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Alice Bailyes was married to George Guest. Together they came to first Burlington, New Jersey about 1680, then very shortly after that, moved to Philadelphia, where they resided near Anthony Morris.

The references Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, and Colonial Families of Philadelphia, both of which are by John W. Jordan, list her last name, as well as both her father, William, and grandfather, William, as Bailyes.  When searching on, many different possible spelling variations come up for persons born in Birmingham (as she was), with a similar name and father William: Baylys, Baylies, Bayles.  I could find no records of her with a birth between 1650 and 1665 as the three WikiTree profiles show for her birth date. I also couldn't find any marriage records.

There are three different spellings I have found on WikiTree for her: Baileys-69, Bailys-1 and Bailyes-1.  While Baileys seems predominant on WikiTree, most of those in the US seemed to have started in the Virginia area in the 1800s.

Does anyone have any insight into what her true LNAB was?

Also, despite her first living in Burlington, New Jersey, since she very shortly moved to Philadelphia, should she be part of Penn project?

Thank you.

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If the info from the Historical Society article is correct, and Alice and George did settle in Philadelphia in 1681, then I would say it's a yes on the Penn project, but will wait for Kitty or Paula or one of the other members to weigh in.  :)
I have done a lot of research on the Bayleys/Baileys/Bailys, etc. There is a concentration of one family who settled in Pennsylvania. They lived in the area of Bromham, Wiltshire. My family line started with Joel Baily, wife Betty    Caldwell, who’s daughter, Mary Bailey, married Thomas Harlan. On this site, those Bailey profiles are a huge mess which I have not yet taken the time to work on. There is a book on the Baily family which states that in this country the proper spelling is “Baily”. Mary Bailey’s marriage to Thomas has her name spelled this way. It looks like I am going to be working on these profiles today.

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania GUEST - MORRIS - POWELL (vol. Vii. p. 351) published 1883 spelled the name Bailyes.


The following is from:  George GUEST, 1681 to America Bill Posted: 26 Sep 2004.

"GUEST - MORRIS - POWELL (vol. Vii. p. 351).— In the year 1600 there lived in Birmingham, England, a gentleman named T. Chanders who had a daughter Elizabeth, who married William Bailyes of the same place. They had two daughters, Alice and Elizabeth. Alice married George Guest. Elizabeth married William Hard.
George Guest and his wife came to America (Philadelphia) from Birmingham, England, in the year 1681, and first lived in a cave on the Delaware River, near Chestnut Street wharf, at which time they learned that her sister Elizabeth and her husband intended to come also and prepared to welcome them in the cave till they could build. Afterwards they built a house (Blue Anchor Inn) on Dock Creek, where they received William Penn when he first landed in Philadelphia, the house being unfinished at the time. George and Alice Guest had issue: George Guest, John Guest, and Phoebe Guest (born 7 mo. 28, 1685) who married Anthony Morris in 1705.....

Looking at the duplicates shown above, none have a reference or source, except one from  Perhaps someone can check that for sources.

I also did a preliminary short search online.  If Alice's father is William B1622 his Christening record name is Baylies.  Since this is the earliest record that I could find, Alice's name at birth should probably be this, since it is likely that she would have the same LNAB as her father.

Other forms of the name that may have been used in her and her father's lifetime would go in the Other Names Known By, separated by commas.  This way it would show up in most searches.

After searching several sites, the only record I could find was the article mentioned above and a Christening record for William Baylies.

The correct LNAB should be the earliest record one can find on an individual.  This may or may not match the father's or naming tradition's.  As a name evolves or in this case "Americanized", I usually will list the original version of the first documented record under LNAB for female individuals who have married and where taking the husband's name is custom, I post the evolved or other names known by in that category.  For male invididuals, LNAB is the earliest document of the individual, and then the current name in that category.  If there are other related names, then into the other name category.

I have one family that has about ten different spellings for the last name, and within the twelve or so children, and relations, some took one spelling and others took link as many as you can to an individual that may apply.

Also, regarding the three Alices the other managers, see if you can come to a consensus (which should probably be Baylies as in the only record I could find for Alice - albiet her father).  If you agree on the documented name of Baylies, one of the Alice's profiles LNAB should be changed to Baylies and then the other two merged directly into that profile.  Same with the Father, William.


I will also add to the BIO section, ALL known spellings within several generations under a section entitled "Variant Spellings"



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Thank you for the great information, Nae. It is incredibly helpful!

NP.  Genealogy is an "iffy" measure of facts and supposition.  Just have to make the most of it and rely on others to assist....WikiTree is full of people who will help and assist and remember that any mistakes can be corrected...we have all made them before!  :)

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