Which Baseball Favorite are you most closely connected to?

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We're featuring baseball players, starting with Mickey Mantle, in the Connection Finder this week, to celebrate the World Series.

Featured alongside him are other favorite players:

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WikiTree profile: Mickey Mantle
in The Tree House by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (468k points)
reshown by Chris Whitten
I added a new link for Pete Rose tonight, links should update overnight. I'm not expecting it to dramatically improve the connections, but it might nudge one or two.
Tom Seaver was my MIL's 1st cousin, his father and her mother were siblings. :-)

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I am most closely connected to Mickey Mantle at 20 degrees of separation.

by Tommy Buch G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
edited ago by Tommy Buch
+7 votes
I am most closely connected to Mickey Mantle and Alex Ferguson at 25 degrees.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Pilot (111k points)
+6 votes
18 degrees from Mickey Mantle (18th cousins, 4x removed)
18 degrees from Pete Rose (15th cousins, 1x removed)
18 degrees from Jackie Gilbert
20 degrees from Johnny Bench
21 degrees from Donald Mattingly (17th cousins, 3x removed)
22 degrees from Tom Seaver (9th cousins, 3x removed)
22 degrees from Alex Ferguson
23 degrees from Joe DiMaggio
23 degrees from Jackie Robinson
28 degrees from Daniel Staub
31 degrees from Honus Wagner
by Mike Wells G2G6 Mach 4 (48.5k points)
edited ago by Mike Wells
+6 votes
I'm closest to Mickey Mantle, at 20 degrees.
by Mark Weinheimer G2G6 Pilot (410k points)
+5 votes
18 degrees to Mickey Mantle and Tom Seaver are the closest connections.  Seaver is also an 8th cousin once removed.
by Steve Ryan G2G6 Mach 1 (17.5k points)
+6 votes
Mickey Mantle:  17 degrees of separation, is my closest.
by J. Mancha G2G2 (2.6k points)
+5 votes
by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
+6 votes
15 degrees from Don Mattingly (closest relationship, 7th cousins 2x removed; also 9th cousins, 8C3R, and 9C1R two different ways).
by C Handy G2G6 Pilot (124k points)
+6 votes
I now understand my complete lack of athletic ability.

My closest connection is Mickey Mantle at 19 degrees.  Mickey, an Oklahoman, was active in real estate development in Oklahoma City and I grew up hearing about him from my grandfather, who did work of some of the projects.
by Roger Stong G2G6 Mach 8 (87.0k points)
+5 votes
Here's my lineup (and it's three home runs):

19 degrees: Tom Seaver; 9/1xr through Susannah (Unknown) Brooks

20 degrees: Mickey Mantle; 172xr through Elizabeth (Verdun) de Burghersh

24 degrees: Don Mattingly; 17/1xr through Henry Vavasour
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (522k points)
+5 votes
Indirectly related to this post - see this free space page on the 1903 World Series - the first official World Series.

Many thanks to [Schalcosky-2|John Schalcosky] for creating the page.

by Roger Davey G2G6 Mach 2 (29.1k points)
+6 votes
16 degrees from Micky Mantle. 16th cousin. MRCA Alice (Bradshaw) St John (abt 1433 - bef 1488.)

16 degrees from Joe Di Maggio.

18 degrees from Johnny Bench.

18 degrees from Jackie Gilbert.

19 degrees from Donald Mattingly. 8th cousin twice removed. MRCA Sarah (Linley) Boarman (1635 - 1664.)

20 degrees from Jackie Robinson.

22 degrees from Alex Ferguson.

23 degrees from Tom Seaver. 13th cousin once removed. MRCA Mary (Roydon) Darrell (abt 1525 - 1590.)

24 degrees from Pete Rose.

25 degrees from Daniel Staub.

29 degrees from Honus Wagner.
by Frank Blankenship G2G6 Mach 2 (29.5k points)
+7 votes
I am 17 Degrees from Thurman Lee Munson
by Donnamarie Chase G2G1 (1.3k points)
edited by Donnamarie Chase
+6 votes
My closest connection is Don Mattingly (17 degrees with only one by-marriage link) which is kind of cool because he was my son's favorite baseball player back when he was a teen. He even wrote a research paper on him. I ran the relationship finder which revealed Don Mattingly is also a very distant cousin. We are 17th cousins, once-removed.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (350k points)
+6 votes
I am most closely connected to Herb Pennock, Hall-of-Fame left-handed pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics, Boston Red Sox, and New York Yankees.  He was also general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Herb and my grandfather are first cousins.
by Dick Pennock G2G Crew (540 points)
+6 votes
John Olerud from the Toronto Blue Jays is my 3rd cousin
by Lauren Ward G2G6 (7.2k points)
+5 votes
Most closely connected at 14 degrees with Mickey Mantle. He is my 6th cousin, once removed.  (He feels closer than that, because I have researched the shared ancestors extensively and they feel so familiar to me, as if they were nearer in time and generations than they truly are.  I had no idea he was their descendant!)

More cousins:

Pete Rose--11th cousin

Don Mattingly--12th cousin

Tom Seaver--15th cousin, once removed
by Cheryl Cruise G2G6 Mach 3 (39.4k points)
+5 votes
I am 20 degrees from both Joe Dimaggio (through Norma Jean) and Mickey Mantle. Where is the Iron Man, Cal Ripkin, on this list? He certainly deserves to be there more than Pete Rose who disgraced himself with illegal betting.
by Marilynn Tobash G2G3 (3.7k points)
I think the answer is because he was not available or possibly not suggested during the original discussion, which was open to anyone who wanted to participate. If you keep an eye out for these or search under EPOW (for the profile of the week talks), you can add your suggestions as well if you're interested.

However, upon searching, I was able to come up with a profile that has been created for him. The problem is that it is not currently connected to the Global Tree, and it is also currently set as a Private profile.


So we'll need to update the privacy on the profile so that it can be seen, as well as find a way to get it connected before it can be used for a connection related spotlight like this.
Thank you, when I searched I was unable to find a profile for him though through Wiki I could trace him back to his paternal grandparents. In was going to start a profile myself but if there is already one on Wikitree I'll wait for that one to open up enough to check him for connections or a relationship.

The night he broke Lou Gehrig's record is one of my favorite baseball memories along with Ted Williams' home run in his final game. I was present for that game and caught a foul ball that is my souvenir, for Ripkin I watched it on TV like most of the country's baseball fans.
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the closest is Alex Ferguson at 18 degrees, Don Mattingly at 20, Johnny Bench at 21, Pete Rose, Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Gilbert at 22, Tom Seaver and Jackie Robinson at 23, Daniel Staub at 28 and Honus Wanger at 31.  Oh my goodness!  Forgot about Mickey Mantle - he is my closest at 17 degrees.
ago by Cindy Shephard G2G6 (8.3k points)
+4 votes
It looks like I share a genealogical relationship with:  Don Mattingly at 9th cousins 2x removed on my Dad's side and Johnny Bench at 9th cousin 1x removed on my Mom's side.
ago by Laurie Segers G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)

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