Which surname to keep?

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Husbands of Angelique Doiron ... I don't know who to merge into who...

They should be in the Acadian Project I think.
WikiTree profile: Angélique Doiron
in Genealogy Help by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Mach 8 (84.0k points)
Is there any advice from the Acadian Project on name standardization? I think Stephen White would be my choice for who to follow in that department, but that's just me.
It found the Acadians Project  guidance on name standardization at http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Familles_acadiennes

It looks like they have selected Boudrot as the preferred spelling for this man's last name. Also, they indicate that married women did not use their husbands' last names, so married names should not be appended in WikiTree profiles for Acadian women.

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Your biggest challenge will to select a LNAB for her husband. Because the LNAB is part of the WikiTree profile ID, it's important to make a good decision on that.

The Acadian project should be able to advise you on the LNAB. In the New Netherland Settlers project (with which I'm familiar), contributors aim to find early records (such as baptismal records) to establish what last name the person was known by at birth. Even so, spelling of names was not consistent in 1698, so some judgment is needed regarding the "best" spelling. Sometimes the choice is based on consistency with other profiles for other members of the family. Alternate spellings can be included in the "Other last name(s)" box.

For her profile, it looks like "Doiron" has been determined to be the best LNAB. Here's what I would do for the other names on her profile:

  1. Consult the sources you have to see if you can tell which spelling of Boudrot/Boudreau/Boudreaux she used after her marriage (for example, what name was used in her will?), and put that name in the "Current last name" box. If you can't tell what name she used, use her husband's or children's preferred name.
  2. Put all of the other last names that people have for her (i.e., Doison, whichever of the three married names you didn't put in the "Current last name" box, and any other alternative spellings you find out there) in the "Other last name(s)" box.

The Acadian project could be a helpful source of advice on how to choose the best married name. Fortunately, if you change your mind regarding married name, it's easy to make a correction later.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
edited by Ellen Smith

There is no question on the Doiron. It's the husband's name that concerns me. I really don't think In the case of Acadians they cared much how it was spelled and the priests recording the BMD events used many different spellings even within a single document. I really think it is a question of coming up with a standard. Of course this could prove difficult in itself!
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I've reviewed each profile and the contents of their change histories without observing any supporting documentation of the purported individuals. Personally, whenever I find that to be the case, I leave the profiles as they are, unless I'm fortunate enough to otherwise find validation.


Currently, both profiles may be spurious, both could be real (probably not, but remotely possably).


If you are fortunate to find anything relevant, please post your findings on their profile page(s) to assist future genealogists endeavors.

by George Blanchard G2G6 Mach 9 (91.0k points)

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