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The 25th anniversary of the Stillwell family reunion, 1946, in New York City, is captured in the three photos on the profile of Hetty May Stillwell Lee (Stillwell-1231), who organized the reunions in the first half of the 20th century. From circumstantial evidence, Hetty is likely to be the lady seated in the foreground with the black hat and dress, in the top photo. Her daughter, Irma Celeste, is likely to be the lady seated to Hetty's right.

Stilwell descendants, now is your chance to identify your relative(s), if you have not already done so.

by Marion Ceruti G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
selected ago by Saphyre Rogers-Berry
Marvelous, Marion. Such an interesting photo of the Stillwell family reunion.  I feel sympathy for the pretty girl with the tam in a room full of "grownups."
Thank you, Pat. Whereas I don't know her name, I know what she is thinking, "Can you please hurry up and take the picture so we can all sit down and eat."
Oh my goodness - I wish I could give these a million up votes!!! What a treasure!
Thank you, Saphyre, for your kind words regarding the Stillwell family reunion.
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This is a photo taken 16 July 2021 at the WWII 39th Bomb Group Reunion. I have gone to these reunions since 2016, when I discovered them on the internet. This is Frank Strahorn on the left, who was a pilot on the same mission my father was on when he was killed. Frank is almost 100 years old, but he has a vivid memory, and he remembers my father's plane going down. I am also hugging, Joel Markowitz, the younger brother of my father's best friend, Charles Markowitz, who was the tail gunner on the B-29 and killed with my father. I have found that these reunions have been a very good experience for me emotionally, and it is amazing what good friends we all are.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (429k points)
Alexis......It is very special that you can share this reunion photo with us.......the bonds that develop do mean a lot to our lives and to those that can share in them.
Thank you my friend John for your wonderful comment. I feel that we are able to create a bond with the friends here on WikiTree,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo, Alexis. It must be very special to get to know these two men who knew your father. Through them, I expect through them you are able to learn more about the heroic man your dad was.
Thank you Robin for your sweet comment. Joel gave me a letter that my mother wrote to his mother. I wondered why they did not stay in contact, but Joel told me that his mother could only speak Polish--so my mother's letter had to be read to her.
Truly the greatest generation and a wonderful picture.
Wonderful and touching, Alexis. Thank you for posting this photo and the story that goes with it.
Thank you Roger, my Oklahoma cousin, for your truly great comment.
Thank you Pat for your dear comment. Sadly we keep losing the WWII veterans, and the reunions are getting smaller.
Thank you Alexis for sharing this wonderful reunion from 16 July this is wonderful it was not long ago you three meet had this wonderful photo taken

It is a photo that say so much
A beautiful photo Alexis and an inspiring story, it's so amazing that you were able to connect with these two men after all these years, the internet has given us so many opportunities.
Thank you Susan, you are so sweet to remember this photo.
Thank you Gillian for your comment. You are so very right about it being amazing to be able to connect after all these years. I was actually trying to find information for a lady from my church whose husband was killed in a B-17 training crash. I was getting frustrated with not finding what I wanted, so I just typed in my father’s name, and all this information came up. I think many of our ancestors would be pleased to know how much we are able to find out about their lives.
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This is a photo of my dear Aunt Lois' 90th birthday reunion. It was taken in October 2003. She is the lady sitting on the far right in the front row. Just behind her is her brother, my uncle, John Sumner Dodge.

Included in this group are Lois' children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sisters-in-law from both the Dodge family and the Warren family, many nieces and nephews, and I expect, great-nieces and nephews. According to her daughter, Lois had been unhappy at the planning of the party. But a wonderful time was had by all. 

by Robin Shaules G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
A wonderful photo, Robin, very colourful, with so many family members in attendance......I think I can understand Lois might have been slightly overwhelmed.
Thank you Robin for sharing such a lovely photo of your aunt Lois’s 90th birthday. Looks like they are having a wonderful day for a big party.
Thank you, John. Yes, she probably was a bit overwhelmed as she enjoyed "peace & quiet" and she didn't want people to fuss over her. But I think she was glad that the event did happen.
Thank you, Alexis. It does look like it was a beautiful day. Typical fall weather for California. The reunion was held at my cousin's home, Lois' daughter, and she has a lovely home and yard.
Oh, Robin, this is such a happy group, it brings a smile to my face.
Thanks, Pat. I was not able to be there that day, and as I look at the photo, I feel like I really missed out on something special. Many of the people in the photo have passed on or had other major changes in their lives, but for that one day, everyone looks happy.
Thank you Robin for all this wonderful reunion photo

What a magnificent photo

Of your aunt Lois

The colour are beautiful on the photo
Thank you, Susan my friend!
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Without the large families of others every time my father John Miller visited his sister Catherine Best in Scituate, Massachusetts, it was a reunion.  Their parents died when John and Cath were children and that shared experience affected them.  In 1976 they both thought this bench was amusing.  I asked them to sit for a picture.  It was the last picture of them together.  

by Pat Miller G2G6 Mach 3 (36.0k points)
Thank you for this photo. My first thought was, "Why are they sitting so far apart?"  Then I read the words on the bench and had to laugh.  Are they showing their political differences?
Yes, Robin, but they were both really Independents so there were no arguments.
Thank you Pat for a great reunion photo with your father and his sister. I think the bench is amusing too.
Lovely photo of your father John reunion visit his sister Catherine

How sad it was the last photo that was taken of them both

How wonderful you have the photo of them both

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
Thanks, Alexis.  They both had a good sense of humor but expressed it differently.  Cath would "tee-hee" and smile.  John would belly laugh and roll around with eyes watering.
Thank you, Susan, for your response. But actually there are not many photos of them together as adults because it was my father doing the photography.  I just suddenly realized this may be the only photo of them together as adults because I was old enough to take pictures.
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The photo was taken in 1931 and shows my maternal grandmother Herta Martha Auguste Grabow at the age of 18 with her uncle Karl Grabow. It was taken in front of the Grabows' house in a small village in the eastern Harz Mountains. At that time for both the world was still in order and the family together.
The family was separated by the Second World War. Herta had gone to Berlin for professional reasons and at the beginning of the war moved from there with my mother to Westphalia near Münster and lived there until the end of her life.
The rest of the family remained in the eastern Harz and thus in the former German Democratic Republic. The families always wrote to each other and at the end of the 1970s Herta's stepmother (her mother had already died in childbirth in 1921) Ella Grabow, née Ehrhardt at the age of 75 had been allowed to travel alone to the Federal Republic of Germany for a short visit.  
On this occasion I had the only opportunity to see my (step-)great-grandmother.
I still remember that during the whole week-long visit Ella, Herta and my mother kept dreaming that the family would be together as they used to be.
Unfortunately, neither Ella Grabow (1893-1980) nor Herta Beumer, née Grabow (1913-1984) were to experience the peaceful reunification of the two Germanies in 1990. However, my mother Hannelore Hahn, widowed Lewerenz, adopted Beumer, née Grabow (1934-2021) took the opportunity to visit her relatives, with whom she had partly lived during the war, several times and to maintain a lively correspondence with them.

Therefore, this photo is also symbolic of the reunification of families in divided Germany after 1990.

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Thank you Dieter for such a lovely photo. It is especially touching the way your grandmother and her uncle are looking at each other and not at the camera. I found it especially sad that Herta’s mother died in childbirth. Thank you also for explaining how tragically wars affect families.
Thank you, Dieter, for this wonderful photo of your grandmother and her uncle. And thank you very much for your explanation of how the separation of Germany affected families. It's too bad that Ella and Herta did not live to see the reunification. It seems they were so close to being there. I wonder if they had any idea that it would finally happen.
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The photo below was taken at a Sims Family Reunion.  I am the baby in the photo.  So, based on my birth date, I assume the photo was taken in late 1941 or early 1942.  The place was in my grandparents front yard in Moweaqua, Shelby, Illinois.

In addition to me, the others in the photo are:

My great grandparents are seated ... Johnson Radford Drake (1864-1950) & Nancy Jane Humphrey-Drake (1867-1951)

My grandparents standing behind the chairs ... James Sims (1889-1962) & Alice Elizabeth Drake-Sims (1892-1981)

My parents are the couple to the right ... John William Sims (1919-1983) & Ruth Ann Rammel-Sims (1818-2006)

The others are Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (113k points)
+10 votes

My wife (Linda bottom left row) annual Valentina tea of her best friends.

by Gary Nevius G2G6 Mach 1 (10.9k points)
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This a photo of my Great Uncle George Washington Galloway's Wife, Minne Belle Hitchcock Galloway's Family Gathering , Photo was taken in the early 1900's , left to right Minnie Belle Hitchcock, baby sitting in her lap is Lecil Galloway, Walter Galloway, Kenneth Galloway , woman standing behind Kenneth is unknown to me , tall man is Murphy Criffield Hitchcock, Thomas S. Hitchcock, older man in front of Thomas is John Hitchcock, next to Thomas is James Hester Hitchcock, Docia C Hitchcock Spakes, in front of her is Samuel Hitchcock ,Nancy Eve McCoy Hitchcock I do not know who young children are ,Photo was taken either in Quebeck, White county, TN or Van Buren county, TNThis a picture of my great uncle's wife, Minnie Belle Hitchcock Galloway , 3 of her children , her parents , siblings, their wives and husbands, children,  this photo was taken in Van Buren county TN but could have been taken in Quebeck, White county, TN , Minnie and George separated but I do not think they ever divorced or if they did , either one of them remarried anyone else

by Janine Isleman G2G6 Mach 3 (37.6k points)
What a lovely photo with so many generations in it!
Thank you , a distant cousin shared it with me , Minnie and George's children were my grandmother , Lillian Pearl Denton Williams, first cousins, some of her other ancestors had married or were connected to the Hitchcock family, since her mother , Pamelia Evelyn Galloway Denton 's parents were from Van Buren county where the Hitchcock's were from , which is a very small county
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Tenby reunionThis photo is of my husband, his mother(left) and paternal aunt at the Atlantic Hotel, Tenby, Wales, taken in 1954.They had a family reunion with their cousins and some friends, four or five families in all, every year for about ten years. Despite looking like 'butter wouldn't melt' in the photo, my husband was happy to join in the tricks played on the hotel staff and the storey is that eventually the booking for the 11th year was refused.

by Gillian Loake G2G6 Mach 4 (40.6k points)
Thank you Gillian for sharing such a lovely photo of your husband and his family. You will have to share in a photo more about the tricks on the hotel staff.
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An impromptu family reunion, 15 Aug 2009, held in British Columbia, some were unable to attend.. John and I bookend our descendants smiley                                                                            

by Kathleen Thompson G2G4 (4.4k points)
edited by Kathleen Thompson
This is a happy looking group, Kathleen.  Despite the few unable-to-attend folk it seems like a good turn-out to me.
Thank you, Kathleen, for this happy (and colorful) family reunion photo. It looks as if you all were in a very beautiful setting -- so green.
Thank you Kathleen for sharing a great reunion photo. Is John on the back left?
Thank you, Alexis, yes John is in the white t shirt on the left :)
Hi, Pat, yes it was a happy occasion.. some hadn't seen each other in years...
Thanks Robin.. we had it at our daughter Shannon's home.. the picture was taken in her backyard :)
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Photo is of a Cooksey sibling reunion 7 of 9 children. Not sure what year but my great grandfather Otto Ross Cooksey contacted Rabies wrestling his duck from a dog that was running away with it. While in the hospital he committed suicide by slashing his throat with a pocket knife in 1937

by Deborah Campbell G2G6 Mach 2 (20.8k points)
Thank you Deborah for sharing this wonderful old photo what a treat
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28 Apr 1974......The first annual Sunbeam Tiger Reunion, 'Tigers United', 'Paws Across the Border', in Grants Pass, Oregon, attended by 50 Tigers, powered by Ford V8, from all over Western North America.                                                    

by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (146k points)

27 Apr 1974.......Since I ran the car in 'race trim', year round, from '67 to ' do the trip, south 550 miles on I-5, in intermittent, heavy rain I took it up to 80 mph and found all the rain went over the car.....coming out of a gas station, in Oregon, and checking under the tonneau cover, not a drop of water was found inside.                                      

I adore the cars wow what a amazing collection thank you for sharing
Fantastic, John.  I had never heard of this car as I surely would have remembered its striking name.  Produced from 1964 to 1967 says Wikipedia.  Are they rare now?

Susan, the cars brought together a group of people, and companions, from all walks of life and bonded us together, for life......I am so happy to be able to share the experience. smiley

Pat.....a great number of these cars have been kept in good running condition, either in original or modified is possible to spot one being driven on the street.  Here is some history of the Sunbeam Tiger name .laugh

What great photos, John! You can imagine, with the last name of Dodge, that the males in my family were car fanciers, but my sister and I can usually do okay too -- at least with the older cars. Though I had heard of the Sunbeam car, I don't recall the Sunbeam Tiger. Thanks for sharing your experience and your beautiful car.
Robin, the histories, of the Dodge families, make interesting reading, Kathy is also a member of that family.....I enjoyed studying abought John and Horace, of the Dodge Company, that became Chrysler and went on to take over Rootes Group, the parent company of Sunbeam.
Thanks, John. I'm always amazed at the things I learn from the photo challenge. I was curious as to how Kathy is related to the Dodge family. I used the relationship finder and found she and I were 12th cousins, 3 times removed, but through my mother (Witcher), not my dad (Dodge). Also, you and I are 14th cousins, also through my mother. Hello, Cuz(s)!
Oh, dear, John, I keep imagining this cute little car as powered by my old Sunbeam Mixmaster.

Joyce, I've always liked vintage Sunbeam appliances, solid with good 'eye appeal' carried away researching them, just now, and came back with a yellow mixmaster.

Robin,  Kathy's Disbrow family published, about 1935, a book, of which I have copies of the pages, which connects to the Dodge family and Kathy has entered it more fully on Ancestry.  Our niece, Kristina, has been entering ancestors on WikiTree and has not connected 2 of the Isaac Dodges......we will review the copies that we have in our possession.
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I give up. I work on a MAC book Air. I build websites and surely someone could figure out how to make adding a flipping photo to a file easier than this! <headshake> When person after person can't follow the directions, on *any* platform, it signals that there's a problem in the underlying system. 

The descendants of Wm and Susan Shave Cavel have held a family reunion at Brownwood TX in Sept. every year since 1930. I've always joked that in this photo, taken in September 1952, of my Grandma Josie Smith Cavel (far right) and the spouses of her children, it looks like a knife fight could break out at any time though I remember it as filled with love, warmth and laughter. The small woman in the light dress in the front row is my mother Mattie Clark Cavel. To her left, just behind, is her sister Fanny Mae Clark Cavel, and front row, in the white shirt is their brother Henry Clark Jr.. 3 Clark sibs married 3 Cavel sibs, resulting in 9 double cousins. I am the small girl in the background. My late cousin Wilbert Mack Cavel is the tall boy. 

by Deb Cavel G2G6 Mach 1 (14.5k points)
edited ago by Deb Cavel

Deb,  I had given out an upvote, in memory of my earlier attempts to post photos, for which several WikiTree members quickly offered assistance.  I still haven't learned how to get photos to a profile, my wife still does that, however, I can describe, in simple terms, how I learned to post photos that are on a profile.  I'm sure the appropriate member can offer assistance if it is known at which step a problem occurs......I encourage you to endeavor to post your photos so we can all share.smiley

Deb - I'm sorry you weren't able to post your photo.  That must be frustrating for you.  Help is out there but it is notoriously hard to find, like most WikiTree help.  I'm not a web designer and I work on an old Win7 system, but I am able to add a photo simply by clicking on the "Image" icon (the small box with the mountains and the sun) in the toolbar above this editing box and enter the URL where the picture lives.  It was that simple.  My difficulty is always the image sizing, until I figured out I can right-click on the image to change the size.  I usually have to post the picture, look at it, then edit the posting and rght-click on the image to resize appropriately.  There may be an easier way.

I'm certain you don't have to do this to post your picture here, but to also add your photo to the Picture of the Week free-space page, follow these instructions: You can add your photo to this free-space page by going to your image's page, scrolling down to where it says Add Person or Free-Space Profile and entering Space:52_Weeks_of_Photos_Reunion then click save changes to image details.

Here are some instructions. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Hi John,

Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it. I've had this difficulty before and it basically appears to be an incompatibility between my MacBook Air and the Javascript WikiTree uses in this particular instance. It's the pits. blush 

However, doing some research yesterday I found some new  documentation on an early VA ancestor's family. It will let me build *three* new profiles, dance, dance! No point sweating the small stuff! 

Thanks again!

Deb - Cavel-3

This seems to be your picture, though I don't think it looks like a potential knife fight.

Deb, thanks for the reply.....if you need any help.....holler.smiley

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The women and children in this picture appear to be part of either the Hyde or Atwood branches of the family - there are several others in my grandmother's personal album. I recognize May Atwood (grandmother) and her mother (Edith) in the upper left. And I think my Great Grand Aunt Mamie (Edith's sister) is next to her. The other pictures from that day include a lot of the kind of fun you'd expect - wading in the creek, climbing trees, playing with the kids, etc.

Since they did not all live in the same place at the time, a reunion picnic seems to be the most logical explanation.

by s Davenport G2G6 Mach 3 (34.0k points)
+11 votes

1911 Perry Family ReunionThis is the oldest family reunion photo I have, and my favorite because it has many people that I otherwise would not know what they looked like.  It was taken at the Perry family homestead in Austin, Texas, in 1911.  It contains four generations; starting with the Matriarch,

The Widow Eliza J (Wingfield) Smith (#9 – my 3rd-great grandmother, 92 yo),

With her daughter, Lucy Ann (Smith) Perry (#7 – my 2nd-great grandmother, 66 yo),

With her son, Frank Ball Perry (#12 – my great grandfather, 35 yo),

And his son, William Makemson Perry (#11 – my grandfather, 1 yo).

by Chuck Biggs G2G3 (4.0k points)
Chuck.....A wonderful reunion photo.....then it occurred to me, on a construction site in 1970 two fellows were referring to each other by number, which led me to consider numbering our the solution.
Amazing photo, Chuck, with so many generations together.  I noticed a child, as well as your 3rd great grandmother has a cane.  I love that your great grandfather is holding your grandfather.
+9 votes

This photo was taken at a reunion of the children of Nathan and Mary McClain, July 1938, probably somewhere around Albany, Oregon.

Back row: Raymond, Clyde, Arthur (my grandfather) and Ellery McClain
Front row: Charles McClain, Nellie Warren, Mary Lake and James McClain

Missing from this photo is Clara Willis, the youngest of the siblings. Possibly she took this photo, or possibly she was unable to attend the reunion. She was well known for wanting to get the family together, so there is no doubt she would have attended if at all possible.

Three of the siblings had already passed away by this point, Alice (died in infancy), William and Frank. If there had been a reunion in 1948 (ten years later), only four of the siblings would still have been alive to attend.

by Lloyd Wright G2G6 Mach 1 (11.6k points)
edited by Lloyd Wright
This is a good reunion photo to get to know the McClain family, Lloyd......I remember, recently, the Browning branch leading to Col. David Lewis' 2nd wife, Mary McGrath, of whom we were aiming our 'Cousin Frank' to connect to the tree.

Thanks for the comment, Cousin John. smiley Based on what is currently in WikiTree, it looks like the connection is through Hannah (Lewis) Hickman, daughter of Col. David and his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Terrell. I haven't looked into it personally at all, but that's what is in WikiTree. Apparently Hannah's daughter Susannah married James Browning, and that's what gets us to the Browning line that ultimately connects with my great grandfather, Nathan McClain.

As for "Frank," I had some friends in college who called me that, but I haven't heard it for a very long time. Nice that you made the name connection with Frank Lloyd Wright (though I wasn't named after him, nor was my father). And if there is a connection between my Wrights and Frank Lloyd Wright, it must be a pretty distant one. The closest connection in WikiTree isn't even through the Wright line.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed meeting the McClains.

+8 votes

This picture is one of a handful of images that led my interest into genealogy decades ago when I was just 18. 

The man with the very handsome mustache in the center is my 2nd Great Grandfather, William Nelson Whitesell, born in 1849. His 2nd wife Caroline is seated on his right and all of his living children are surrounding them. All told, he had 18 children with his 2 wives, 15 grew to adulthood. My Great-Grandmother, Eva Mark, (4th from the right back row), and her twin Effie were twins born in 1877.

I grew up with family reunions every summer and I miss them. At the time, I was just a bored kid, listening to the same stories told by my elders but I'd give anything to go back and sit and listen now. What stories those people could tell me!

At the time of this photo, most of the family were still living in Iowa where they raised their own families as well. However, as the years have gone by, and we as a society have become more mobile, families are flung across the country, and sometimes even the world. For our family, that makes even getting together for holidays a challenge. 

However, the pandemic has me thinking that I want to change some of that and I'm looking into trying to organize a very large "reunion" (most of us would never have met before) of the descendants of John Mark from Gilsum, New Hampshire in the next couple years. If we do - we will be taking plenty of pictures!

ago by Saphyre Rogers-Berry G2G6 Mach 2 (23.1k points)
Hello Saphyre, Thank you for posting your family reunion photo. It's great to see how families keep in touch. Fortunately, with today's technology, we can keep reunions going on Zoom. For example, the Hildreth Family Association is having their annual meeting on Zoom. It's not as good as meeting in person but it is much better than isolation. Best of good fortune to you, and keep up the good work on WikiTree.
Thank you Marion for your lovely comment! Indeed, sometimes it seems to for my 4 grown children and I, the pandemic has actually allowed us to "see" each other more than we have in the last decade due to Zoom becoming a thing. I think my wish for a giant reunion is a yearning to be able to get back to big large groups of people, with hugging and everything - and an expression of hope that we will get there!
+6 votes

Don't have much info on what the occasion of this photo was, but the fellow in the hat is my great-great-grandfather, Newton Lafayette Gentry, surrounded by his children, in-laws & grandchildren. "Pa" lived to be 97, & I've told stories about him here before

ago by Thomas Koehnline G2G6 Mach 4 (41.6k points)
+4 votes


ago by Kimberly Lindsay G2G3 (3.6k points)
Thank you!
Here is the original story:

I wanted to share this family photo of 52 Weeks of Photos Reunion with the community. Location: Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, United States. My father was orphaned at 7 yrs of age and came to Holston Homes for Children in Greeneville, TN to live for 10 yrs. He loved his new home. But, the first two nights and days were the hardest: he cried nonstop at being separated from his mother. His father had died in 1945, and his mother could not raise 10 children alone. The oldest siblings went to work or joined the Military. My dad and three (3) siblings lived at the orphanage. While at the orphanage, my dad enjoyed all the benefits of being in a 'real' family, joining the Boy Scouts and going camping, great holidays complete with Santa Claus, egg hunts, going to church, and playing at the barn riding horses, or playing horse shoes. At night, the whole group met at the fire pit and shared stories. After he grew up and had his own family, Holston Homes was having reunions every summer. Dad never missed a reunion. I have pictures of him being there as a newbie until his last days: he had cancer and went to the reunions anyway. That's how much my dad loved his new home. There is a tall tale circling the campus and that is that my dad buried a jar of marbles on the campus somewhere. Over the years as the campus expanded, he forgot where he buried the marbles. The staff has promised me that if they ever find the marbles, I am the beneficiary. Orphans call themselves cousins.

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