Mentors Tips - How often do you REALLY check your "Thank You" feed?

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I check mine everytime I log-in to WikiTree.  It's one of the first things I do.  I also check in from time to time during the time I stay coneected to WikiTree.  But, when I check my Thank You feed it's not just a cursory check.

Those thank yous sometimes lead to new information.  Say I posted a source for a profile and the manager thanks me for the post.  I go back to the profile and remember that I wanted to add something else.  Or I see that my source opened up another source that I might use on another profile (the profile manager added a new source because the source I left, gave them an idea to check somehwere else).  Or I see that my big ole blueberry pie covered fingers hit the letter "B" one too many times and I missed it during my inept proofreading.

Thank You.  Mags

in The Tree House by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (555k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway

My intent has been to go through the list every few days to a week. When a thank you is merited, it is given. If it's not, then the editor might be on the naughty list. People on the naughty list are those that deface a profile, such as replacing a primary source with their preferred secondary or tertiary source, or revise the biography to rigidly comform to their direct lineage. I do not believe the folks on the naughty list are malicious, however when I have inquired about their edits they have generally been defensive.


Collaboration and consensus takes patience.

Thank yous are one of my favorite aspects of WikiTree! I love that we inspire an attitude of gratitude.  It always make my day when I get a new thank you from someone and I try to give them out often.  This sort of courtesy goes a long way towards motivating folks to collaborate!

Great reminder, Mags. I never check my thank you feed. blush

Great tip and I want some blueberry pie now !
George, there was a time when I didn't check the thank you box on my ancestor profiles, for concern that I would be encouraging someone whose contribution to the profile would not be what I wanted - because I don't have time to see each contribution in the list.

Then the light went on in my head. "We all make mistakes and assume they are not intentional."

Now I thank EVERYONE who makes a contribution to my ancestor's profiles. Why not? Most of them are very helpful and even if some are not, the person making the change was doing their best to improve things - why not thank them for the effort. WikiTree is a learning experience for all of us, and sometimes we learn from making mistakes.

Next time you open the Change tab on a profile in your tree, why not check all those boxes that are still blank? Those contributions represent cousins who care about your mutual ancestors. I don't keep a 'naughty' list anymore. It doesn't hurt to thank people for trying.
I do the same thing. Being thanked always makes me want to see if I can do even more for a profile!
Thank you, sincerely!

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At least every morning, more often if I notice a change in the number.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
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I check my thank you feed every day, but, more important is that I look at contributions made to my family, my projects and just the surnames I am following and make sure that I thank people every day!
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (714k points)
Robin, I wish there was a way to "Plus" your comment a 100 times!

Thank you for thanking members who are working on your ancestors!

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