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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Chat closed until new chat on Friday 29th October
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
closed by David Selman

Can it be Friday already? Let’s have another Weekend Chat! Greetings from Cathey’s Creek where we have had mild fall temperatures and clear skies. Does that mean I’m working outside? No, I am not. Read on…

On the Home Front: When we were last together, I was still in Tucson, beautiful Arizona. Last Friday, Mike and I took a drive up Mount Lemmon. The Catalina Highway bends itself back and forth, climbing at a rather fast pace, so quickly in fact that the elevation signs are per 1000 feet. What I loved about the drive is that there are so many places to pull over, large places for several autos, like the Blue Ridge Parkway here in North Carolina. The vistas, as these pull overs are called, are stunning of a landscape I had only seen in pictures. That a thrill!

One we stopped at was called Hoodoo Vista. Hoodoos are rock features where it looks as if someone placed large boulders on top of columns of rock. Mike and I got out of the car to walk around and saw a rock formation that he wants to come back to climb. It was at an arch of rock where I suggested he can get some great photos. He’ll go back to that spot at some later date and send me the photos.

While we were stopped at a different vista, we saw a fella in a suit heading out on the rocks with some other folks.  We followed to the same area a little later and noticed this small group below us on the cliffs. It was a wedding party! I will post a photo later that I took with some others.

Near the very top of Mount Lemmon, we ate at the Iron Door Restaurant. It is adjacent to some ski slopes. It was another opportunity for both of us to send my younger brother, Tim, photos of where we were and what we were eating. This was to make him jealous that he did not come out for the three of us to do things together. It worked; he’s going to head to Mike’s in December, though I will not be returning until February with my wife.

On my last day in Tucson, Mike and I ate at Famous Sam’s for brunch and headed to the airport. It wasn’t long before I was headed to Dallas for a short layover, then back to Ashville. I was not prepared for the weather. The pilot let us off on the tarmac where it was windy and cold, too cold for the tee shirt I had on. My wife was waiting up for me when I got home at 11:30 p.m., and we both stayed up for a couple of more<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->[GC1]<!--[endif]-->  hours catching up. My wife was on the trip through the photos I send on the regular, and also via FaceTime which we used each morning and evening.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, spending time with my older brother and seeing all the places around the eastern Gadsden Purchase. I was glad to get home, though. Now is the time to start getting serious about buying and moving into my parents’ home. Hopefully by December I’ll be coming to you from Dunn’s Rock Township instead of Cathey’s Creek.

Since my return, I have been sick with an upper respiratory problem, but it’s not Covid. That test came back negative, thank goodness. No fever, just a hacking cough and sinus drainage. I lost my voice for a couple of days there, much to the joy of many!

I hope that all of you are doing well and healthy, wherever you are!

Enjoy the Chat!

<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->

The Catalina Highway looks like it would be fun for skateboarders on the downside. laugh

Then, Tommy,  you'd have to wear a camera on you helmet so we could see it all! (Including the crash)
Hi Pip, I was reminiscing in my post that is was just a week ago yesterday that we were an San Xavier and Tucson seems a bit empty without you. So, please return soon.

Very sorry about the respiratory bug, and sooooo glad it isn't Covid. Honestly, when I travel by plane, especially now with masking and anytime there is a layover, I take the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum the night before I leave and the night before I return. It's a bit pricey, but it seems to work. I haven't caught a cold or URI, especially flying from Phoenix to Milwaukee, then RT Milwaukee to NYC, then from Milwaukee back to Phoenix. There is another travel remedy, Airborn, that is cheaper; however it contains echinacea, which is contraindicated for persons with MS.

Anyway, glad you made it back safely and know that Tucson misses you. And the best remedy for a cold is 'chicken soup.'
I love Mt. Lemmon.  It is a Sky Island and there are I don't know how many - maybe 5-7? - different climates on the 6,000' rise to the top.  You see plants starting and stopping in their ranges as you drive up.  I've hiked most of the trails there.  Glad to hear you got home safely.

You were in Arizona and you didn't take a picture of Wile E Coyote (Super genius) and the Road Runner? Sigh...Missed opportunity. 

Looks like you had a good time. I would love to go to Arizona and visit a cousin there. She just had her second child. =D

Iron Door sounds good. We have a restaurant here called "The Copper Door". The crab dip on nan bread is AMAZING! You could have a meal with just the appetizers!

Welcome back Pip laugh

Moving to Dunn's Creek eliminates any difficulties with the lot disappearing by erosion into ht e creek or whatever (river?) out back in Cathey's Creek -- I have been wondering how you would deal with that erosion thing ... cheeky

One of my dream destinations!
Sounds like it was a wonderful trip and while the return to an illness wasn't in the plans, I'm sure you'll get over it soon.
@Pipster...here's another place to visit when you return! DeGrazia's Galleria! I was introduced to his work by two friends when I moved to Tucson in 1984 to do graduate work at the U of Arizona. I've attached a story about him. The restaurant in his original 'gallery' called Rosita's? My two friends took me there. It was like an adobe 'hole in the wall.' Great Mexican food, but if you wanted beer, you had to bring your own (no liquor license). The cans of soda came from an 'ice chest'. Sadly, that restaurant no longer exists and Campbell and Prince, then considered the 'edge of town' is now so built up that the history is lost. Anyway, yet another wonderful place to add to your tour map...DeGrazia's gallery. Here's the story and I think you will enjoy it:


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Good morning Pip and the weekend chatters!


  • Another week of no rain and I’m not missing it.


  • Enjoying the new My Cousins feature. Who knew the new feature would cut through the forest and find the forest Elf?
  • To my brothers and sisters in Christ who lean towards a pre-tribulation rapture, you may enjoy this recent video announcing an high watch for rapture through November 6th.  Details in this YouTube video:  video
by Tommy Buch G2G6 Pilot (517k points)
edited by Tommy Buch
Good morning, Tommy! I know you aren't missing all that rain you've had, nor any more of it. That My Cousins feature is a blast, isn't it?
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Here are photos of my trip up Mount Lemmon with my brother Mike.

These two are of the wedding I referenced above plus the view. You might have to look hard to see the wedding party in the first one.

Down below, you can see the Catalina Highway that leads up Mount Lemmon. Quite curvy and with lots of vistas on the way up.

Me at a vista on the way up Mount Lemmon. Look at just how beautiful the sky is beyond me!

My brother below is not actually standing on a cliff's edge. We just took this photo like this to scare my wife!

My brother acting goofy...

This is the arch I mentioned above that my brother is going to return to so he can get some photos through the opening to the valley below. He'll climb up behind the arch for the shot. This is at Hoodoo Vista.

by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
Pip, isn't Mt Lemmon grand? On some of summer's hottest days, friends and I drive up the Mt for R&R from the heat. It's like vacationing in northern Wisconsin in the middle of the dessert. it looks like your brother doing the 'Highland Fling Himself Off the Cliff"! You two should have work kilts to enjoy our 'Tucson Highlands.'
We call that sky Arizona blue and see it almost every day.  It's heartlifting because it's so beautiful.  I've never seen that deep color anywhere else, and it makes for beautiful sunsets with spectacular color.
Great pictures, though I ALWAYS want to see you, and now your brother, in a kilt!
Not pictured: Acme rockets. Meep meep. =)

Great pics!
Wonderful pictures! Does your brother know he's on WikiTree now?
Thank you, Pip for hosting the chat and sharing these wonderful photos!
Wow, just wow! By the way, I'm with Beulah! Cannot handle heights.
Epic photos Pip!  You've put me in the mood to share one too!
Carol, I am wearing my San Xavier del Bac tee shirt right now. And, be assured, I will bring a kilt next time. I have to if I am returning to the highlands of Arizona!
Great photos, Pip! Thanks for sharing!
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Today is....



National Nut Day is observed annually on October 22nd. This day is NOT about the neighbor that lives down the street or the co-worker who sings with their headphones on. It is a food holiday celebrating a healthy and nutritious snack.  

Nuts are a highly prized food and energy source and are a primary source of nutrients for both humans and wildlife. Many of them are used in cooking, eaten raw, sprouted, or roasted as a snack food, and pressed for oil that is used in cookery and cosmetics. The fats found in nuts, for the most part, are unsaturated fats, including monounsaturated fats.

Many nuts are excellent sources of vitamins E and B2. They are also rich in protein, folate fiber, and essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and selenium.

Several studies have shown that those who consume nuts regularly are less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease (CHD). It was in 1993 that nuts were first linked to protection against CHD. Since that time, many clinical trials have found that the consumption of various nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, can lower serum LDL cholesterol concentrations.

One study has shown that people who ate nuts lived two to three years longer than those who did not. Those who were consuming nuts may have been eating less junk food leading to a longer lifespan.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalNutDay

To celebrate National Nut Day, have a snack consisting of raw nuts during the day and try this Mixed Nut Bars recipe. Share your favorite recipes or make some gorp. Stock up on your favorites and bring nutty treats to share with everyone! Top some nuts on your salad at lunch and use crush nuts to create a crust for a pie or even a savory roast. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
There's probably not a single nut that I don't like. Thanks, Dorothy!
The two nuts that I eat daily are almonds and walnuts. Another one I eat occasionally is pistachios.

I watched a few YouTube videos about which nuts were good for you and which ones weren’t. Two nuts that I stopped eating were peanuts and cashews.
Hi Dorothy! This is a really good Day! We recommend nuts, particularly a handful of almonds before bedtime to help with sleep! They contain magnesium to help with muscle relaxation.

I don't eat red meat or pork for health reasons, so I supplement my diet with nuts, particularly walnuts and almonds. They are great mixes in with 'creative' yoghurt salads! Yum!
I love nuts. All but one. Hazelnuts. I dislike Hazelnuts.
Pistachios for me!
I'm not a nut, nut, only almonds and cashews make it into my house or onto my plate.
I'm a peanut fan and my wife is an almond fan, so we've always got nuts around the house, ourselves excluded.
Somehow I think pecan pie does not rate as a healthy snack.  But it is one of my husband’s favorite pies
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¡Buenos días a todos from the Old Pueblo! It is 8am and 65F (18.3C) with an expected high of 90F (32.2C) and sunny skies. I find it hard to believe that it was just a week ago yesterday that Pip, Diane, Cindy, Mile and I were touring the grounds of San Xavier. I hope Pip returns soon!

On Wednesday, my son-in-law, Curtis, had open-heart surgery for a genetic heart condition. The cardiologist implanted a pacemaker and defibrillator. I think I mentioned that the long-term would require a heart transplant; however, that is not an option in his case. The upside is that the surgery went very well, and within 24 hours, the nursing staff had him up, walking and coughing to reduce the chance of getting pneumonia. My daughter, in addition to being at the hospital and bedside for hours on end, has been herding Curtis’ daughters from a previous marriage, helping my grandson make sure he gets his homework done, and returns to her own classroom tomorrow after taking 2 days off to be with her husband and family.

Yesterday, I saw the pain specialist, who gave me an injection in the right gluteus for what has become a very painful torn hamstring. I have actually been able to sit for longer than 15 minutes at a time and got a great night’s sleep without my groaning from pain awakening me every couple of hours. I hope the injection last for at least three months. The office staff went all out decorating for Halloween (my very favorite holiday). Several of the staff members painted pumpkins and are having a contest for the patients to select which one is the best. There were eight pumpkins. One was a very clever ‘Cheshire Cat’ from the animated Disney Alice in Wonderland (with the pumpkin stem painted like the tail). Another was a ‘Tim Burton’ character. Two pumpkins painted a la Día de los Muertos. Another was a beautiful Halloween night scene (kind of like a ‘tagged’ pumpkin with iridescent colors). Then there was Tom Hank’s ‘Wilson’ from Cast Away on a hand-made Fed Ex box. Finally, a little pumpkin disguised as an avocado with a bleeding eyeball.

When I participated in the Thon earlier this month, I had the presence of mind to keep track of all the ‘Orphaned’ profiles I sourced from Cornwall. I went back this past week, wrote biographies, and included additional sources for some 170 profiles. At least two of them were WWI veterans and I found that two or three were Notables, so I added stickers and information from their Wikipedia pages. The lot of these orphans were listed in unsourced Cornwall profiles. They are still orphans; however, they have biographies, connected to parents, children, husbands and wives so they are only ‘orphans’ in the WikiTree sense. A number of them had no information, only that they were GEDCOMs added between 2011 and 2016. Perhaps WikiTree should sponsor a ‘GEDCOM-a-thon.’ It got rather irritating to see the number of profiles what were uploaded, particularly from Ancestry with nothing, nada, zilch.

Oh! Pip, Cindy and Diane when we were enjoyng 'fry bread', I mentioned to you that I found a box with all of my negatives from my 1978 tour (my first trip overseas) that took me from Glasgow to Inverness to Edinburgh, the Lake District, North Wales, Stratford, Plymouth, Salisbury Cathedral, and Stonehenge and into London. I never found the photos; just have the negatives with sheets of ‘proofs.’ Several of you made suggestions as to developing these negatives. Well! I stopped at Walgreen’s after leaving the doctor’s office yesterday. I will be getting 350 images developed from film and uploaded onto a ‘thumb drive’ to the tune of $240. That is just the images on the thumb drive. If I want to get them turned into 4x6 glossies, it will be another 39 cents each! Unless, of course, I hit a sale day for 10 cents each. It is an expensive proposition, but the memories will be worth it. In addition to all the landscapes, I took interior photos of Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott’s home, Llangollen, Highland reel performances, Greyfriar’s Bobbie Statue, The Stevenson House, Bowling on the Green, and so much more.

I think I remember where those photos went, though. There were to be three of us (Chris, Linda and Carol) on this tour in 1978 as a graduation gift from nursing school in 1977. One friend, Linda, was not able to join us because she became ill and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Linda told us to go and make sure I took plenty of photos (with a borrowed Konica TC) so that she could ‘join us’ on the tour when we returned. I am sure I left the photos with Linda to reminisce. She died 5 years later of cancer at age 33 years. The misdiagnosis contributed to her early death. I believe that is what happened to the photos. Small price to pay now knowing the joy they brought to Linda at the time.
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (564k points)
edited by Carol Baldwin
Yay for Walgreens!  When you have the images on the drive, then use Costco to mail order prints.  Much less expensive and it takes about a week to get them.

And good for you for going back to the newly adopted profiles to fill them in.  I also was intrigued by the ax-murderer mother profile you sent me.  You should send that in to be featured during Halloween week on WikiTree.

And since the story of the photos started with fry bread, I have to say THANK YOU for encouraging me to try some of that!  It is heavenly, so anyone who gets to Tucson should have some.
Hi Cindy! I have to thank you all for the Great Walgreens Idea! And I am a Costo member thanks to my brother telling me about their cheap 'hearing aids' (that I don't wear because of mask and glasses). That is a great tip!

As to the axe murderer Tuttle mother, we could actually add three members from that one family! A brother axe murdered his sister (same family). They are ancestors to Rev. Jonathan Edwards!

And THANK YOU for joining us and trying the fry bread. It was great 'breaking bread' with you at San Xavier AND Tohono Chul. I'll try posting our photo today!
Carol, now you have reminded me, I have to put further culling of 2000 slides on the top of my winter to do list. I started with 14,000, but 2000 is still too many.

Plus further scanning of old family pics, about 10 shoeboxes full, and after that scanning of many older vacation pics pre 2007 for use in the virtual vacation.
Oh, I am so excited that you found a way to get those negatives into photos, Carol. Thumbdrive or whatever, you'll have to post those in the Chat someday as a virtual vacation. I can't wait to see them!

Hope that shot does last a looooong time. While I was in Tucson my left knee, the bad one, started acting up and kept me awake a couple of nights. I didn't bring a cane with me, so I bought one there and left it at Mike's.

Here's wishing Curtis makes a quick recovery and that the long-term is good to him.

I miss Tucson already. My wife and I are planning a February or March trip out there, so look for a post on that in the future.
Wow, what a genealogy and photo week for you!  

Looking forward to some of those uploads!
Carol, sounds like you had a challenging week. My Dad had heart cath surgery this week and had a stent put in, so I ended up staying at the hospital with him for about 36 hours. So I feel for you, as I understand how stressful that can be to be in "waiting mode" to see how things go.
Carol, I copied your idea of a Gedcom-a-thon into Discord and asked the Team if they already decided about the next Thon. Eowyn answered it might be again a Connect-a-Thon, but they could use the Gedcom-a-Thon as idea.
Would love to compare those ones you took in North Wales to how it is today. Look forward to seeing some of those in the chat.
@M Ross...I don't think I have that many photos! I took a number (on film with an old Konica) when I lived in Korea and Japan for 3 years back in the early 1990s. All of the ones that I want are developed and in photo albums. I have the negatives in 'shoe boxes.' I have to develop better skills at uploading, though. Despite your very excellent gmail tutoring, I learn best when someone 'shows' me step-by-step as I am a visual learner. Words directions are anathema to me...even since grade school.

@SJ See my response to M Ross above. Perhaps the Pipster can tutor me the next time he comes to town! By then, I should have some photos developed from my Scotland, Wales, Devon, England travels in 1978.

@Scott Fulkerson   I will send healing intention for your dad and your family. My heart really goes to my daughter, who has been with Curtis every step of the way. Sadly, this is only a 'stop gap' measure as the heart condition is genetic. I mentioned in an earlier post that Curtis isn't eligible for a transplant. He did four tours of duty in the Middle East and on top of all these travails, he is still being treated for PTSD and all the drugs he needs makes him ineligible (not to mention finding a donor! Well done, you for staying with your dad and, I am sure, keeping his spirits up! I have no doubt that having a special family member by your side in these situations helps greatly in the healing process. You should get a Notables Sticker...oh, but you already have one in YOUR heart.

@Jelena...hello, my friend. One of these days, I will be adding a document to another German/French ancestor and will need your so excellent translating skills! I have been working on my daughter's husband's WT to surprise him as a 'get well' gift. I am finding more GEDCOMS even in his line. No biography...no sources. Just a GEDCOM note...not to mention that a lot of them are 'Orphaned.' I think as WT genealogists we need to start taking these old orphaned 'Gedcom uploads' seriously. So, thank you for forwarding the idea to Discord.

@Hilary...I recall being in Llangollen and Caernarvon and have the old 'print proof sheets'. They are in order of our travels and will work to identify the ones from Wales and see if I can develop the skills to 'upload' them to the Chat. Perhaps when you see them you can help to identify which parts of Wales they are from. I have no problems with Llangollen as I was so impressed by that 'tiny lovely town.' Fresh bread from the bakery, a bottle of milk and I walked across a lovely old Roman-type aqueduct bridge for an early AM stroll. And several young Welshmen were coming home from somewhere singing a lovely song in Welsh and raising their bottles of beer to me. I reciprocated with my bottle of 'llaeth.' I expect they recognized me as a 'Yank'. I remember that experience so clearly that the tastes, sounds, smells are still with me when I conjure that memory.
@Carol; The old printed pictures I have come from various branches of both my maternal and paternal sides of the family. Most of them from 1880 to 1960.

The slides are all my dad's from the late 1950s to the 2000s.

The more recent many printed pictures are from various family events from the 1950s to the present some of which I took.

After my parents died 18 months apart I was nominated to be family archivist and to be in charge of all family memorabilia, actually no one else wanted any of it and I was more than happy to be the custodian.

At irregular intervals I scan old pictures and send them to my 6 sibs and 6 cousins. None of my siblings are particularly interested in our family history, one cousin in England decided in early 2019 that she wanted to know more, but as she is an ICU nurse in London she has had no time available since then.

One spouse of a cousin (cousin in law?)  has done a lot of work, unfortunately we do not agree on the importance of accurate sourcing.
@M Ross...My brother has been more of the archivist as he has all the old film from my dad's camera. The thing is that he isn't doing much of anything with it and no longer recognizes some of the family it has been so long. I've been trying to have him 'hand off' some of those negatives, and will pursue it more now that I know what I can do with Walgreen's.

Your family is very fortunate to have you and your willingness to go the distance with the archiving! It can be daunting. The sourcing issue that you mention at the close of your note is troubling...not that I'm always a paragon of sourcing, but I try and know it is important. Without sources, what's the point?!
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Thank You for hosting the Chat Pip,

Weather, Seasonal and that means average temps in the 70's and a mixture of rain. No change there

On the Home Front,

I am cutting back on my radio club activities. Something had to give.

Monday, We got a visit from the great granddaughter that we did not expect. She is starting to let go and take a step or two before she drops to the floor.

Tuesday, I had a webinar, Using the Raspberry Pi with Ham Radio, in the afternoon and we did the laundry.

Wednesday, Baby is back while the parents have a date day. Also since the weather was nice we did a bit of outdoor work getting things ready for the coming cold weather, and it will come like it or not.

Thursday, Really bad storms so we just sat around and watched some TV.

Today, The oldest grandson stopped in and asked us to look at a house with him tomorrow, we said yes, and then set up our appointments for the Covid booster shot next weekend. Still cold and wet so today it is inside for us.

Pip, or any others interested,  just in case you are interested I am posting a link to a FREE ham radio course on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mP-Qe2SYwI

Genealogy, Just continuing to add sources to some unsourced profiles I manage and make them fit the guidelines a bit better. Nothing earth shattering but important work non the less.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Dale, I'm having to wait on a Covid booster as I have some kind of bug. At least two weeks out for that, according to the Transylvania County Health Department.

Thanks for that link to the free ham radio course!!! What a find. I will most certainly be looking into that.
+20 votes
Hi, Everyone.  The weather in Tucson has come into the perfect zone of cool in the mornings (great for hiking) and delightfully comfortable in the afternoons.  I have actually had two real hikes (4-5 miles with rocky trail and significant elevation gain) without too much pain, so I'm going to continue that.  Those tendons just have to get themselves in order one way or another and it might as well be doing what I love.  I was also able to use poles which means my shoulder has continued to heal with only minimal aftereffects now.

Lately the Acadian project has had some very helpful new members.  It feels like so much energy when I review our activity feed.  I've been busy with the house decisions and haven't done much beyond my leader tasks this week.  I've drafted a DNA sources page, and someone suggested we set up a space page of images.  Maps would be especially useful.  So another to-do for me.  But all very good to help others learn their way around 17th-18th century Acadie, Nova Scotia and environs.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
Cindy, my brother and I gained about five pounds while I was there, so he has started back on his hiking and lost his weight. Now it's my turn! Ugh, I hate dieting. There is a set of trails near where he lives west of Tucson that I could probably do without much climbing.

Look for me in February or March!
Hi Cindy! Right you are about our Tucson weather this time of year. Makes the 'heat' worth it! I like to work in my Japanese meditation garden in the early AM. It's so relaxing. Then I have a 'cuppa' and enjoy the hummingbirds and butterflies.

@Pip...just come back to Tucson and bring your wife! I'm signing up to help with the Tucson Celtic Festival. You mentioned there will be something similar where you live. Why don't you sign up to throw those telephone poles in your kilt. That should help you to lose some weight!
+18 votes

I had a very fun and exciting thing happen yesterday. A FB post in the Ontario Genealogy group asked if anyone had an Ancestor who was a ghost. 

"But has anyone traced a family member back to someone who is supposedly haunting a building?"

My answer: "
There is an episode of celeb. hauntings where Tom Green is haunted by my spousal units great-grand in the natural history museum here in Ottawa. Alphonse Desjardins died in the Parliament Hill Fire."

One of the people who "Liked" my answer had the Surname of the wife of the fella who died in the fire, the ghost. I messaged her and asked and sure enough, she is a great great niece. How cool is that? Wait...there is more...

This family lived in a building - the whole family, kids grands, everyone - that had a terrible fire (different from the fire that killed Alphonse), and though everyone survived the fire, all family photos and memorabilia were destroyed. I can hear my MIL saying sadly, "the fire destroyed everything".

I spent last evening and part of this morning chatting with and seeing family photos, that no one on our side of the family has ever seen. How cool is that???!?!

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (561k points)
Hi Mags! Very cool! And what is really cool is that I have been tracing my son-in-law's ancestry on WikiTree as a 'get well' present for him. Turns out his ancestry (one line anyway) goes back to the Royalist Johns family and you are PM for them. I will be adding sources, but not too ghostly!

I would love some good ghost/axe murderer stories for Halloween/Samhain (my favorite holiday).
Yay! I actually know those Johns well. My friend's Dad was the family genealogist and when he passed they asked if I would upload his GEDCOM. So, I did. :-)
The only ghost we have in our house is a cat, he died in 2000 and we can still hear him racing around the house at night.

One of his favourite things was walking across the piano keys, he still does it at 3am.

It doesn't seem to matter that we no longer have the piano.

That is very cool, Mags! It's a small world!

@ Mags...Hi Mags! Well, thank the ghost of your friend's Dad on behalf of my son-in-law. I'll be starting in on those Johns this weekend! BTW...cherry pie this weekend for me!

@M Ross...I had a little Japanese Chin who died in 2010. I still wake up to his scratching on the wooden bed frame every now and then!
Cherry? What the H$5K!? BLUEBERRY Carol, Blueberry!
@Mags...I just thought you might like a nice break from YOUR ever-popular blueberry! Nice to know we can still get a rise out of you over type of pie!
<southern hand across southern forehead> If you must...
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

What's up? Well, on the genealogy front I posted a new blog about fishing: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2021/10/52-ancestors-week-42-sports.html

Check it out!

That's not all! I am apparently member of the week this week and so Eowyn had me update my original post from 2018. Yeah, that needed an update. https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1317023/meet-our-members-chris-ferraiolo

Lastly, the Italy project has been revamped once again because we FINALLY have a leader in the form of Azure Robinson! So, finally we're going forward with a lot of stuff I wanted to do and projects I wanted to start. We've got teams for regions, diaspora and more. It's finally going somewhere and we've got new members coming in!

Not a bad week!

On the non genealogy front, we've picked our last pepper and closed down the garden. It'll see new activity in May next year. Here's hoping we have a better harvest.

We're also prepping for our trip to VA. Should be fun as always. I can't wait to go down there as it's been entirely too long!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (481k points)
Horned hails to thee, also.  I thought, for the longest time, that it was some sort of Viking thing you were into.  But you clarified that "hails and horns" recently for which I thank you again
Any time. =) Have a great weekend!
Chris, that photo of you and your dog on the boat.... just perfect!

Congrats on the new leader for the Italy Project. I know you've had to wait a long time for that. Forward!

Yeah. His name was Tux. He was born in 1984ish. That pic was taken in the summer of 1991 or 1992 based on the t-shirt. Darkwing Duck first hit the "Disney Afternoon" in 1991. He was so popular a character that my class at Woodbury Jr. High made him a mascot for our team. 

Tux was a Britanny and he was the most chill dog ever.  My aunt breeds britannys and she gave him to my brother and I. He lived to be about 16 years old. We had him and his son, Tie. Tie was...uhh...muy loco. Let's put it that way!

And yea we did have a long wait. It was worth it!

+17 votes

Cindy Cooper (right) and Carol Baldwin at Tohono Chul, Tucson Arizona on Friday 15 October 2021. A grand time! Another place for Pip to visit when he returns! And Mike will enjoy the Sonoran Dessert Flora!

Cindy and Carol at Tohono Chul on 15 October 2021

by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (564k points)
No picture.  ??
Hi Beulah, take a look above your comment! Unless I messed up, there is a photo of Cindy and Me that has 2 votes. Let me know if you still don't see it. I'm not proficient at uploading these photos onto WT.
No picture on my computer but some others may have it.  I'm just scrolling weekend chat, not making side trips that may need to be done.  I don't even know how to put on photos so you are ahead of me.  I don't have a workable camera any more.
Carol ,I opened the picture in a new tab, and only the thumbnail is visible,as the picture is privacy protected.

You will need to add it to a free space or someone whose profile is open to see it here in the chat!

Picture of Cindy Cooper and Carol Baldwin at Tohono Chul, Tucson Arizona


Hi M, THANK YOU so much for uploading this photo. I just absolutely cannot seem to master this skill at uploading. Next time Pip is in town, I will have him tutor me so that I can develop this skill.

@ Beulah...this is the photo that I can see, but no one else is able because I have no techno skills! We all need to thank M Ross for her wonderful skills and abilities!
Carol, it is coming in loud and clear for me with no side trips.
You are both in front of a large brick building.  You did it
right without knowing it.  Good for you.
What a lovely photo!!! Oh, it makes me want to head back to Tucson!!!
@Beulah It wasn't me...it was M Ross

@Pip A nice person at Tohono Chul took it and yes, please return to Tucson pronto!

We need to extend a very large THANK YOU to M Ross for her many kindnesses and outstanding WT upload skills, or everyone would be looking at a photo-less chat note from me!
+18 votes

Hi from southern Ontario, 

Chez moi/at home: what's happening here? My oldest grandchild is 19 today and she was so little 19 years ago, actually we thought she looked like a baby Yoda! I cleared the vegetable bed and will work on the rest of the garden over the next week. 

The past week has been consumed by Horticultural Society matters. A fundraising bulb sale that has taken about 50 hours to arrange, set up, run etc. our AGM for 2020/2021 is on Nov 9th and many annual reports have to be submitted, checked, financial auditing done and a decision about holding it by Zoom or in person. 

That decision will be made as soon as the Ontario government holds a press conference at 2 this afternoon, rumour is that the capacity limits will be removed for bars, restaurants and gyms and if they do that, I can't see why meeting rooms would still have restrictions. 

Alton Cemetery, other genealogy: Cousin Sharon has been sourcing people buried at Alton.

I have been up to my eyeballs with someone who has been running around in the Robbie's ancestors, removing children, replacing spouses, editing marriages and giving a blog as a source. And yes, I ended up taking the problem to a higher power. 

I'm have also been chatting with another of the Robbie's extended cousins, not exactly sure if she is 5th, 6th cousin or……that will take a while to figure out. if I have it right, they probably share a 5 GGM, but I might be a generation off.

I have her marriage record, and baptism record, it seems that the 5GGM was married in 1764 at age 10 to a 15 year old husband, they were cousins, in Roxburghshire, Scotland, their first child was not born until 1771. 

I have seen somewhere a reference or underage marriage in that time frame in Scotland. It seems it was allowed in some circumstances, as long as the marriage was not consummated until both had reached puberty. I believe it was to do with wanting to preserve assets in the family, he came from the 'well to do' side of the family, she not really. 

I have queries out to some advanced Scotland researchers that have helped previously with unusual topics, about this practice, and will report back. 

Reading: I decided it was time for some less intense topics, so I am reading the I think 11th book in the Bess Crawford mysteries by Charles Todd, set in and about the WW1 time frame. The books can stand alone, I have read a few before, but no idea which ones any longer. 

Take care everyone!

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
M, there was a G2G post recently about young marriage in Scotland, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Here's a book for you: The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. Something light and enjoyable. I read it years ago and ordered a copy for my wife. If she doesn't pick it up soon enough, I'll be reading it again.
+18 votes

There are days when there are so many good suggestions for the

On this day

that I can hardly decide which ones to use. Here we go:

1943: The city of Kassel is bombed of the Royal Air Force during WWII

1946: The Soviet Union "mobilized" more than 2,200 East German specialists to work in the Soviet Union

1980: The Austrian pediatrist Hans Asperger dies

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
1943 today, Professor. Thanks for the good read. I also snuck in 1946 since I had a little extra time this afternoon. Good read!
+19 votes

Virtual Vacation!

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina April 2013

Today we are heading into Pip territory! 

We visited South Carolina in early April 2013, we left home on April Fools and drove for 8 hours through wet snow and rain to Fayetteville, West Virginia. April 2, we arrived in Beaufort South Carolina. By the next day we were ready for the beach. 

Hunting Island is classed as subtropical, it is a barrier island with five miles of beach, the ocean, hiking and bicycle trails through the forests along the shore. 

I took all of these photos except the lighthouse one, which came from Wikipedia. There were so many people in the lighthouse area when we were there that it was impossible to get a good photo. 

This picture is the road into the park, very scenic with marvelous plants and trees.


The nature center has many animals and this sign. 


Forest along the shoreline, we biked along the trails that go through this forest to the beach.



The waves can be quite destructive and I didn't know that 3 years after our visit that Hurricane Matthew in October, 2016 caused more than $5 million in damages. And completely wiped out the dunes and oceanfront campsites.Plus destroyed roads, restrooms and parking lots.

The beach really feels like you're somewhere in the Caribbean. 





Along the bike trail



It also has an 19th century lighthouse, building started in 1859, it was destroyed in 1862 and was finally finished in 1873.


by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
We've camped there! What a wonderful state park. Long walks on the beach, a campfire, a pop-up camper, climbing the lighthouse. Loved it! There was a little place to eat right off the island called the Shrimp Shack where they make great shrimp burgers.
Thank you, M, for another wonderful VV.
Whenever I travel across the United States, I am always amazed that it is the same beautiful and country! The landscape is so incredibly diverse. I recall the first time I flew from Milwaukee to Phoenix, my first trip west in 1970. I got off the plane in Phoenix and felt as though I was in another country the landscape was so opposite what I had been used to. I felt this way the first time I flew...with my grandfather to Miami, Florida in 1963. Yet another diverse landscape in the same country.

M, your VV today reminds me so much of these first travels in the states. I have since been to the Carolinas, to every state in the union,  come to that. I am always amazed at the rich and diverse landscapes and your photos of South Carolina capture this essence and awe for me all over again.

Thank you for the VV. It was a nice break from doing bios for the ancestors of my son-in-law.
+11 votes

GENEALOGY -- same ole routines as ever - I did notice the new add to the drop down menu (MyWikitree) to wit, "Cousins" ... I am also currently developing the Medlock lines in Arkansas which has so far included a lot of Standridge 

HOME FRONT - believe it or not we are actually getting some rain here in Modesto. Hard to believe, seriously 

Sig O says the black cat he (Little One) adopted back when came flying through the cat flap from the garage at Mach 4 and upon her heels came one of ours (Fluffy) in a furry fury ... what he NOTICED was the sound FLAP and then a black streak of movement followed by a FLAP sound and an orange streak of movement ... 

Huh. Welllll, at least they are getting their exercise ... this is good 

I reached down earlier to pet a cat --  instead of warm furry I feel damp cold furry ... so I looked out and there's water in the gutter the sidewalks and street are wet ... WOOHOO !!!! 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (525k points)

I saw that y'all were going to get some rain, Susan. Hope that cools things down and lessens the fire risk.

Enjoying having your doggie friend back? laughlaugh

DOG is not a "friend" of mine  

It came into my room, hungy, so I took it to Sig O who fed it so it came BACK to my room and scarfed up all the wet catfood and then went  back to bed on Sig O's bed

I'm wondering how long it will be this time before someone comes over here to get the dog back

RAIN welcome but is not a drought breadker  Weather channel did say it was one of 3 stroms back to back but I don't now which of the three rained on us

UPDATE -- Here we are at 6:16 AM on a cool Saturday morning, which is dark as sin outside,  and the Dog is still here.  It gets hungry so it is fed some chicen stewed off the bones, and THEN the Dog shows up in my room and eats whatever wet cat food has been put out for the cats ... and has another serving of that since it will conginue to come into my room until it has eaten "enough" ... 

Had a standoff in the front room on the noisy side yesterday so I shuffled out there to break it up and it was Dog and the black cat of Sig O and the Warrior (Fluffy) in what amounted to a traffic jam ... I interrupted their "discussion" and they all scattered in different directions 

Well, considering that there's gaters and cocs that roam and nap people and animals "down south" and pumas and pet-nabbing coyotes and I don't know what all else, I think the current collection of disputants in our house is pretty mild stuff ... I will not complain since this samll domestic pet conflict is obviously better than any of the others  so often reported 

UPDATED UPDATE -- 10:30 AM Local Pacific, Sunday, ... the Dog has been retrieved by its human at 10 AM ... 

I said "It showed up Friday morning."  Showed up at 6 AM. 

She said Oh 

And taking the dog up in her arms she said "We didn't notice it was gone until  this morning.."  which I will credit since their car wasn't thee most of the time from Friday until late last night

Dog was here from 6 AM Fiday morning until 10 AM this Sunday morning ... and they did not notice it was gone until this morning 

+17 votes

Hello from north Georgia, USA!

Pip, glad you are home safe. Hope you get over that URI soon! Thanks for hosting WC again this weekend! 

Temps were a bit more seasonal (fall) here this week which I enjoyed very much. I was able to wear some flannel and fleece--so comfy. Yesterday was gloomy and a front came through last night with thunderstorms. We were under tornado warning for a while, but I didn't know about it until this morning. I haven't heard of any damage yet so, hopefully, there wasn't any. The sun is shining brightly today again. We still don't have much color in the foliage. The female deer herd with their young are still coming for supper in the evening. This week we have also been blessed with the visits of a young buck. We've seen him twice about midday. I got his photo. 

I've worked on genealogy, of course, but it was a tough week emotionally. Several tragic events within my extended family became known to me--the suicide of a divorcee, a young man who died from burns sustained in a gasoline explosion, a young toddler who died from a fall, and a baby who died from pneumonia and malnutrition after being placed in a group home for children given up for adoption. 

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (379k points)
Nelda, I wonder, did that poor infant die from the condition it was in when it was placed in the home?  I truly can't condone
any action of the caretakers that would allow that to happen because of their shortcomings, but unfortunately such conditions happen.  It is so tragic that it happened.  I understand your emotions and hope it improves for you soon.

Your buck could be looking for the two does that recently passed my kitchen window as I sat here typing.  They are loosing the red tints they had a month ago, all the better to blend with the leaves that cover the yard.
Beulah, the mother of the infant was an unwed teenager. I'm not sure when the infant was placed, but he could have been in the home since his birth. He was not quite six months old when he died in 1925. The mother's home address on his birth certificate was in Waco, TX, but the baby was born in Dallas, the city where the adoption "home" was located and where the baby died. I don't have more details. Hopefully it was just a failure to thrive and not neglect.
Nothing recent then.  Glad to hear it.
More to the story...the place of birth was a "Maternity Home" in Dallas. I'm looking through old newspapers now to see what more I can find out.
My guess it was a premie with poor prenatal care and a failure to thrive situation.  Babies were not in such demand in the 1920s as they are today so it piqued my curiosity.
Sorry to hear the emotional genealogy news.  I just found some myself a few hours ago!

Today was our first "autumn" day and that crisp air smell and seeing this deer just put me in the mood to start getting ready for Christmas!
Nelda,. except for that one tree near the deer, your backyard looks a lot like mine. It's rare for us to see a buck, though. Nearly all does and their young. They've learned that there is seed to be had under our bird feeders. The squirrels aren't too happy about that.
I'm sure we don't have the nice landscaping you do, Pip. Our yard is very "rustic." And our property is not on the creek, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately since you are always talking about having to prevent erosion from your creek. This young buck was a very rare sighting for us. One of the neighbors says he saw two older bucks sparring in our yard one day this week but it was while we were gone and the neighbor did not take a photo. That would have been exciting to see.
+18 votes
Greetings to all from beautiful southeastern Arizona! This will be a short post because dang Macchiato chewed my laptop's power cord and, though cord is taped, isn't charging. I've ordered a new one from Amazon, but it won't arrive until Monday. Don't know why the cat hasn't shocked herself chewing through power cords! Will she ever learn?

A few of the trees are beginning to change now, but this may be due to dryer weather and not low temps. The sage and azaleas are still in bloom.

Can't believe it's already been a week since I met with Pip, Carol & Cindy. I'm still busy transcribing 200+ year-old handwritten documents.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 9 (97.4k points)
Diane, unplug the cord and then cut it with a pair of scissors and pull out the two wires on each end.  Skin off the insulation and then connect the wires back and wrap with some tape.  You'll have power til Monday!

You mentioned about the transcriptions when we met, Diane, so now that you are becoming an expert, I'll just send my old documents for you to take care of for me! laugh

@SJ Thanks for the suggestion! My friend and co-host John at the senior center wrapped it with electrical tape, but it didn't fix it. When I got home, I undid this and taped it again. It's now charging, but I'm glad I ordered a replacement. I'm very leery about using something electrical that's taped.

Ah Mr. Kilt Wearer - nice try. No thank you! laugh I finally finished the Rufus Putnam documents from Box 5; 34 of those and couldn't do one because it was missing half the document. Next is the other  boxes. Wanna help? laugh While I haven't found my answer to the second land dispute, I have found interesting items.

+17 votes
Good evening from the other side of the pond,

here we had our first storm of the season. On Wednesday we cleaned our balcony from all stuff that could potentially fly around and yesterday we stayed inside, as the storm was crossing Germany. Last night the storm was gone at least in my part of the country.

The Covid numbers rise again and rise faster than they did in the last weeks. And just now our (still in office)-health minister wants to end the status of "national pandemic emergency" (freely translated). Erm what? Well, at least the regional Prime Ministers tell him openly they don't like that thought.

WikiTree-wise I worked in the 52 Weeks of Accuracy at the  profile of Freiherr Gottfried von Cramm. The short version is: connected not only via his second wife (which he was before) but also 3x by his own ancestry, corrected locations, sourced some profiles and added more than 100 profiles until i exploited all sources I used.

I also reached my 50 sourced profiles for this month, I added some profiles for the Challenge of Irene Cornish and reached the 1000 contributions.

I think that's it. Stay safe and healthy, get healthy if you are ill (Pip, take care) and remember to keep the distance, you can be infected with covid also and although you are double vaccinated.

No, I forgot one thing: Mum has the date for her booster jab. A bit more than 2 weeks more to wait for her.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
I also forgot something else: This week I also connected a branch to the Big Tree. That's my once in a while connector's participation.
Jelena, I read that Germany is having a spike in Covid cases, and that the states were going to meet to decide whether to extend the restrictions past November 25. You heard anything about that?
That's just what I meant with "They don't like the idea of cancelling the pandemic emergency." There are actually three possibilities now that are discussed

- extending the pandemic emergency and that way having the possibility to require masks and tests where needed and wanted

- changing the federal law for protection of infectiuous diseases and putting in there the possibility to require masks and tests where needed

or last but (hopefully) not least

- the states change their laws and pave that way to make masks and tests possible. That would result in 16 different laws, for many people it would mean "at home there are other laws than at work" etc. pp.

I would certainly prefer if a federal solution would be found.
+15 votes

Genealogy: Big genealogy week.  And a big genealogy day.

I opened a rabbit hole for one of my Swedish ancestors and our Swedish Treers came to the rescue.  Huge thanks to Maggie Andersson, Eva Ekeblad, Per-Erik Österlund, & Olov Winstrand.  These wonderful Treers brought me all kinds of primary source links, images, and advice on digging through Swedish records.

I found that two sets of 4th great-grandparents I had were wrong and I disconnected them and put in the proper ancestors.  While digging further I found an unsourced Ancestry tree that I was able to verify and source using the skills brought by Team Sweden (listed above).  The Ancestry tree linked to the genealogy page of a Swedish researcher who had 3 more generations just this morning taking my Wikitree back from 4th great-grandparents to 7th great-grandparents. 

I reached out to my new Swedish cousin and she replied right away and I was able to determine that we are 7th cousins, once removed.

And looking further at her notes for my 4th great-grandfather I found that he was quite the black sheep:

1845 - accusation of embezzlement
1845 - fugitive (runaway)
1846 - conviction for possession of stolen goods & family put in the "poorhouse"
1847 - arrest again
1847 - conviction for murder (oh gads!) and 10 year prison sentence at Malmo fortress

On the bright side, his son was a stellar human, great father (of 6), and migrated to the US and became the patriarch of a huge and successful family.

Interestingly, these conviction and prison notes were on one of the census records posted by Maggie Andersson but the notes are very tiny (and in Swedish) and I had not yet translated them.  Seeing the 7th cousins notes has saved me a lot of work there.

Weather: fall is here.  Yesterday it was over 30 (86f) so we went to the beach.  Rain was forecast for today and we knew that the warm front would be our last shot for the beach.  It was a spectacular day.  For today's weather (picture is worth a thousand words).  I took this on the walk home from taking the kids to school:Weather

Within 2 hours the rain came and we had steady rain for most of the day.

Hope you all are having a super weekend!

by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

SJ, I haven't had a breakthrough like yours since my early days on WikiTree. I think I've just about exhausted my possibilities. Good for you for the tree extension!

That's a beautiful sunrise!

What a great find. And what a great community we have at hands here.

What a line this is turning out to be - I wonder what kind of family this was.   ?  The brother of his grandmother stabbed to death the first husband of his grandmother.  I'm starting to think that these folks liked in a rough neighborhood. surprise

+11 votes

HOME FRONT -- rained off and on this day, so fr, nothing major but it do be wet out there

THE DEVIL DOG is back, saw it asleep or dozing maybe on Sig O's bed ... 

Food was delivered without trauma attending, but there's always next time, yes? Same with the trash collection trucks and their war upon the trash cart, just because nothing happened THIS time, ... there's always next time to look forward to 

I have learned over the last 3 years to make my own entertainment out of the ordinary events 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (525k points)

Making your own entertainment is often better than that which is provided by others. Plus, it costs less!

Devil Dog now has a new home. Are you ready for that yet? laugh

Not gonna happen Pip -- Dog be given bback sooner or later
Sooner than later         ?????

crying Beulah, "sooner" is better than "lateer" BUT not knowing what the FUTURE  holds it remains "sooner OR  later" (eventually) 

Were I physically able, I'd walk acoss the street and put the dog in their yard, making sure the gate was SHUT.  Sig O could do it, but he won't he don't want to offend the dog's human ...

I'm offended by their SEEMING lack of care and concern about the dog 

And you can see that "going ON the offensive" might make things worse 

+18 votes
I just have to share, I just had the most wonderful experience.   A person, who is not a WikiTree member was doing a search and found his great grandparents on WikiTree.    The great grandfather is part of an extended family I added to try and find some "cousins"  The great grandfather is a first cousin three times removed.   Which means....I found a "cousin.   But here is the really interesting item...the fellow that contacted me drives through the town where his great grandparents lived and he wondered if I knew where they lived.   Well, the 1930 census had their street.  He was so excited....but, he also noticed that someone had left flowers on their graves....he asked if it was me....unfortunately, it was not....but, it means we have more relatives out there!
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (721k points)
Serendipity and Synchronicity are two experiences regularly found in genealogy research.  I enjoy these stories.  Thanks for sharing.
I've always wondered about flowers that I see on older graves (maybe older than knowing the deceased personally) and would love to know the story that brought people there.
What a nice bit of news Robin, how exciting!  I did the math on my new Swedish cousin, 7th cousins, once removed, not quite as close but isn't it wonderful to make a new and fresh discovery?!!!
+16 votes
Happy weekend, everyone!  Midpoint of the semester; it's all downhill from here!  I'm running a bit behind in both classes so I need to start pruning some stuff.

Big milestone here: my teen got their learner's permit.  Six months of supervised driving now.  I'm excited and terrified.

Not much genealogy this week, except that another Wikitreer has noticed and challenged a change that I made a few months ago.  I've asked them to provide supporting evidence for their proposed alternative, and posted on G2G to get opinions.  Hoping we can get it resolved.

Weekend plans:  grading, some housework, WikiTree (gotta get my Tortoise Club quota!) and probably find a big empty lot where the teen can take a drive.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Pilot (187k points)

Excited and terrified? Boy oh boy do I know the feeling! Well, one thing that this will help is that you won't have to be doing taxi service much longer! laugh

I'm going to echo Pip's exciting and terrified.  My eldest is still a decade away from driving and the thought has me both excited and terrified! surprise

Congrats and cresting the hill of the semester. yes

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