Can you help me trace my family tree I'm a Harmon also

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My grandfathers name is Clarence Harmon and was married to Estelle. My grandfather work as a cook for the railroad before his death. He passed always in the early 70's. They had a son Clarence Harmon jr, Alice Harmon ,and Henrietta. Clarence had two sons Clarence Kevin and Steven Harmon and two daughters Stephanie and Andrea Harmon. I need to know my history.....who I am where is the rest of my family we live in Missouri .
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I confirmed Stephanie as a member, built profiles for her father and other ancestors, and have been in contact with her.  I will continue to help connect her branches to the tree :)

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Hi anonymous,

That's a good question - Thank you for asking it here!

The first step would be for you to join WikiTree and enter what you know about your family.  If you have any questions about how to do anything, just ask in here and somebody will provide whatever assistance you need to get going.

When the names and whatever facts and relationships you know are here, then you can ask for help and lots of people will give you leads and will even try to find the information for you.

WikiTree is really a wonderful place - it is completely FREE all the time (not just for a trial period) and the people I've met here are the best of the best.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (820k points)
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I didn't mean to answer after you Gaile... there was no answer when I started but it probably took me that whole 20 minutes to type it.  Sorry :)
PUH-LEEZ don't apologize, Robert!  Your answer amazes me - It never occurred to me that anonymous had given enough clues in the question for anyone to be able to find any information.

it's just another example of how little I know about all this stuff and I'm so happy to receive all the education I constantly enjoy here!!!
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I found an Article on Clarence Harmon Jr. that mentioned his father being a cook for the railroad, it led me to the city of St. Louis.

I found records for a Clarence Harmon born 1912 living in St. Louis with parents Amos and Esther including the 1930 Census and the 1940 Census. (document image)

There is also a Death Record for Clarence Harmon in 1974 in St. Louis; here it is on findagrave as well.

Does it sound like this is on the right track?

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (605k points)
Yes that is my father from the article and yes that is when my grandfather passed....omg thank you here is a start to tracing my family ....I appreciate you I'm here crying for joy
I'll keep tracing back further if you like... I'm so happy it was helpful!

The 1930 Census says Amos' parents were born in West Virginia.

Here is an 1880 Census showing Amos born in Missouri in 1870 with parents Job and Catherine both born in West Virginia.

This 1900 Census shows the same. (document image)

It appears as though they are likely the next ancestors.

I'll keep digging!

Yes as much as you can help thank you thank you thank you

Here is a Marriage Record for Job Harmon and Catherine Mallow.  It shows Job's parents as Sol Harmon (probably an abreviation for Solomon) and Elizabeth.  It shows Catherine's parents as Amos and Phebe Mallow.

Here are more of the same marriage record but without parents listed... the date on one shows marriage date and these others the intended marriage date....

record 1, record 2, record 3

I'm trying to understand was my grandfather born to a Caucasian parent or was he a slave born child with a given name of Harmon.?

This doesn't help a whole lot yet but I think this is the WikiTree profile for Job's father.

Good question Stephanie... I will see what I can find :)
I might have followed the wrong parents for Clarence... I did not look at the indicated skin tones :)  I'll get it straight and make sure to give you good info.  Don't fret if it takes a little while, I have to turn in soon for the night but I won't forget and will dive back into it tommorow morning.  We will find everything that's out there to find!

I'll be back!

A positive record mentioning the Railroad Board:

This Death Index shows Clarence's birthdate as August 27, 1901.  

I received your message but the parent of Clarence Harmon senior seems to be correct and yes Clarence and Estelle did come from Mississippi to Missouri I know this much to be true..... Considering the year I would not be surprised because my grandmother Estelle was mixed her father was Caucasian.
On my mothers side her name is Dorinda Lee Spencer- Harmon her fathers last name was Spencer and her mothers last name was Woodside
Have you found Anything else about my great grand parents as far as race or given name through slavery?

No yet... but I'm not done looking.  The next step is for you to connect to the existing profiles I made so far and check them out to see what you think, and for you to say it's ok for me to continue working on your ancestors.  (I didn't want to highjack your family history project or bother you).  If you have information to add to any of them that is super.  If you notice any glaring mistakes please adjust them or let me know.

I am very interested in helping you.

I see someone unsellected this answer as best and picked a different one... aw shucks :)
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Hello Anonymous,
Might your grandparents Clarence and Estelle be the parents of the former Mayor of St. Louis? Apparently, Clarence Harmon (Mayor 1997 - 2001) was born in St Louis in 1940. His father was a racetrack groomsman and a railroad cook. His mother, Estelle, was a nurse. Clarence Sr. was born 27 August 1901 per the US Social Security Death Index.
Clarence Sr. came to St Louis from Mississippi, as did Estelle Sadler, became a groom and later joined the railroad. He died in 1974. Estelle Harmon was a nurse at the old Homer G Phillips Hospital.
Clarence Jr had three wives, the first of whom he married in 1956 at age 17.
Hope this helps?
Ann Carmel


by Ann Carmel G2G6 Mach 3 (30.3k points)
Yes these are my grandparents .......

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