Carolus (Charles) Leger connection to Jacques Leger in Acadia (Canada)

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My first ancestor in Canada from France is Jacques Leger dit Laroette about 1663.

I am trying to connect to my first ralative in France and have come across Louis Leger  (1604) in a family tree on the internet on

What I would like to know is how was this connection made and can I share in the documentation?


I have been searching for more than 30 years for a connection to France and I think the above is my best lead yet.

Thank you in advance for any assistance, Myles Legere.
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Hello cousin!

I also share your ancestral link to Jacques. Unfortunately I don't think there is a connection here.

First of all you have to realize that Acadian Genealogy has been researched for around 150 years. While I am sure an occasional nugget of new information may come to light now and again, I do not believe we will ever know who Jacques' parents were.

2nd of all, the Louis you reference, (born 1604), is (according to the wikitree profiles) the father of Adrien bn 1634, who is the father of a Marie bn 1660. While it is tempting to try to make the leap that Marie may be a sister (or some other relative) of Jacques, it is merely fantasy without some sort of evidence.

I am unfamiliar with the family of Marie Leger bn 1660, however, taking a look at the wikitree profiles associated with her reveals that her mother remarried to a Mathurin Jousset in 1661. Marie was only 2.5 months old at the time. Obviously that precludes Jacques from being a part of this same family, as he was born after the death of Adrien, and after the mother of Marie married a Jousset.

COULD Jacques and Marie be have been related? I suppose it is possible, but there has yet to be found any evidence to suggest that they were.


I wish you luck, and hope that you prove me wrong one day, as I would LOVE to break through that brick wall!!
by Greg Simon G2G5 (5.1k points)

Who is Carolus (Charles) and how does he fit in the picture?
Hi Greg:  I found Carolus (Charles ) Leger born abt. 1633 in Pouillenay,Cote d'Or, Bourgogne, France. (Wife, Reyne Gueneau)

He is a connection in the Faubert-Laliberte family tree as Jacques LaRosette's father.

It also says that Jacques was born in 1668 at Dijon, Cote d'Or, Bourgogne, France,

and of course died in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia , Canada.

What do you think about this clue?

I agree about the possibility of finding a connection at this late stage.

Thanks again, MylesLegere.
The Faubert-Laliberte tree you reference shows Jacques birth year as Ca. 1663.

There are a few other trees that show his birthdate as 1668. The reason for the discrepancy is based on different ages shown on various census records that are found in Acadia:

Census of 1693, Port Royal, Acadia, age 30 years.

Census of 1698, age 30 years.

Census of 1700, age 37 years.

CENSUS of 1701, age 35 years

So his birth year based on these 4 entries would be c 1663, c 1668, c 1663, c1666.

Since two of the 4 show him to be born c 1663, that is usually accepted as the "best guess".


Again, I can only say that in not one of the trees out on the web claiming to show Jacques father, are there any sources cited, which in my opinion is the reason that there are so many different "fathers" shown out there. No one really knows and people just have a tendency to want to find SOMETHING, that they erroneously and without evidence promote these different myths...
Hi Greg:

Another researcher gives the same info on Carlous (Charles) Leger but also cites as a source ---,Public member Trees (Provo, UT, USA,,Inc.,2006),, Database online. Record for Jacques (dit la Rosette) Leger.

I agree about how hard it is to jump to France with the Leger line, that's why I have made no progress in over 30 years, just wild goose chases.

Do you have access to the mentioned database or any other thoughts on the elusive connection to France. Thanks, one more time, Myles.
Myles please feel free to ask away and present any and everything you can find. I am always willing to help, and I find that collaboration often brings clarity.

The "source" Public member Tres, is no source at all. All that means is that someone on has submitted a tree and in it THEY listed Jacques' father as Carolus (Charles). Unless that tree on Ancestry has an actual source that links Charles to Jacques it is worthless as far as I'm concerned.

Let me clarify something.

Sometimes a connection is hard to get 100% certainty on. Sometimes it is necessary to take tidbits of circumstantial evidence from here and there, that when put all together make a strong case for the likelihood of one person being the parent of another. That's what genealogy is all about, and so long as the pieces of the puzzle are spelled out to show WHY somebody came to a particular conclusion I would accept it as "probable though not proven".

In NONE of the instances of a tree that name a father for Jacques, have I ever seen ANY circumstantial evidence to support their supposition. From experience I can assure you that somebody posted a tree naming Charles as Jacques father, and a lot of people just copied that tree and the myth spread. Similarly to the trees with Gabriel as Jacques' father.

You nailed it in your opening question:

"What I would like to know is how was this connection made and can I share in the documentation?"


If there were ANY evidence at all I would think at least ONE of the trees out there would have cited it. They cannot because there isn't any...
Hi Greg:


I tend to agree with everything you have said. Please feel free to shoot anytthing you find my way. Maybe some day we will strike it rich, hopefully before we die.

Thanks for all your comments, I think you are right on the money. Hope you and yours are doing well now and in the futeur. Myles.

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