Which "Extraordinary Elizabeth" are you most closely connected to?

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This week in the Connection Finder, we're featuring Queen Elizabeth I to mark the anniversary of her ascension to the throne of England and Ireland.

Featured alongside her are other "Extraordinary Elizabeths":

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To recognise and celebrate your relationship to Queen Elizabeth I of England, you can put this sticker on your own profile in the Biography section.  Just copy and paste the following code into your own profile. You will need to replace "Whatever your relationship is" with your real relationship. 

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If you wish to show your connection status, you can use this sticker

{{Connection Sticker
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Both stickers feature the crown of St Edward the Confessor, which is the coronation crown of Great Britain.

Thanks, Jo!
I cannot seem to get the template to work properly on my profile. Could someone help me with it?

[[Raber-23|Lynden Rodriguez]]
Lynden - I've replied privately to you. Best wishes, Jo
Elizabeth Tudor and Jeannie are 2nd cousins 13x removed.

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My suggested Elizabeth (the writer) was a pleasant surprise as I hadn't checked the connection until today--I am only 18 degrees away. Also was interested to see that I am 17 degrees away from Elizabeth Montgomery (actress) and that connection is through the Bryan family of Kentucky. This made me curious, so I checked to see how closely related Elizabeth Montgomery was to Rebecca Bryan (who married Daniel Boone) and they are only 9 degrees away from each other.
by Rebecca Rose G2G6 (9.7k points)
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Tudor - 3c18r, 4c12r, 18 deg

Montgomery - 9c, 19 deg

Frink - 10c1r, 22 deg

Bathory - 9c15r - 24 deg


Seton - 17 deg

Russell - 20 deg

Blackwell - 20 deg

Cotton - 20 deg

Nicholls - 24 deg

Hesselblad - 33 deg
by Thom Anderson G2G6 Mach 5 (55.4k points)
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I am most closely connected to Queen Elizabeth I at 19 degrees.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Pilot (116k points)
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17 Degrees and First Cousins 15 times removed of Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Tudor (1533-1603) and Alexis (Lovelace) Nelson are both descendants of Elizabeth (York) Tudor (1466-1503).

Elizabeth Tudor (1533-1603) and Alexis (Lovelace) Nelson are both descendants of Joan (Beauchamp) Butler (abt.1396-1430).

17 Degrees and 4th Cousins 13 times removed from Queen Elizabeth I                                   ( New Connection )

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (444k points)
edited by Alexis Nelson
When I look, the connection finder results match but the relationship finder shows 4c13r.  I was showing with QE1 as a first cousin in the past but there was an error that had been corrected.

As an aside, I see you and I have 199 common ancestors with the closest being Alexander Livingston (guardian to the infant Mary, QOS) and his wife making us 13th cousins.

I also see Mary is 1c13r to both of us through different mistresses of James IV.
Thom, I looked at your family tree and noticed that your mother was born in Oklahoma City—my hometown. She likely was born in St. Anthony’s—the hospital I lived across the street from.
Small world!

If one looks closely, it becomes apparent why they had her in OKC instead of Dallas.
It is a great story Thom, I love a romance!
I am related to Elizabeth I: 4th cousin 13thx removed.

Lynn, I see we are 10th cousins once removed.

 Lynn (McCurdy) Robinson and Alexis (Lovelace) Nelson are both descendants of John Townsend (abt.1608-1668).

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13 degrees from Mary Russell (through her husband Henning von Arnim), which I did not expect to be the closest

17 degrees from Elizabeth I (which I did expect to be the closest)

18 degrees from Elizabeth Bathory (who I also expected to be close)
by Roger Stong G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
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Probably no surprise, but closer to the Australian Elizabeth's. 16 from Elizabeth Nicholls, and 18 from Mary Russell. But only 19 from Elizabeth Tudor. Just quickly, to double check..... 12 from Elizabeth II, through a strangely unexpected find.
by Ben Molesworth G2G6 Pilot (131k points)
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I'm 15 degrees from Elizabeth Ann Seton, no relation.
by Mark Weinheimer G2G6 Pilot (452k points)
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I am most closely connected to Elizabeth Montgomery and Elizabeth Ann Seton at 21degrees of separation.

by Tommy Buch G2G6 Pilot (410k points)
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My closest connection is 19 degrees from Elizabeth 1. 

Does a family member's employment with the Royal Family on the Sandringham Estate count in some way? My grandmother always said we were related to the Royal family, most of the immediate family thought she was confused, after she died this information was discovered. 

My 1C3x R; https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jones-89342

He worked as royal pigeon trainer for George V, and was asked to stand in as tutor/teacher for David (Edward the 8th) and his brother Albert (George VI) when the usual tutor/teacher was on holiday. We have photos of him with George V and Mary, also with George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the queen mother, and their daughters Princess Elizabeth (currently Elizabeth II) and her sister Princess Margaret. 

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
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Mary Russell

I think it's my closest connection so far at 14 degrees but it's through my husband and then another marriage.

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (349k points)
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Degrees AND connections for the Elizabeths:

16 degrees: Elizabeth Montgomery (actress); 16th cousins 3x removed

18 degrees: Elizabeth Tudor (queen); 8th cousins 11x removed

22 degrees: Elizabeth Frink (sculptor); 17th cousins 1x removed

26 degrees: Elizabeth Bathory (accused murderess) 16th cousins 11x removed

As to non-related Elizabeths:

17 degrees: Elizabeth Blackwell (first US female MD) and Elizabeth Ann Seton (Saint & educator)
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
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17 degrees from Elizabeth Ann Seton
18 degrees from Elizabeth Blackwell
19 degrees from Elizabeth Tudor  (5th cousins, 15x removed)
19 degrees from Elizabeth Montgomery (10th cousins, 3x removed)
21 degrees from Mary Russell
22 degrees from Elizabeth Cotten
22 degrees from Elizabeth Nicholls
24 degrees from Elisabeth Frink (14th cousins, 1x removed)
26 degrees from Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (13th cousins, 16x removed)
31 degrees from Elizabeth Hesselblad
33 degrees from Elisabeth Miller
by Mike Wells G2G6 Mach 5 (51.2k points)
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Elizabeth Montgomery - 8th cousins 4x removed

Elizabeth Bathory - 13th cousins 15x removed

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell - 18 degrees

Elizabeth Seton - 18 degrees

Mary Russell - 22 degrees

Elizabeth Nichols - 23 degrees

Elizabeth Cotten - 23 degrees

Elisabeth Frink - 24 degrees

Elizabeth Hesselbad - 34 degrees

Elisabeth Miller - 38 degrees
by Colman Connolly G2G Crew (660 points)
and Elizabeth I - 4th cousins 15x removed
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18 degrees, in a 3-way tie between Elizabeth Blackwell, Mary Russell, Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Queen Elizabeth I is one step farther, but unlike the others is a distant cousin (6th, 13 times removed).

Elizabeth II is only 17 degrees, thanks to my cousin Meghan Markle.  Okay, 6th cousin once removed.  I probably shouldn't just drop down to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving and expect to be invited in.

by Steve Ryan G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
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Elizabeth Tudor and I are 9th cousins 17x removed (19 Degrees)

Elisabeth Frink and I are 14th cousins 3x removed (24 Degrees)

Elizabeth Montgomery and I are 15th cousins once removed (21 Degrees)

Elizabeth Bathory and I are very distant cousins.

Elizabeth Ann Seton is 16 Degrees 

Elizabeth Blackwell is 19 Degrees 

Elizabeth Nicholls and Mary Russell are 22 Degrees 

Elizabeth Cotten is 25 Degrees

Elizabeth Hesselblad is 32 Degrees

Elisabeth Miller is 36 Degrees

by Aaron Gullison G2G6 Mach 7 (70.1k points)
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18 degrees is my closest connection to both Elizabeth Tudor (queen) and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (saint and educator).  My 12th great-grandmother was married to the brother of the wife of Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII's illegitimate son, making the fairly close connection over so much time.

Elizabeth Tudor is also a cousin--4th cousins, 15 times removed

Other cousins in this group:

Elizabeth Montgomery (fabulous actress!)--9th cousins, 3 times removed (adored watching her as a child)

Dame Elizabeth Frink (sculptor)--13th cousins, twice removed

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (accused murderess)--13th cousins, 14 times removed
by Cheryl Cruise G2G6 Mach 4 (47.8k points)
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At 15 degrees of separation, I'm most closely related to someone who didn't make the final list, actress Elizabeth Taylor. 6th cousin 3 times removed. MRCA Philip Pendleton (aft 1654 - 1721).

17 degrees from Elizabeth the first of England Tudor. 3rd cousin 14 times removed. MRCA Margaret (Beauchamp) Welles (abt 1410 - bef 1482).

17 degrees from Elizabeth Ann Seton.

18 degrees from Elizabeth Montgomery. 9th cousin. MRCA Ann (Spilsby) Hunter (abt 1659 - 1717).

18 degrees from Elizabeth Cotton.

19 degrees from Elizabeth Blackwell.

19 degrees from Mary Russell.

22 degrees from Elizabeth Frink. 13th cousin. MRCA John Golding (abt 1498 - 1547).

22 degrees from Elizabeth Bathory. 9th cousin 17 times removed. MRCA Rostislav Mikhailovich (abt 1225 -1263).

24 degrees from Elizabeth Nicholls.

32 degrees from Elizabeth Hesselblad.

33 degrees from Elizabeth Miller.
by Frank Blankenship G2G6 Mach 3 (32.0k points)
edited by Frank Blankenship
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16 degrees from Tudor-1, 18 degrees from Windsor-1, but most of us are!

And I must remember my 17th Great Grandmother Elizabeth of England [Plantagenet-533] daughter of Edward I of England [Plantagenet-2]. :-)
by Ian Miller G2G2 (2.2k points)
edited by Ian Miller

Us? Or, would that be true if I was a Polish Jew?

It doesn't really matter who you are, if you can trace your ancestors back far enough then you will find a 'Royal' ancestor, and once you've found one then you always find more as they were all interrelated. The big IF in that sentence is the ability to trace back far enough, so often you can only go back few generations. In my case I'm stuck after just 2 generations on my paternal grandfathers side, but 37 generations on my paternal grandmother!
Where would we be without grandmothers? Apparently, in your case, only 2 generations back.
Oh dear, you've got confused between paternal Grandmother and maternal Grandmother :-)
In fact we are 15th Cousins once removed - all the world is related IF we can find the connection :-)
Well, what do you know? I had two grandmothers, too. Welcome to the family, cuzz.
Howdy Mate!
Glad to know ya.  :-)
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