take care!
Great job on the Source-A-Thon, Nelda - 100 sources is commendable!  Especially since you took the time to create biographies for the profiles.

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