Trouble saving a very old man (too many years between his birth and a child's death)

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I am working on [[Francklow-3|John Christian Francklow (bef.1835-)]] who was very long lived (Britain's oldest man when he died aged 109 in 1944) - date of birth from the 1939 register and the GRO Index on FreeBMD.  He was survived by a daughter who was also of mature years when she died .  Wikitree will not let me save as there is more than 170 years between his birth in 1835 and her death in 1961. I think there is only 126 years between the events, and while this family is extraordinary, it's not uncommon for men to father children in their mature years, and for those children to be centenarians.
WikiTree profile: John Francklow
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Pat, are you sure there isn't a "Save Anyway" button in the bottom right hand corner of the error message box? If it's there, it should enable you to save, ignoring the error message.
If you do see the Save Anyway and Click it, it may then show you the Leave or Cancel.  If you see that next, select the Leave.  There is a 'bug' that is showing the 'Leave' after it did the Save Anyway.  Just make sure that everything was Saved if you selected the Leave.

This has been posted in the other G2G about the new Draft Save
I tried the first time I saw the message 'save anyway' I can't remember what message I saw next / what I did.  It now won't save changes (I think - I just added 'Testing saving' to the research notes - and saved - noting happened, but did it save?
Hi Linda,

While it saves in draft, it is still refusing to do a full save - no warning messages are shown.

Or has it really saved but just doesn't show any message?

Best wishes,

When you see the warning about the dates, it had saved a 'Draft Save'.  If you select the 'Save Anyway' that is at the bottom of the warning message about the dates, it should be doing the 'Full Save' as you had initially intended to do. If you go back into Edit mode after that was done, it doesn't give you the message about a Draft Save existing, so that means 'to me' that the Full Save was done, which would clear the Draft Save.

Unfortunately, when you 'save that profile', you are always going to get those warning messages because you can't 'correct' those dates since they are already correct.

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I went into the profile, used 'your draft after comparing it' added a birth source that I found on Family search that had his parents names, did the Full Save, it did have the message about him being over 100, selected Save Anyway, and then the Leave / cancel message came up, so I selected Leave and the changes are saved.

Jamie is saying it is a Browser issue that is bringing up the Leave or Cancel message but we are only seeing it when we see the Save Anyway AND we never had this problem until the recent changes were made to Wikitree, so I am not sure anything is going to be done to resolve this 'issue'.

For your profile, the Family Search profile has quite a few sources for him that you could add to his profile.  Census for 1891, 1901, and 1911, as well as marraige

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (558k points)
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My browser has been giving me the "leave or stay" messages for years, when I start to navigate away from a page where I have input something without saving. I appreciate this browser feature; it is not a bug.

This feature is likely to create confusion, however, when the message comes up while the user is actively trying to save the page.

Thank you so much! I have never seen this message before (either years one or the leave or loose one).
Oh, to add - I just wanted to do a full save because I had to go to work - so really don't know why leave/stay were offered on a full save. For me "full save" does not mean "profile as complete as I'll get it'.
Ellen, the Leave / Cancel has been coming up previously, but it never came up 'after' selecting a Save or Save Anyway.  That is the confusion that is causing lots of G2G questions, because you 'think' the save was not done 'after' selecting the Save Anyway.  

Many people miss the 'Save Anyway' button, but when it is selected, you don't expect to the see Leave / Cancel.
Pat - save / full save - is just to mean to save he profile as you have it at that time, so your changes are not lost.  Doubtful that anyone would say that any profile is ever completely done, with no changes needed.
Pat, thanks for the star, glad I could help, at least as an intermediate stop, so you didn't lose the work you had done.
Ellen, chiming in to confirm the "leave/cancel" message you've experienced is very helpful, but the one recently is a different issue. It doesn't show up when you're leaving a page by accident (or otherwise). It shows up when you're clicking "save anyway" when there's an error.

It's likely that the "save anyway" has an action code that makes it 'look like' the user is leaving the page, vs saving changes.

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