What documenation is there regarding the parents and marriages of Catherine Lejeune?

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UPDATE: In doing more research I am leaning towards separating out Catherine Lejeune, mother of Susanne Burns and creating a new Catherine Lejeune that wed Kidder and Olivier.  They can always be merged later if there is new evidence. Acadians in Gray mentions that particular Catherine Lejeune and says she is the daughter of a Pierre Lejeune (although it should be noted she doesn't show up in the 1752 census with the family)... but there is no mention of John Burns/Bonn...

I believe the finding and linking of the baptism record for Susanne Bonn born Jul 1771 has wrecked some havoc with assumptions and beliefs people had in their trees regarding when Susanne was born and the parents married. Maurice Olivier and his Catherine Lejeune were having children at this very same time and supposedly (I've seen no source) were married in 1767...   A couple of their daughters even end up marrying Susanne's brother-in-laws.

I think I am going to create a new Catherine Lejeune married to Olivier and Kidder. I'll include some information regarding the discussion in their profiles.




My 4x great grandmother was Catherine Lejeune. She was married to my 4xggf, Jean Burns/Borne and had Susanne Burns my 3xggm. My profile for her has been pretty straight-forward until two other marriages were added. Along with them came parents for her. I don't have a death record for her (Diocese of Lafayette conducted a search for me), nor do I find her marriage or marriages listed in DIOBR Volumes 1a thru 3, SLR Vol 1a, or any of the other books I have.

A Catherine Lejeune was married to a Maurice Oliver, but do we know for sure that it was the same one? Does anyone have their marriage record? Or what about the marriage between Benjamin Kidder and a Catherine Lejeune?

I have found no record indicating who Catherine's parents are...some baptism records of her children and grandchildren indicate she was from Pennsyvlania. Interestingly, her daughter's baptism record in DIOBR Vol 1 read "Bonn, Susanne (Jean & Catherine Jones, English)." It makes me wonder if LeJeune was really her last name. In any case, from what I've seen it is usually only the first marriage where a woman's parents will be named... in later records it will say who she is a widow of...

So does anybody have documenation showing that it was the same Catherine LeJeune that married all three men?

There is some circumstantial evidence that it was the same one that married Maurice Olivier, but I know nothing about Benjamin Kidder other than a Benjamin Kidder was baptized 19 Nov 1797, child of Benjamin & Helen Makalan [possibly McClelland] acording to SLR-1a. I'm assuming it was the father who married a Catherine Lejeune.

So I'm looking for evidence regarding the marriages and possibly her parents.

Editted to add:

The parents who ended up being added on with these parents turned out to be born within 2-5 years of her so that certainly points to her not being their daughter so I removed the parents.

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You should entertain the possibility that she was actually Acadian and not born in Pa. I have seen numerous entries for Acadians (LeJeune is an Acadian name) that are said to be born in America but were actually born in Acadia before the deportation (1755). Even her husband's name Borne could be an anglicized version of Le Borgne, another Acadian name. Considering they ended up in Louisiana...

Yes, I haven't ruled out either her being Acadian nor him being French although at least one of his grandchild's baptism records says he was from Ireland.

I find it odd that their daughter's baptism record gives him the name Jean if he were truly Irish. This was when LA was Spanish-controlled so if anything I'd expect Juan for someone truly named John. In addition a number of records have his last name as variants of Bonn. 

But their nationality is neither here nor there. My main issue to solve right now is  .... "is she the same person as the Catherine Lejeune who married Maurice Oliver or who married Benjamin Kidder?" I want to know is there documenation they are the same or is it somebody assuming because of the names being the same... a very dangerous assumption in genealogy in general and in Acadia especially considering everyone seems to end up with the same names. LOL There were only a handful or two of options... people weren't naming their kids Blue Ivy or River or Apple.  Too bad. LOL

Good luck
Thanks. I think I need it. LOL

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I am working on Grandmother Julia Lejeune's parents John and Catherine from Rice Lake,WI . Born around 1898-1901. Julia married to John Antone Krizenesky.

I had heard that John L was an important figure in the French resistance movement of WW1
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