How to a compare genetic information?

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23andME has sampled my genome.  I am perfectly willing to share information with anyone who believes we have shared ancestors.  I have found a number of such cousins on Wikitree.  How do I do so?

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I think you entered your haplogroup information incorrectly. Your "Y-chromosome Haplogroup" is shown as Not entered. Same for you Mitochondrial haplogroup. If I understand correctly the "Y-chromosome haplogroup" is the same thing as your "Paternal haplogroup", and the "Mitochondrial haplogroup" is the same thing as you "Maternal haplogroup".
I don't think WikiTree currently does anything with this information, but that may change one day.

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I think this is far as we've gotten in the DNA field which isn't exactly what you're asking.

Doing a WikiTree DNA search through Google pulls up a number of discussions on the subject of DNA that we've had on WikiTree, but I did a WikiTree/Google genome search and came up with nothing.
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I tried the WikiTree/Google search using my mtDNA group and it found all the profiles and the project!

Hi, James. That answer was given last year about this time. Your message brought my attention to the fact that the link is no longer correct so I've changed it. Thanks!smiley

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Hi Theodore,

The actual comparison has to happen elsewhere. Right now (and presumably not any time soon) you can't upload your DNA info to WikiTree. You only indicate that you have taken a test and that info gets connected to your ancestors. The idea is that others who think they may have a connection to those same ancestors can compare with you using 23andMe or a third-party system like GEDMatch.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
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Hello Theodore,

Upload your 23andMe results to and then when GEDmatch updates their database you will be able to compare with others there who have uploaded their results from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and Family Tree DNA's Family Finder.  It sometimes takes 2 or 3 weeks for the update to happen.  Add your GEDmatch ID to your WikiTree DNA information and encourage your matches to add their ancestral trees to WikiTree.  

When the ADSA tool at starts accepting 23andMe uploads then you want to be sure to also upload your results to DNAgedcom (which currently only works with Family Finder results).

Sincerely, Peter
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Didn't know about  Thanks for the tip Peter.
Hi Peter Many thanks for the web site - I am downloading my Family Finder DNA data from Family Tree DNA as I write this - although I still have NO clue as to how to compare DNA anywhere and 90% of the supposed "cousins" FTDNA finds me turn out not to go anywhere (ie if they answer me we cannot find an ancestral match). Is that commonplace??
It is common for people to spend money to test but fail to do the free things that make their testing worthwile.  Those free things include:

1.  Uploading your results to public databases like GEDmatch (for auDNA i.e. Family Finder, AncestryDNA, or 23andMe), YSearch (for Y-DNA), and MitoSearch (for mtDNA).

2. Adding your GEDmatch, YSearch, and/or MitoSearch IDs to your DNA Tests page in WikiTree

3. Communicating with your matches (sharing your ancestral tree url) and inviting them to join WikiTree.

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