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I am looking for more information about Peter FRASER borned around 1755 to 1760 in Inverness-shire in Scotland and came to Quebec - in 1778 signed a petition in Perce, Quebec - was superintendant of Ile-Verte (Green Island) in Quebec and died in 1820 on the island.  Most of the people think that his father was Alexander Fraser and mother Mary Fraser, but nothing confirmed as well as when he arrived in Canada.  Any help will be appreciated.   

Thank you.
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Hi Francois - first, welcome to WikiTree!

Second, I think I've found Peter Fraser in the records of PRDH and the Drouin Institute - and good to confirm they also covered Scottish immigrants reasonably well:

FRASER - Pierre, Peter, Pitre / Immigrant / Born about 1761 at Inverness, Scotland to parents Alexander Fraser and his wife Mary.

Among original records, it's clear that Peter married on 14 March 1801 at Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Quebec to Josepte Chasse. The original act is also available at Drouin IGD and potentially elsewhere (although I didn't easily find him on FamilySearch).

Peter was noted as being 40 at the time of their marriage and his wife 25. He signs as Peter Fraser and his wife as Josepte Chassé.

Their marriage was noted as being "by license from His Excellency Governor Milnes."  Sir Robert Shore Milnes was the British Lieutenant Governor of Lower Canada from 1799 to 1805:,_1st_Baronet

The names of Peter's parents are not referred to on his marriage record, but (per PRDH) came from a marriage contract of 13 March 1801 before the notary Alexandre Dumas.

IGD re marriage:

I hope that's helpful and you now have some docs to explore..!
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Thank yo very much Tyler.  I have this information, but I am not sure if it is really valid - I know that on the original records it said Peter married ....being 40 at the time, but nothing confirmed.  As well as Alexander and Mary Fraser as his parents, but again, my mother told me the same thing, but nothing to support these "hearsay".  I will continue my research!  Thanks.
You're certainly welcome Francois and hopefully it helps your searching. As mentioned the marriage record links to the original - and as noted, both Peter and Josepte signed the register. So that part at least is far from 'hearsay' - and your mother's info seems right - which they often are : )

Btw - I couldn't attach the source document but could send you a partial scan from the original if you can't locate it.

I also noticed that the following page of their register has additional information regarding their children. And Danielle notes potential sourcing for the marriage contract and other matters.
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Have you tried looking under Patrick Fraser? Patrick and Peter were interchangeable at that time.
by Elizabeth Russon G2G6 (6.6k points)
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Thank you very much Ellen.  You are right, I have tried Fraiser, Frazer, Fraser, Fraizer, etc.  I know about Peter/Patrick, but I haven't done it yet.  I will try to do all combinations.  Thanks again !
by Francois Viel G2G Crew (810 points)
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hmm, found an item of interest for you:

Documents concernant Peter Fraser et ses réclamations de terre

17 août 1786-4 juin 1802

Cote : 


Collection Centre d'archives de Québec - BAnQ Québec



Source du titre propre

Le titre décrit le contenu du dossier


  • - 14 document(s) textuel(s) pièce(s)

Histoire administrative / Notice biographique

D’origine écossaise, Peter Fraser sert comme lieutenant du bataillon de la Marine lors du siège de Québec en 1775-1776. En 1787, il commande le schooner Mercury et demeure à ce moment à l'Île Verte.Vers 1784 et pendant trois ans, il est superintendant de la navigation, des pilotes, des phares, etc. sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent. Peter Fraser fut le premier habitant à s’installer sur l’île Verte, à la fin du 18e siècle. Il maintenait constamment allumé un feu sur le côté nord de l'île afin de servir de repère pour les navires. Pendant qu’il était en poste, aucun échouement n'a été rapporté. En plus d'avoir insisté sur l'importance d'établir des aides aux marins durant la nuit, Peter Fraser est devenu un héros populaire en secourant près de 40 navires en détresse. Fait intéressant, le phare de l'île, le plus vieux du Saint-Laurent, a été bâti en 1806 au même endroit où Peter Fraser maintenait son feu allumé. Encore aujourd’hui, sa lignée est encore bien présente sur l’île et dans la région. En récompense de ses services, il obtient des terres pour lui, sa femme Josephte, et ses enfants : Josephte, Sophia, Peter, Jane, Malcolm et Simon.

This link is to transcriptions of original documents,

by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (410k points)
Notaire Alexandre Dumas, there is a listing of his acts as notary in BAnQ, the relevant listing is on page 24 of 31 here:

It unfortunately doesn't tie in with original documents.  That would be available at BAnQ archives in person.  Depends which city you are in or close to.  You can also send a request to BAnQ to get a copy of the document for a small fee.  They can send it to you via e-mail (cheapest method).
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I would like to join the Scotland project - Gavin Hall
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hi Gavin, this is actually the wrong place to tell people that, this is a question only about a specific person.  This is where you would go to ask to join Scotland project:
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Welcome to WikiTree Francois!  Have you considered a DNA test?  An Ancestry or FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder test with results uploaded to GedMatch would be helpful for sure!
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