seems to be producing empty pages from links. Are others seeing problems?

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New design of seems to have bad links, poorer search results and harder to navigate search options.  I am looking for WikiTree discussion on the subject.
in Genealogy Help by Joanna Gariepy G2G6 (8.2k points)
edited by Joanna Gariepy
I pretty much stopped using their search when they "upgraded" (or whatever they called it) their system.  I will attach sources to profiles, but the new search has pretty much been a disaster.  I may be force to try it again in January, if ancestry really does pull the library edition remote access, but until then . . . . . .

Hi Joanna. If you're looking for past discussion, the changes to FamilySearch were extensively canvassed on G2G in late September and early October at this link.

I may be in a minority but I haven't had any trouble finding the things I want with the new interface, though it does seem less aesthetically pleasing.

I adjusted to their first redesign some weeks ago, but the latest that I have tried this week (Dec. 15) isn't giving me what I need at all.

The choice of filters is not nearly as effective as being able to choose record type to begin with.  The whole process has become painfully frustrating.  I am glad I have my own tree research mostly complete, but this is really hampering my ability to help others with their research and to improve same surname family trees and connections.

The complaints on the FS community site a few months ago were skyrocketing.  I managed to learn to use last month's version fairly efficiently, but this latest redesign looks like a marketing tool for Ancestry, and not much else.

You can choose record type to begin with. Select  MORE OPTIONS  then scroll down and select + Type.

I think if I were not using both Ancestry and FamilySearch, I'd be more frustrated with FamilySearch's search results. If I can't find the record on FamilySearch, then I find the record on Ancestry. Then I can usually find the corresponding record on FamilySearch either using the WikiTree Sourcer app, by searching with more precise criteria (spelling or dates), or by browsing the record collection.

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Yep, this is happening when I search. My research has been hampered by their changes, and it is often frustrating.
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (905k points)
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I recently saw a post here in G2G recommending the App WikiTree Sourcer. I tried it and it is great. It finds sources quickly and efficiently and there are several websites to choose from including FamilySearch. Under the  Find button, Apps is the first item. Scroll down until you see WikiTree Sourcer and click on that for more info and to install.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (852k points)
The timing of Sourcer release and Family Search problems was great!!  Sourcer app does not include the parents with a search, if a spouse is included, because Family Search does not do well with both being included. Sourcer has an option, when you click on it for searching, 'to the right' of Family Search, Ancestry or other sites, there is an arrow.  When that is clicked you can select what information to use, so the parents and female 'maiden name' can be used, instead of spouse and married name.  

Since Sourcer app creates an Ancestry citation automatically without having to copy / paste to fill in parts of a citation AND it creates a Shared image automatically in the citation, when it is available, it is a big time saver for searching and citation creation.
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I have the problem of seeing empty pages when I click on links intermittently with Chrome.  Firefox always seems to work for me.  For me, it might not be a problem with the browser itself, but maybe some old cookies are causing problems in Chrome.

And I am also a huge fan of the WikiTree Sourcer for searching.
by Paige Kolze G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)

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